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"Audi 100 C3" - specifications of the ageless legend

"Audi 100 C3" - specifications of the ageless legend
"Audi 100 C3" - specifications of the ageless legend

The car is very interesting. It has been leaving the conveyors of factories in Europe since 1983, adequately competing with the models of Ford designers, in particular with the Sierra, and even slightly overtaking them in this brand. It was an indispensable component of the urban landscape throughout the CIS in the turbulent 90s. What are the features of the technical characteristics of the Audi 100 C3, and how do drivers respond to this legend of the 90s?

General information

Specifications "Audi 100"

The car featured an aerodynamic body with a drag coefficient of 0.3. This helped drivers save on fuel consumption. The economic factor, the streamlined shape - the two main things that attracted the buyer at that time. The manufacturer, of course, did not miss his chance, they produce products with good technical characteristics of the Audi 100 C3 and an extraordinary appearance. The previous version was distinguished by angular shapes, and the new one immediately appealed to connoisseurs of everything fashionable.

Important moments in historymodels

Specifications "Audi 100 1, 8"

The production of full-size sedans was established until 1990. At the time of its premiere in Frankfurt, it was considered a very comfortable car with good fuel economy. The luggage compartment with 570 liters is still impressive. capacity and a salon that can accommodate up to five people. Almost immediately after the "debut" came the station wagon, sedan. According to reviews, the technical characteristics of the "Audi 100 C3" allow you to cope well with handling: the car keeps its course well, is not subject to skidding.

Mostly, the vehicles were made front-wheel drive, however, the developers managed to come up with a new modification with all-wheel drive "Quattro". There was no power steering in the basic format, which made parking difficult, although again there was no need to repair this part once again. You can consider in detail the technical characteristics of the "Audi 100" by modifications to clarify the situation with the differences.

Universal Features

In the station wagon body, the car brand was released in 1983 under the name Avant. The sloping rear door minimized turbulent airflow, significantly improving the dynamic component. KSF is 0.34. This also helped to positively resolve the issue with the cleanliness of the glass on the back door. The trunk acquired 1800 liters. volume. Judging by the reviews on the forums, motorists could be convinced of the high quality of the German car industry, operating it successfully for 20 years, not intending to change to another option.

About the subtleties of all-wheel drive Audi 100 С3

Characteristics of "Audi 100 c3"

Frantic success brought the concern experiment with "Quattro". This is the famous winner of world competitions, with good technical characteristics of the Audi 100 C3, where the gearbox gave the opportunity to select the desired speed mode. The razdatka correctly distributed the torque between the wheels. A cardan mechanism system was implemented here. Benefits include:

  • improved dynamics;
  • travel stability and ease of control.

Among those who like to go on a picnic outside the city and travel by transport, a foreign car was of particular interest.

About the engine range

Specifications "

Five and four-cylinder engines were offered by the automaker. Products with 4 cylinders were endowed with a volume of 1.8 liters. They worked on gasoline, produced with injectors or carburetors. The second, with 90 hp, distinguished themselves by economical fuel consumption: the city required 10.7 liters per hundred kilometers. The reliability, upgraded technical characteristics of the Audi 100, simple design appealed to the owners.

Modernization was carried out in 1985: the market met engines with 2.0 and 2.3 liters in 100 or 133 "horses". The only downside is the cost of repairs. Starting next year, we set up a production line for the production of turbocharged units.

Secrets of sedans

Touching on the characteristics of the Audi 100 1, 8, it can be noted that the four-door sedan on a carburetor system withfront-wheel drive and manual transmission are characterized on the positive side. Despite the seemingly small figure of 75 "horses", the car behaves well, allowing you to accelerate and feel the drive up to 175 km / h. Experienced car owners advise that vehicles for purchase, the main thing is to take a closer look at its condition, check the nodes for leaks, integrity. For moderate driving, these devices are quite suitable. Plus, excellent sound insulation accompanies the journey.

Galvanized bodies, excellent power of the entire collection of this brand brought her a huge success in the international sales segment.

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