Bosch batteries: owner reviews and specifications
Bosch batteries: owner reviews and specifications

Without a well-functioning battery, efficient vehicle operation is out of the question. After all, this device, like a reusable battery, is responsible for the performance of the entire vehicle electronics system in any conditions. That is why you need to approach the choice of battery with great care and responsibility.

Basic requirements for car batteries

Bosch batteries reviews
Bosch batteries reviews

Batteries play a big role in car operation. They are able to accumulate an electric charge, allowing you to quickly start the engine, and are also responsible for some functions of the car when the generator is turned off.

Today, the market offers a fairly large selection of chargers. Ideally, car batteries should meet the following requirements:

  • current must be constant and high enough;
  • optimum charge mode;
  • low levelresistance in the device itself;
  • surge and surge protection;
  • reliability and durability, service life with frequent use cannot be less than two years;
  • tightness and ability to withstand pressure;
  • surface should not be streaked and scuffed;
  • ability to withstand temperature fluctuations and work in intensive conditions;
  • when tilted at 45 degrees, the electrolyte from the battery should not flow out;
  • batteries must be identified and labeled with the obligatory marking of polarity marks, capacity values, voltage, date of manufacture and other indicators;
  • batteries must be secure and properly packaged.

Choosing a good battery eliminates many troubles on the road, it must be selected based on the parameters of your car and the above requirements. Careful handling also helps to prolong the life of the appliance. Every three to four months it is recommended to remove it, check the electrolyte and appearance, recharging if necessary.

Bosch batteries - reliability and efficiency

bosch battery price
bosch battery price

Battery manufacturer "Bosch" is a large German company known worldwide and engaged in the manufacture of electrical goods.

This enterprise began its activity almost a century and a half ago and still remains an important supplier of imported technical products. A huge part of the profits is spent on new developments andimproving the quality characteristics of electrical goods.

Each Bosch battery is designed with patented, individually thought-out technology, and each product line has been repeatedly tested through numerous laboratory tests.

Bosch batteries reviews and recommendations are the best among car owners in many countries of Europe and the CIS. Products for many years remain at a high level, in demand, and are sold at a fairly favorable price.

"Bosch" has created a whole line of products, among which you can choose the battery for the car that satisfies the requirements of the car owner. The selection of the battery for the car should be made taking into account its wear, intensity of operation, taking into account the electrical system of the car and climatic conditions. Given all of the above, you can choose a model in such a way that it will last for a long time, and the money invested will pay off soon. But in this case, it is very important to accurately analyze the market, as there are a huge number of models, and therefore it is very easy to make a mistake.

Battery "Bosch" or "Warta"? These are two German manufacturers that have proven themselves in the market. Almost every Bosch model has its own analogue of the Varta. Some technical features can be distinguished, but in general, the batteries are not inferior to each other. Reviews of these manufacturers indicate that Bosch batteries are better at low temperatures, and Varta has a higher capacity. That's whythe choice remains solely with car owners.

Bosch battery marking

Bosch car battery
Bosch car battery

In order not to accidentally buy an old battery, you need to pay attention to the date of its production. How to recognize her? The marking is displayed in two parts of the product: on the front side of the label and on the battery cover.

The marking of Bosch batteries manufactured before 2014 has the following decoding:

  • first character - country of issue;
  • the number behind it is the conveyor number;
  • next again a letter giving information about the shipping method;
  • the first digit further denoted the last digit of the year of manufacture;
  • the next two are the month;
  • the next two are the date;
  • seventh digit is the shift that released the battery.

Let's say the marking H4E2061190991 indicates that the product was released in Germany (H - Germany), the shipping method is for assembly at car manufacturing plants (E), left the assembly line on June 11, 2012.

If the year of manufacture of the Bosch battery is 2014 or more, then the decoding scheme is slightly modified. The fourth digit indicates the year of issue, and the fifth and sixth indicate the month of production, and each month has its own encoding code, calculated according to a special table.

