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Do-it-yourself UAZ-Patriot refinement: model description and upgrade options
Do-it-yourself UAZ-Patriot refinement: model description and upgrade options

Due to the design features of the domestic car, it is possible to complete the UAZ-Patriot with your own hands in various directions. The main criterion is the imagination and financial capabilities of the owner. When modernizing an SUV, they focus on the complex equipment of the vehicle or simply improve traction capabilities and interior comfort. By its design, the car belongs to the class of vehicles equipped with continuous sprung axles, a reinforced frame with dependent suspension.

Refinement of the UAZ Patriot stove with your own hands

General information

Do-it-yourself modification of the UAZ-Patriot is often required if the car enthusiast is not satisfied with the factory layout. It is quite enough for a trip out of town, to the country, or on certain off-road sections. Despite the rather good performance, the comfort and dynamics of the car suffer from the implemented design solutions.

To unlock the full potential of an SUV, many ownersresort to its modernization in one way or another. Fortunately, most implementations can be done by hand. Often, work begins with refining the interior, the equipment of which looks rather nondescript, and the sound insulation leaves much to be desired. Developers can optionally offer a hydraulic booster, air conditioning, heated mirrors. This is not always enough.

Upgrades of the UAZ-Patriot salon: where to start

The external filling of the car in question can be radically transformed. Among the popular and effective improvements:

  • Mounting the sports steering wheel.
  • Replacing the seats with improved analogues.
  • Installing the informative gearshift lever.
  • Equipping the car with a GPS navigator, convenient holders and switches.
  • Mounting the DVR.

The main issue is the implementation of complete noise isolation. To do this, you will need to work hard, since it is necessary to disassemble the cabin with the dismantling of the seats and the front panel. But then the result will pleasantly surprise you.

Vibroplast or its analogues are suitable as the first layer of sound insulation. The next row is a B-100 or Fibermat type noise absorber. These are some of the best materials that are not so easy to find in the free market. Analogues on the market are cheaper, but give a very weak effect, which is almost invisible.

Refinement of the UAZ Patriot salon

Dashboard Tuning

After installing reinforced noise insulation, you can begin to refine your own stove "UAZ-Patriot" and instrument panels. In the first case, a more powerful heater is used, the characteristics of which allow it to be aggregated with the existing on-board system. To improve the interior of an SUV, sets of wooden linings are used that equip the dashboard and door cards. The steering wheel is sometimes covered with natural specialized leather. All these "little things » will allow you to get real pleasure from driving a vehicle.

Improve the readability of standard instruments and indicators will improve the dashboard. From the set of materials and tools you will need:

  • Six LED elements with 850 Ohm type resistors.
  • Special color film.
  • Screwdriver, knife, tweezers.

Initially, the standard dashboard is removed, then the green filters are dismantled. This step will require a system check after removing the last item. Having captured the prepared film with tweezers, it is placed carefully so that the edges go beyond the scale sectors by 10-15 mm. Re-check the cross section, mount the LEDs. In order for the assembly to work normally and be completed, the top row of light bulbs is ground down, filled with adhesive and equipped with LEDs.

Refinement of interior lighting UAZ Patriot

Luggage compartment

Considering the do-it-yourself refinement of the UAZ-Patriot, it should be said about the trunk of the car. As standard, it impresses with its volume. Some craftsmen manage to build a sleeping place in the compartment, which is not so bad. To do this, use plywood inthe form of a frame, which is pasted over with car carpet.

Installing an external body kit

The exterior of an SUV is often improved with an external body kit or the installation of wider rims. They will not increase the cross-country ability of the car, however, they will contribute to the appearance of uniqueness and aggressiveness in the appearance. For those owners who prioritize increasing cross-country ability, experts recommend adding sheets to the springs. Another tip in this direction is the right choice of tires.

