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Motorcycle - what is it? Types, descriptions, photos of motorcycles

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Motorcycle - what is it? Types, descriptions, photos of motorcycles
Motorcycle - what is it? Types, descriptions, photos of motorcycles

We have all seen the motorcycle. We also know what a vehicle is, today we will take a closer look at the basics of terms in this category, and also get acquainted with the main classes of "bikes".

General information

First, let's formulate a general definition. A motorcycle is a wheeled vehicle (two-wheeled less often three-wheeled). The "heart" of transport is the engine. Most often, a gasoline internal combustion engine is installed, but there are rare options where an electric motor or a pneumatic motor is installed as a power unit, and there are also rare instances of motorcycles with diesel engines.

The main distinguishing feature of the motorcycle is the vertical seating position of the driver (based on the principle of landing on a horse), and the vehicle always has side steps for the driver's legs. Another feature of the motorcycle is the gearless (direct) control of the front wheel through the handlebars of a bicycle type.

Currently, motorcycles are extremely diverse in their performance and power, consider the classes of this technique. Without a detailed description, it is not so easy to understand this issue.simple, especially if you have never de alt with such a technique.

Enduro bike: what is it

A popular motorcycle class at present. If you translate the name of the class from English, you get "endurance". This is just such a motorcycle. What is meant by endurance? On such motorcycles they drive in off-road conditions. For such races, you just need very hardy models that do not break and at the same time are simple in their technical device.

These motorcycles have features. Their wings and maximum lining are usually made of plastic. This is a reduction in weight and at the same time plastic is not deformed from impacts as much as metal. Enduro suspension elements have a long travel to "swallow" the bumps in rough terrain. The engine on these motorcycles is always single-cylinder. But cubes can range from 50 on light two-stroke models to 650 on powerful four-stroke models.

Let's deal with one more term in passing. What are cubes on a motorcycle? Cubes (cubes) is a slang term for units of measurement of the working volume of a motorcycle engine. One cube means one cubic centimeter of engine displacement. In principle, at this moment everything is quite simple.

There are classic type enduros, and there are scrambler motorcycles. What it is? It's kind of a hybrid. On such a motorcycle, you can drive on asph alt at a decent speed, or you can move quite successfully over rough terrain. The classic scrambler will lose on asph alt to a road bike and thoroughbred enduro outsideasph alt. Such a motorcycle can be bought as the first. This will help you understand which option is closer to you and where you can develop further as a motorcyclist.

Motorcycle "enduro"
Motorcycle "enduro"

What is a motocross bike

He's a lot like an enduro. The main difference that catches the eye is the lack of front and rear lights, as well as the footrest on a motocross bike. They remove everything superfluous. The gas tanks are specially designed to be small in order to reduce the weight of the motorcycle. The engines of such motorcycles are always high-revving, and the gears are short, the suspension is “sharpened” for jumps and other tricks. Such a motorcycle is not intended for driving on a public road, while enduro travel on roads is allowed. The motocross bike is the choice of the pros, the enduro is the option for the amateurs.

Motocross bike
Motocross bike


What is a chopper? A motorcycle that has its own style. The main feature of this class is an elongated frame and a long front fork. Also, choppers often have a high handlebar, no front fender, and a long rear fender. The shape of the classic gas tank for this class is a “drop”. Sometimes the shock absorbers and damper are even removed from choppers. What is a damper on a motorcycle? Another term that needs to be deciphered. A damper is a special device that adds control and stability to a motorcycle. Bikers who ride choppers are experienced guys and strive to simplify the design of their "iron horse", it is for this reason that they sometimesremove such things on your motorcycle. What is safety, they seem to forget at the moment and rely on their exceptional driving experience.

Currently, these motorcycles are produced by famous manufacturers. But there are also craftsmen who convert a stock motorcycle into a chopper. We came across the name "stock motorcycle" and immediately along the way we will explain that this term refers to the basic version of the motorcycle, if a motorcyclist begins to modify his transport, then he is no longer stock.

Classic "chopper"
Classic "chopper"


Inexperienced motorcyclists often confuse a cruiser with a chopper. Of course, outwardly similarities can be traced, but there are also differences. The first cruiser was produced by Harley-Davidson, which still specializes mainly in this class of motorcycles. What is so special about cruisers that makes them different from choppers? We list the distinguishing features:

  • The cruiser is always liquid-cooled, while the chopper is air-cooled.
  • The cruiser has a different frame shape (duplex) and not a frame with a raised steering column.
  • Rich cruiser plastic cladding vs almost non-existent chopper cladding.
  • The front and rear wheels of the cruiser are about the same diameter, the wheels of the chopper have a significant difference in diameter.
  • Cruiser has a fork with a standard angle to the road, the chopper has a steering angle changed towards the road.
  • Cruiser has a lot of chrome in the design.
  • Cruiser has a large driver's seat and a large passenger seat,very often it is equipped with a back. The chopper has a minimal driver's seat, and sometimes there is no passenger seat at all or is present purely formally.
  • The classic cruiser and chopper have different handlebar shapes. Landing on a chopper is straight, on a cruiser there is a deflection back.
  • The cruiser has a larger tank, a windshield, a rich instrumentation system, it is designed for long trips. The chopper is not designed for long-distance travel.

In other words, the cruiser is more civilized, so to speak. But the coolest bikers ride choppers!

Classic "cruiser"
Classic "cruiser"

Road bikes

Classic. It all started with them. To give an example of such a motorcycle, we can recall any model that was produced, for example, in the USSR. These were the most classic motorcycles. In fact, this is the most versatile "bike".

ordinary motorcycle
ordinary motorcycle

Sport bikes

The most massive class of motorcycles in Russia at the moment. It's those fast, beautiful bikes with fairings that go fast and sound loud. There are many motorcycles on the road. They are “sharpened” for speed and ergonomics, sometimes for better airflow, the driver does not have a very comfortable fit on this “bike”. In terms of safety and fuel economy, this is not the best choice, but in order to impress anyone, this is what you need.

Sport bike
Sport bike


A kind of sport bike. The difference lies in the reduced weight and more powerfulmotor. Distinguishing a superbike from a sportbike is difficult if there is not enough experience in motorsport matters. Such a motorcycle is chosen by those who have been driving a sports “bike” for a long time, realized that this is his option, and now wants to take a step forward. Beginners are not recommended to choose such options as the first motorcycle, as it does not forgive any mistakes. You need to start with simpler class models.


This is a touring bike designed for long distance travel. Landing on such a "bike" is very comfortable. The motorcycles themselves are very large, they hold the road well and are controlled. The tank always has a large volume, the motors are low-speed and economical. On such a motorcycle, you can easily ride more than a thousand kilometers at a time and at the same time nothing will hurt or leak.

Motorcycle "tourer"
Motorcycle "tourer"


More common is another name for the class - it's "minibike". It is easy to guess that the whole feature is in the dimensions. These are very small motorcycles. The size is for children, but they are intended for adults to ride on them. Very lightweight models with fairly powerful engines. The combination of light weight and powerful motor makes the models very frisky on the road. If you get used to such a motorcycle, you can move very comfortably on it. The most difficult thing is to learn how to balance on such a "bike".

Summing up

Today we covered all the main classes of motorcycles, and also figured out some of the complex terms from this category. Naturally, we have not analyzed everything, but onlybasics, but everything comes with experience, and you need to start learning something from the basics.

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