Bosch S3 battery

battery for car battery selection by car
battery for car battery selection by car

Today, many European car manufacturers have adopted maintenance-freeaccumulators. Maintenance-free is understood to mean devices that can be used until the need for electrolyte replacement. Such models can be charged, but the number of recharging attempts is limited. One of them is the Bosch S3 battery model. Bosch S3 is suitable for vehicles that do not have a lot of electrical equipment. It is reliable and economical, ensuring long-term vehicle performance.

These batteries are great for both domestic and imported cars.

The advantages of these batteries

The Bosch S3 maintenance-free battery has excellent specifications. This is a good solution for passenger cars that operate on starter batteries. Due to the minimum self-charging and low moisture consumption, this battery lasts a very long time and is reliable. Even in severe frosts, manufacturers guarantee a great start and efficient operation of the machine.

Batteries meet all European standards and have quality certificates. The product of this line has a technically correct design: the electrolyte is reliably protected from leakage by a lid, which is created using a unique technology from the manufacturer. Batteries have a flame retardant device, providing maximum protection against sparks and possible ignition.

Using, changing and transporting the battery is also comfortable thanks to the convenient handle.

In addition, this line of products satisfies many consumers, Bosch batteries have excellent reviews, car owners note such positive qualitiesbatteries S3:

  • high level of starting currents;
  • excellent performance at minimum temperatures;
  • excellent performance and long service life;
  • complete maintenance free;
  • convenience and tightness of the case.

Characteristics of S3 line batteries

The main parameters when choosing a battery are electric capacity, starting power and dimensions for the battery.

1. Battery capacity is measured in units such as ampere-hours (Ah) and indicates how much electricity a battery can produce when it is in a long discharged mode. This capacity is determined by a twenty-hour discharge period.

The car battery "Bosch" S3 has from 41 to 90 Ah.

2. Starting power is the maximum output current given by the battery for half a minute at sub-zero temperatures (-18 ° C), this parameter characterizes the possibility of a cold start in cold weather. The higher the current rating, the easier and faster the starter starts.

S3 batteries have starting power from 300 to 740 amps.

3. The dimensions for the battery depend on the specific brand of car. Bosch S3 batteries are produced in more than 10 sizes. Also important is the method of connecting the wire to the battery, which depends on the model of the car.

Bosch S4 Silver battery

Car battery "Bosch S4 Silver" is suitable for cars of various classes, including those produced in Asia.

bosch maintenance free battery
bosch maintenance free battery

When creating this line, the manufacturer took into account all the wishes of motorists. Thanks to the innovative development, silver plating was produced, which helped to increase the wear resistance of the batteries, increase their service life and achieve an anti-corrosion effect. Even under heavy loads and under difficult operating conditions, these batteries last longer than others.

Advantages of this line

Thanks to the use of new technologies in the production of "Bosch S4 Silver" has the following positive qualities:

  • battery operates even at minimum temperatures and reacts quickly enough in severe frosts;
  • increased level of starting energy by almost fifteen percent;
  • thanks to the new technology for the production of grids, they have become thinner, and the amount of electrolyte has been increased with the help of the freed space, and this greatly affects the increase in battery power;
  • reduced self-charge rate keeps the battery running smoothly even without auxiliary power replenishment;
  • thanks to the improved design of the grids, there is an accelerated recovery of capacity when driving around the city with frequent stops;
  • battery life increased by twenty percent;
  • Guaranteed trouble-free operation for medium wattage vehicles.

Specifications "Bosch S4 Silver"

Manufacturers offer a wide range of specifications for which you can choose the right batteryfor auto. The selection of the battery for the car depends on the electrical system of the car, the place for the battery and the connection option. It is also necessary to take into account the rated capacity and starting power of the device.

Batteries are suitable for both diesel and gasoline engines, including Asian vehicles.

