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Emblem "Maserati". How the legend was created

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Emblem "Maserati". How the legend was created
Emblem "Maserati". How the legend was created

Officine Alfieri Maserati was founded in 1914. This venture significantly influenced the history and development of racing cars. The Maserati emblem is known all over the world. Currently, the company produces exclusive sports models and business class cars. Maserati cars are sold in 70 countries around the world. The company produces more than seven thousand cars a year. Since 1999, the company has been owned by the Italian company Ferrari. In 2004, official sales of some Maserati models began in Russia. In 2016, Maserati launched its first Levante SUV.

History of the establishment of the company

Maserati emblem

The company was named after its first owner, Alfieri Maserati, and his five brothers who were active in the company. The brothers have been fond of technology since childhood. The eldest of the Carlo brothers created a bicycle manufacturing company, designed motors for motorcycles. A few years later he was hired by the Fiat team as a pilot. Younger brother of Carlo Alferijoined his brother after his move to Isotta Fraschini. In 1907 the brothers open their own workshop. Three years later, Carlo died of a lung disease. Alferi had to sell the workshop and return to racing. In 1914, together with his brothers, he creates a new family business. In 1926, the company ceases cooperation with Diatto and begins to produce its own racing cars. In the same year, the famous emblem was created.

Maserati badge

Maserati logo

For almost a century of the company's history, the company's logo has hardly changed. This is a red trident on a white background. The name of the company is depicted below on a blue background in white letters. The author of the logo - the artist Mario Maserati - the only one of the brothers, whose work was not related to cars. The logo is the trident of Neptune. Mario was inspired by the statue of the sculptor Giambologna. Therefore, he can be considered a co-author of the Maserati emblem. The fountain with the statue is located in the Italian city of Bologna, where the company was headquartered. The blue and red colors for the Maserati emblem were not chosen by chance. The coat of arms of Bologna is made in these colors. Now the company is located in Modena. Now the famous sculpture is associated not only with Bologna, but also with the automotive brand. It symbolizes beauty and energy. The idea to use a trident as a logo came to Alferi's mind after being attacked by a wolf. The future creator of the automobile concern was saved by a passerby with a pitchfork. In gratitude, Alferi made him a driver for the Maserati team. One by onefrom versions, the trident symbolizes the three brothers who founded the company - Alfieri, Ettore and Ernesto.


SUV Maserati

"Maserati" holds several speed records in various racing series. In 1957, the racing team won the Formula 1 World Championship with a car bearing the Maserati badge. Photos of the champions spread all over the world. But due to an accident that killed the pilot, team navigator and 11 spectators, Maserati stopped participating in the racing series. The company started production of road cars. Maserati engineers have developed many exclusive models that have become true legends.

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