One of the most vulnerable parts that needs to be improved by one's own hands in the UAZ-Patriot is the front bumper. This element often becomes a moral limiter to patency. The driver is simply afraid to damage the part, overcoming the roughness of the track or fording water areas. The solution to this problem will be the installation of a shockproof reinforced frame, as well as pasting a part of the body with an armored film that protects against chips, scratches and mechanical stress.

Useful improvements UAZ Patriot do-it-yourself

Further do-it-yourself improvement of the first generation of the UAZ-Patriot

For external tuning, you can also use the following tricks:

  • Application of 3D airbrushing.
  • Installation of hatch and winch.
  • Repainting a vehicle in an exotic or rare color scheme.
  • Window tinting.

In addition, the fuel tanks hanging along the sides are covered with metal sheets that are mounted on the threshold clamps. This will make it possible to protect the tanks fromstones or other obstructions encountered on the road and capable of damaging the elements. Among other do-it-yourself useful improvements of the UAZ-Patriot, one can note:

  • Installation of self-locking differentials into the bridge structure.
  • Replacing drum brakes on drive wheels with disc counterparts.
  • Installation of protection on the transmission and transfer box assembly.
  • Additional arrangement of steering rods, which also often suffer when driving off-road.
Refinement of the UAZ Patriot air filter

Improve engine performance

As standard, the domestic SUV is equipped with a 2.8-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 130 horsepower. The easiest way to change the parameters of the motor is by installing a turbine or compressor, which will improve power by 20-25%. Another option is to refine the UAZ-Patriot cooling system. It is carried out by replacing the connecting elements with better analogues. The compressor will also increase the efficiency of the specified system and the entire power unit.

Chip tuning is another way to optimize the operation of the motor and related components. To carry it out, you need a special program and a regular computer or laptop. According to experts, such modernization will not lead to an improvement in efficiency. This means that increasing traction or dynamics will require more fuel consumption.

Other possible powertrain upgrades:

  • Refining the air filter "UAZ-Patriot"by replacing it with an element with zero resistance. This will allow the engine to breathe easier and rev more actively.
  • Replacing standard gaskets with cork versions, preventing the possibility of oil leakage at the most inopportune moment.
  • Mounting camshafts with increased lift. This solution is focused on maintaining the required filling capacity of the cylinders at high speeds. At low levels, the unit will operate slightly undulating.
  • Installation of titanium poppet valves.
  • Introduction into the design of a radiator with a larger working area and a stronger fan.

Modernization of the running gear

In this direction, it is recommended to install reinforced axles on the SUV, which will make it easy to overcome all sorts of obstacles. This design differs from standard elements by the presence of side gearboxes. This feature raises the assembly by 40 millimeters relative to the wheel axle, simultaneously increasing the ground clearance of the car. Changed gear ratios complement the car with improved traction and less active high-speed dynamics.

Slightly increase the smoothness of movement allows the replacement of hard factory rubber on the version with soft sidewalls. This is especially true when driving on broken domestic roads. Also, this indicator is affected by the presence of improved shock absorbers or pneumatic cylinders. Users note: the smaller the unsprung block, the higher the smoothness of the ride. That is, reducing only the weight of the disk by installing forged reducedanalogues in radius shows quite decent results.

Do-it-yourself UAZ Patriot improvements first generation

Other tuning options

If the indicated transformations are not enough for you, you can install additional light elements on the front bumper of the SUV. Here are some more helpful tips:

  • Refining the "UAZ-Patriot" filter.
  • The snorkel outlet is higher than the air intakes, which will make it possible to overcome the ford without fear of getting a water hammer.
  • Installing halogen headlights.
  • Installation of a special forwarding rack on the roof of a car.
  • Mounting the rear additional optics, which makes it easier to navigate and maneuver in the dark.
Cabin filter for UAZ Patriot

To make it more convenient to put things on the upper trunk, it is advisable to mount a ladder on the rear door of the vehicle. Fastenings should be pre-strengthened. The rear of the machine can be sheathed with aluminum protection, as well as adjust the clamps for transporting special tools.

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