The capacity in this line has been increased thanks to the use of new grids and varies from 40 to 90 Ah.

Starting power - 330-830 amps.

The overall dimensions of batteries are very diverse and have more than 20 types.

Bosch S5 Silver Plus battery

Bosch battery year
Bosch battery year

This Bosch battery is suitable for cars built using European technology and equipped with any, even a fairly powerful electrical system.

This type of battery repeats S4 technology, has a silver coating and improved grids. It saves more electricity, is more powerful and durable.

Bosch batteries, reviews of which are only positive, are loved by many motorists who use a large number of equipment in the car, including air conditioners, DVRs and additional electrical systems. Bosch S5 Silver Plus does its job well and keeps all systems running smoothly.

The advantages and characteristics of these batteries

The manufacturer, constantly improving the technical component of batteries, allows you to experience the following benefits from using S5 Silver batteriesPlus:

  • 3rd longer battery life than standard equivalent batteries;
  • reduced self-charge level;
  • capable of starting at the lowest possible temperatures;
  • guaranteed trouble-free operation of all electrical appliances;
  • excellent mode of operation in the conditions of movement around the city;
  • increased starting energy level by thirty percent;
  • increased wear resistance, anti-corrosion coating;
  • increased safety with fire protection system;
  • all battery stats increased;
  • complete maintenance free;
  • increased plate thickness;
  • fast charge;
  • easy to transport and install.

Battery capacity - 52-110 Ah.

Starting power - 610-920 amps.

Bosch S6 AGM High Tec batteries

This kind of product is suitable for premium cars that require a lot of energy.

how to open bosch battery
how to open bosch battery

The use of absorbent fiberglass technology helps to ensure that all the electrical systems and computers of the machine have uninterrupted current. Comfortable and safe, the battery is astonishingly durable and can handle loads that no other battery can handle.

Benefits & Specifications

Car owners who used these Bosch batteries leave only positive reviews, since the use of new technologies really has a lotbenefits such as:

  • absolute tightness and fire protection;
  • increased level of resistance to high loads;
  • power and service life tripled;
  • excellent protection against leakage of electrolyte due to glass fiber;
  • monitor charge level;
  • increased amount of electrolyte.

The capacity of such batteries exceeds 75 Ah, and the starting power is 760 amperes.

Price for Bosch batteries

bosch battery label
bosch battery label

The Bosch battery, the price of which is much higher than for products from other manufacturers, fully complies with European standards and is highly reliable and has an extended service life.

S3 line batteries cost from 4,000 to 9,000 rubles.

S4 batteries range in price from RUB 4,500 to RUB 10,000.

You can buy Bosch S5 for 5,500 rubles.

The Bosch S6 battery costs 20,000 rubles.

Cost depends on capacity. Let's say that with a battery with a capacity of 105 A / h with a starting power of 950 A for a Bosch battery, the price will be 22,000 rubles.

Battery charging conditions

Many users are interested in how to open the Bosch battery. This type of battery is maintenance-free, the water level in it does not need to be checked. Therefore, the charge level is raised by charging in automatic mode.

Often, car owners have a question about how to charge the Bosch battery?

TheseBatteries are maintenance-free, so when charging, you must follow the following algorithm of actions:

  • connect to the device for recharging with polarity;
  • next, you need to select the amount of current in the amount of a tenth of the battery capacity;
  • if the device is completely discharged, you need to charge with the lowest current power;
  • when connected, the charger must be unplugged;
  • recommended to select 14.5 volts further.

The Bosch car battery charger can be selected for any battery line, their cost also differs depending on the type of device. Since the batteries are quite expensive, it is recommended to have the batteries replenished at service centers.


Batteries "Bosch" differ from analogues in reliability, durability and excellent performance even at low temperatures. Increased electrolyte supply, improved fiberglass formula, ease of charging and operation make Bosch one of the undisputed leaders in the electrical goods market.