Antifreeze "Dzerzhinsky", 10 liters: reviews
Antifreeze "Dzerzhinsky", 10 liters: reviews

In this article we will delve into history and find out where antifreeze came from, what it was created for, for which vehicle? We will find out why he got such a name and why everyone is used to calling him "Dzerzhinsky"? Read this article until the end to learn more about this coolant.

Where did "Tosol" come from and why is it called Dzerzhinsky?

antifreeze dzerzhinsky ozh
antifreeze dzerzhinsky ozh

Stavropol, which we now all call Tolyatti. Why Tolyatti? Palmiro Togliatti is one of the founders of the Italian Communist Party. The VAZ car was created with the help of Italians, which is why this car is a copy of the Italian Fiat. If "VAZ" is similar to the Italian Fiat, then, of course, all the required auto chemicals must be the same as for "Fiat", including coolant - antifreeze.

Antifreeze is an auto chemical product designed to cool a car engine. Its main task is to prevent the engine from overheating. She also keeps him cool in the winter.

At that time, there was only one coolant available for Fiat - Paraflu. And for VAZ cars at that time there was only one type of coolant, which was called Antifreeze 159. Experts called it "Antifreeze according to GOST 159". Tests in Italy showed that it did not meet the requirements for Fiat cars. Fast corrosion of metal parts, large foaming, low alkali reserve are just some of the side effects when using it.

Soviet chemists came to the conclusion that a new liquid was needed, which would be better than the Italian "Paraflu" and was allowed for the VAZ car. For three years, scientists tried to do something better, there were successes and failures, tests and trials. And finally, the staff of the Organic Synthesis Technology Department, abbreviated as "TOS", has developed a new coolant. Experiments and studies were carried out with her, and they reached extended tests in Turin.

Everything was crowned with success, the liquid was better than "Paraflu" and was allowed to be used for "Zhiguli". It was called "Tosol", where "tos" is the place of production, and "ol" is the end of the chemical known as alcohol. Now they began to produce it at the chemical enterprise of the city of Dzerzhinsk, where TOSOL-A, TOSOL-A40 and TOSOL-A65 were produced. Where the letter "A" meant automobile, and the numbers 40 and 65 - the freezing temperature.

"Tosol" ismore than car antifreeze, especially if it is Dzerzhinsky.


antifreeze Dzerzhinsky 60
antifreeze Dzerzhinsky 60

Nowadays it is very easy to get a fake antifreeze in your hands. Despite the fact that the label says its freezing temperature is -40 degrees, it can easily freeze at -15, which will cause more harm than good. However, when buying, you may be told that this is the best Dzerzhinsky Tosol, which will not freeze at low temperatures. There are other cases when the product does not cool enough to move, and eventually boils.

How to choose a quality antifreeze?

antifreeze cool
antifreeze cool

Why does the antifreeze we take in most cases not withstand the temperatures indicated on the package? The fact is that high-quality coolant is made using a special technology.

This antifreeze can be checked using a special device called a hydrometer. The principle of its operation is based on measuring the density of a substance, which for a high-quality coolant is 1.073 - 1.079 g/cm3. But it is not always possible to believe the readings of the device, since the composition of antifreeze can be changed with special additives.

Also, the quality of the liquid can be determined by the packaging, no matter how trite it may seem, but first of all you need to pay attention to it. If it is dirty or deformed, then do not buy the product.

The last thing is the price, everything is simple here. Like any product, coolant should not be sold at a low price. Most likely it willfake, although you may be convinced that this is an economy version of a real manufacturer.

If you do not want to stand on the road in cold or hot weather, and then invest a lot of money in car repairs, then choose antifreeze at the best price, in clean packaging, and preferably in large or popular retail outlets.

Types of "Dzerzhinsky Tosol"

antifreeze dzerzhinsky gost
antifreeze dzerzhinsky gost

What kind of antifreeze is there and in what volumes? Probably the most popular and inspiring confidence is Dzerzhinsky Tosol OZH-40. It comes in 1 liter, 5 liter and 10 liter containers. Also quite popular "A40M", where the letter "M" means "modified". Sold in volumes from 1 to 10 liters. Felix coolant is the same "Dzerzhinsky", and, perhaps, it is the most expensive at retail outlets. It is worth noting that "Tosol Dzerzhinsky" is very popular in our time.

Can I mix antifreeze from different manufacturers?

Coolants, as we have already learned, are of two types: antifreeze and antifreeze. In no case should they be mixed, but it is possible to mix antifreeze from different manufacturers, but it should be done correctly. Let's say you have "Tosol A40M Dzerzhinsky" flooded, and you urgently need to add more. In this case, in order not to risk it, you can simply add distilled water, it is not expensive and is available in all car dealerships. But, if you still decide to mix antifreeze from different manufacturers, you must first check the two brands. Fortunately, this can be done at home.

How to check antifreeze inat home

antifreeze dzerzhinsky
antifreeze dzerzhinsky

In order to check the coolant, you will need a disposable glass, a syringe and a thermometer. Using a syringe, pump out the liquid from the expansion tank or from the package (approximately 100 g) and pour it into a glass. After that, put it in the freezer along with a thermometer and check the readings on it every 15-20 minutes. If the liquid begins to become cloudy, then it has begun to freeze. Also look at the temperature on the thermometer, and find out the freezing index of the liquid.

Next, you need to check the compositions for mixing. Everything is simple here: take the antifreeze that was poured into the car, and the product from another manufacturer that you bought for topping up. Mix them in a container, preferably one that can create the overpressure needed to raise the boiling point. Wait for the liquid to boil. If sediment remains at the bottom of the container, then they should not be mixed.

Reviews about "Dzerzhinsky antifreeze"

In reviews of "Antifreeze A-40M Extra Dzerzhinsky" they often write that this is a good and even high-quality coolant. Its price is optimal. In our time, it is a rarity when buyers take Tosol Dzerzhinsky, and only positive reviews are left for it. You can highlight all its advantages:

  • does not cause metal corrosion;
  • keeps the temperature even with a margin;
  • does not form scale in the engine water jacket.

Another antifreeze from a manufacturer like OilRight is also "Dzerzhinsky", but he is not too rich ingood reviews. Most believe that he is not even able to keep the engine operating temperature, that is, the liquid boils at a temperature of +88. Although at this temperature the cooling fan does not even work yet, and the antifreeze is already boiling. Almost all negative reviews about this coolant.

Tips when buying antifreeze

antifreeze Dzerzhinsky 40
antifreeze Dzerzhinsky 40

It is clear that "Antifreeze Dzerzhinsky -40 C holds only in cases where you have chosen the original product. But this is not all that we learned from the article. There is" Tosol Dzerzhinsky "10 liters, 5 liters and 1 liter. We also learned the story of its origin, but now let's move on to the tips.

When buying "Tosola Dzerzhinsky" make sure that it is an original product, and if it is, we advise you to take a large package, as it will never be superfluous. Also, do not mix different manufacturers, even if you are convinced that this can be done. "Tosol Dzerzhinsky" choose with technical names, for example: "A40M" or "OJ-40", do not take the coolant, which is cheap, most likely it is a fake.