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Sintec antifreeze: reviews, specifications. What antifreeze to fill

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Sintec antifreeze: reviews, specifications. What antifreeze to fill
Sintec antifreeze: reviews, specifications. What antifreeze to fill

Every driver knows the importance of a proper engine cooling system. Timely removal of heat from the engine reduces the risk of premature failure of the power plant. Of course, in the past, ordinary water was used as a refrigerant. However, this heat dissipation fluid can only be used under extreme conditions. The fact is that already at zero degrees, water hardens and increases in volume. Naturally, an additional load is placed on the radiator grill and tubes of the system, which can lead to their rupture. All experienced motorists recommend using different types of special coolants. Drivers in Russia and the CIS countries have a particularly high demand for Sintec antifreezes. Feedback on the compositions presented is extremely positive. The characteristics of mixtures are in no way inferior to analogues from major world concerns.

Temperature drop
Temperature drop

Who produces

The domestic company "Obninskorgsintez" is engaged in the manufacture of the presented types of antifreeze. In addition to coolants, this enterpriseis also engaged in the production of motor oil and some other options for auto chemical goods. Modernization of equipment and strict quality control of finished products have allowed the brand to significantly improve the reliability of its formulations. This is confirmed by international certificates TSI and ISO.

Flag of Russia
Flag of Russia


The company manufactures different types of antifreeze. The driver can choose the composition for absolutely any power plant. There are no difficulties in this case.

Sintec Unlimited G12++

Antifreeze Sintec Unlimited is the first type of coolant in Russia produced using lobrid technology. The composition fully complies with the most modern G12 + standard. The mixture consists of ethylene glycol, distilled water and a complex of additives.

Antifreeze Sintec Unlimited
Antifreeze Sintec Unlimited

In reviews of this type of Sintec antifreeze, drivers note that the compositions presented provide a practically perfect level of corrosion protection. This is achieved through the active use of silicate and carboxyl additives. Inorganic compounds form a continuous, inseparable film on the inside of the power plant, which prevents the formation of rust. Weak organic acids act a little differently. They protect those elements of metal parts that have already begun to rust. That is, the presented compounds inhibit the corrosion process, exclude its further spread.

Mixture does not contain phosphates, borates and amines. As a result, it is possible to reduce the risks of formation of inorganicdraft.

Sintec Unlimited G++ antifreeze has certain lubricity. It prevents premature failure of the water pump. The composition also minimizes the risk of radiator leaks. The mixture turned purple. The temperature of the beginning of crystallization is -40 degrees Celsius. This antifreeze fully solidifies under much harsher conditions.

Sintec Premium G12+

Sintec Premium G12+ antifreeze was developed for all engines subjected to maximum loads during operation. This coolant is ideal primarily for aluminum power plants. The use of carboxylate additives makes it possible to suppress already begun corrosion processes. In reviews of Sintec antifreeze of this type, drivers note, first of all, the extended service life of the compounds. The presented mixture can withstand up to 650 thousand km of mileage in freight transport and up to 250 thousand km in cars.

Sintec Premium G12+ antifreeze is great for foreign and domestic cars. For example, drivers use this composition in the cooling systems of Lada, Opel, Ford, Volkswagen and a number of others.

Volkswagen logo
Volkswagen logo

The first crystals of the mixture precipitate at -40 degrees Celsius. Complete curing of antifreeze occurs when the thermometer readings approach -50 degrees.

The benefits of this mixture include preventing the effectcavitation and its consequences. The absence of any inorganic additives eliminates the possibility of hard deposits.

Sintec Lux G12

Sintec Lux G12 antifreeze is made using carboxylate technology. This antifreeze is red. Good lubricating properties eliminate the risk of premature failure of the water pump. This composition can withstand up to 500 thousand km of run on large-capacity vehicles and up to 250 thousand km on passenger cars.

The composition does not stray into foam, which eliminates the risk of air pockets. In reviews of Sintec antifreeze of this type, owners note an incredibly high level of protection against corrosive processes. The positive properties of car owners include a reduction in the risk of rupture of non-metallic elements of the cooling system. The composition prevents the risk of deformation of the radiator.

car radiator
car radiator

Sintec Multi Freeze

This composition is in the highest demand among motorists. This effect was achieved thanks to a combination of positive characteristics.

Firstly, the presented mixture is compatible with antifreezes made using other technologies. Can be added to silicone, carboxylate or hybrid coolants.

Secondly, the mixture has no mileage restrictions. Antifreeze is applicable throughout the life of the car. The driver only needs to periodically check the coolant level and top up in a timely manner.

Third, to the positive characteristics of this type of Sintec antifreezeinclude the presence of silicate and carboxylate additives in the composition. The mixture provides a near perfect level of corrosion protection. Inorganic compounds form a thin, inseparable film on the inner surface of the parts, which prevents the onset of the corrosion process. Carboxylic acids act by a different mechanism. These compounds protect those elements that have already undergone destructive rusting processes.

The presented composition is suitable for both new and old power plants. There is not much difference in this case.

Sintec Antifreeze Euro G11

The presented mixture is made using silicate technology. The advantage of this mixture is a lower price (compared to carboxylate and hybrid antifreezes). The maximum mileage on passenger cars does not exceed 120 thousand km. For freight transport, this figure is 2 times higher.

commercial vehicles
commercial vehicles

Antifreeze color

Sintec manufactures coolants in a variety of shades. What color of antifreeze are commercially available and what does the color indicate?

Coolants are a mixture of water, ethylene glycol and an additive package. All these substances are colorless. Therefore, to distinguish production technologies, additional dyes were added to the composition of the mixture. What color is antifreeze produced using silicate technology? This manufacturing method complies with the G11 standard. The mixtures shown are exclusively green.

Red dyes are added to hybrid and carboxylate mixtures. Possible andsome other variations, such as raspberry.

How to choose antifreeze

When choosing a cooling mixture, it is necessary to take into account the type of engine and the climate of the region. It is also important to look at the color of the antifreeze poured into the cooling system. The fact is that you cannot mix red and green mixtures. These substances are made using different technologies, so there is a high probability of an additive conflict.

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