Refinement of "Renault Logan" with their own hands: options

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Refinement of "Renault Logan" with their own hands: options
Refinement of "Renault Logan" with their own hands: options

Many motorists are often dissatisfied with Renault's excessive savings. Some of the drivers have already initially determined what they will replace and improve after purchasing a car, while others have no idea where to start. In our article we want to present the most relevant ways to refine Renault Logan with our own hands.


Wheels "Renault Logan"
Wheels "Renault Logan"

One of the simplest options is to purchase stylish alloy wheels. Today you can find a lot of original wheels for Renault Logan, so literally everyone can choose the best option for themselves. You can install such tuning with your own hands in 10-15 minutes. The cost of the cheapest discs starts from two thousand rubles per wheel.

Rear bumper

Rear bumper "Renault Logan"
Rear bumper "Renault Logan"

This detail should look harmoniously with the whole image of the car. In addition, the rear bumper must havelarge ventilation area.

Their shape is unusual and intricate, with a beautiful air outlet at the edges. This will contribute to the rapid removal of air, which is removed from under the bottom of the car.

The rear bumper with a large air collector is designed to pass the accumulated air pressure under the car body. This design directly affects the decrease in pressure with increasing difference. Fixing a new stylish rear bumper with your own hands will be problematic. It is best to contact specialists.

The bumper design includes two deflectors on the sides, which improve the ventilation of the rear arch. Thanks to such details, the rear brakes are blown through in order to cool them. This allows you to underestimate the air turbulence under the wheel spaces of the machine.


Do you want to make your car recognizable? Then make tuning optics on Renault Logan. You can buy good xenon for 7 thousand rubles. You can install it both independently and at a service station. Many motorists still like "angel eyes", which can be bought in car dealerships at a price of about 3 thousand rubles. Refinement of Renault Logan with your own hands may include tinting the rear lights. Their replacement can cost about 7-8 thousand rubles. Many experts also recommend installing beautiful fog lights, the price of which ranges from 2 to 4 thousand rubles.


Radiator grill "Renault Logan"
Radiator grill "Renault Logan"

Another element of external restyling Renault Logan -improved grille. It is very simple to carry out such a revision of Renault Logan with your own hands. You can find a new stylish grille at a price of 3-5 thousand rubles.

Today this tuning can be done in two ways:

  1. Painting with the color of the standard grille (most often the shade is chosen similar to the body coating).
  2. Grille lining or its complete replacement with a more refined and stylish counterpart.

In the automotive market, you can find many manufacturing companies that sell modified front grilles. In most cases, upgraded versions are more efficient than factory parts. Separate workshops can make a custom-made grate, taking into account all your wishes.


Spoiler "Renault Logan"
Spoiler "Renault Logan"

There are enough such parts for tuning on sale, so it is very easy to find them in stores. The average price of a spoiler ranges from 3-5 thousand rubles. To attach the spoiler yourself, initially mark the location of this design on the bumper. Next, you need to make holes. Be sure to treat them with sanding paper and top coat, which will help prevent corrosion. To install a new spoiler, use a standard wrench. Refinement of "Renault Logan" with your own hands is carried out quickly and simply, but it is important to prepare the entire tool in advance.


The work of the wiper blades may not be liked by many motorists. Quite often the cleaning zoneright brush in the upper part does not overlap the area of the left brush. That is, a dirty triangle hangs ugly in the middle. When the right brush moves back from the dirty area to the cleaned surface, you can see with the naked eye that the dirt begins to drain. To get rid of this shortcoming, we recommend installing frameless wipers, for example, from Bosch, Denso, Champion or Alca.

Windshield wiper "Renault Logan"
Windshield wiper "Renault Logan"

Refinement of "Renault Logan 2" with your own hands is done quickly, but you should still have the skills to work in such tuning. When replacing frameless wiper blades, be sure to cover the windshield of the car with a thick blanket. If the wiper accidentally falls under the action of the spring, this will help maintain the integrity of the glass.


Do-it-yourself "Reno-Logan 1" improvement also concerns the improvement of the trunk. He is not small in the car, but there are also hidden reserves. The factory spare tire is in a niche "face" up, its internal volume is not used in any way. If the wheel is turned over, the tow rope and other small things that are usually in the trunk of every driver fit perfectly into the space.

And so that half of the trunk is still flat, experts advise covering the spare wheel with a split plywood cover. The halves of such a homemade cover are connected by a sheet of thin sound insulation, the thickness of which does not exceed 3 mm. This articulation further reduces noise and vibration.

Leather steering wheel andgear lever knob

Renault Logan steering wheel
Renault Logan steering wheel

Some owners tend to refine and modify the Renault Logan with their own hands on the upholstery of the gear lever knob and steering wheel rim. To minimize the risk of damage to the material, the tight steering wheel and gearshift knobs are done in the following sequence:

  1. Determine the size of the steering wheel and make a pattern. For this purpose, wrap the steering wheel with tape, only then mark the seam. Better use a marker for this.
  2. Use a sharp knife, make cuts along the seam line, and then remove the pattern from the steering rim.
  3. Mark up on the material according to the template.
  4. Sew along the edges of the leather, for which a thick thread will do.
  5. Now sew the two edges of the strip along the inside.
  6. Put the ring cover on the steering wheel and sew it together. The needle should be passed through the seam in such a way as to create gaps. This type of seam is called macrame.
  7. The handbrake lever is trimmed in the same way.

Interior upholstery

Salon "Renault Logan"
Salon "Renault Logan"

In fact, altering the interior is a rather expensive undertaking. The final cost directly depends on the selected materials, as well as on which parts of the interior will be altered. Of course, if you do not have basic sewing skills, then you will not be able to make a close-fitting salon on your own. It is best to entrust this to a professional. If you still want to contribute to the procedure, then try to choose a stylish design, shade of material and threads.

Stove tuning, or "warm feet"

Refinement of the Renault Logan stove with your own hands is becoming more and more popular every year. Because of this, such an accessory as the "warm feet stove deflector" appeared in stores. This tuning is a piece of plastic that is attached to a standard air duct and fixed with a nut that comes with the kit. Such a refinement will be relevant for cars that began to be produced from 2016 and later.

Cabin filter

Significant savings in the manufacture of Renault Logan was reflected in the absence of such an important element as the cabin filter. This small detail is cheap and there is a place in the ventilation system for the filter. However, the plant saved on this.

Only in 2011, cars with factory filters began to be produced. The owners of previously released machines mount these parts on their own, because it's easy. You will need the filter itself. You also need to cut out the plastic plug and insert the filter element. Literally every motorist will be able to handle the revision of "Renault Logan Phase 2" with their own hands. After installing the filter in the cabin will be much cleaner. However, it needs to be changed from time to time.

Carrying out the revision of "Renault Logan" with our own hands, the photo of which we provided above, it is quite possible to make a sports model out of an angular car obviously will not work. However, it is quite possible to give its exterior many attractive points.