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Capacity of the onboard "Gazelle": specifications
Capacity of the onboard "Gazelle": specifications

GAZ-3302 has been the leader among light trucks on the domestic market for many years. The high carrying capacity of the onboard Gazelle and the ease of its operation have led to the popularity of the vehicle in various fields of economic activity. In this direction, several modifications have been developed during the serial production of the machine.

Onboard "Gazelle"

General information

In 1994, the first copy of the onboard Gazelle was released. The carrying capacity of the car allowed him to move around the city and beyond without any problems. The specified series of trucks is widely distributed in its segment, and is used not only for transporting goods. Minor re-equipment of the machine allows the transport of work crews or special equipment.

Also, the car is indispensable at construction sites, when performing repair and emergency work in various areas. The fitted low profile tires guarantee a minimum loading height of only 1000 millimetres. From the truck cabprovides excellent visibility. Despite the decent parameters of the first model, the car has undergone several stages of restyling. "Nexts", "Business", "Sables" and other variations appeared in the lineup.


The carrying capacity of the Gazelle is not its only advantage. The modification under consideration is also distinguished by economical fuel consumption and a high level of maintainability. On the standard version, it is allowed to transport materials whose length does not exceed three meters. Soon there were trucks with a base extended by one meter.

In addition, there are analogues with gas-balloon equipment on the market, as well as versions with all-wheel drive. Cars with all-wheel drive have received even more opportunities for maneuvers, have increased cross-country ability, regardless of the road surface and weather conditions. When developing the machines in question, manufacturers took into account the nuances of domestic roads, as well as the wishes of users.

Photo onboard "Gazelle"

Basic Features

The following are the main parameters of the truck in question, including the carrying capacity of the onboard Gazelle:

  • curb weight (t) – 3, 5;
  • engine power (hp) - from 107 to 120, depending on the type of power unit;
  • fuel - gasoline or diesel;
  • engine volumes (cc) - 2781/2890;
  • transmission - manual transmission;
  • suspension unit - springs;
  • brake unit - discs front, drums rear;
  • length/width/height(m) - 5, 5/2, 38/2, 05;
  • road clearance (cm) – 17;
  • fuel tank capacity (l) – 64.

The carrying capacity of the onboard Gazelle (3 meters) is 1.5 tons, while the machine can be equipped with an awning.

Commercial component

The car in question has a high rate of performance and versatility. The lack of worthy competition in terms of price / quality has made the car universal, produced in several versions. It is important that such cars are allowed to be driven with category B licenses.

According to statistics, the onboard Gazelle, whose carrying capacity does not exceed 1.5 tons, has become the leader among light trucks. A series of upgrades only increased the interest of users in these machines. When developing the latest variation, the designers took the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bcabin configuration from the Ford Transit. This made it possible to equip it with acceptable comfort for passengers. It comfortably accommodates three people, including the driver. Despite the fact that this truck was created with an emphasis on commercial activities, the design must also be given credit.


Regardless of the carrying capacity of the onboard Gazelle, it is equipped with a pair of gasoline engines.

Model UMZ-4216 has a volume of 1.9 liters, develops power up to 106 horsepower, with a torque of 220 Nm. The Chrysler version of 2.4 liters reaches 133 hp. s (204 Nm). Both options comply with Euro-3 requirements.

"Motors" are aggregated with five-mode mechanicalgearboxes, control is facilitated by a hydraulic booster. Suspensions are equipped with spring elements with shock absorbers-telescopes. On the rear block, a mechanism is sometimes added to reduce roll during turns and turns. The brake assembly is divided into disc type and drum type.

Onboard motor "Gazelle"


Standard modification of the car is equipped with a triple cab. Some versions are made with an enlarged element for six passengers, along with the driver. In this case, the "seats" are placed in two rows, the roof has a ceiling increased in height. In the basic version, the cab design includes a pair of doors with rear-view mirrors, like the six-seater version. Landing on the back row is carried out through the front door, after reclining the front passenger seat.

The one-piece windshield is equipped with a windshield wiper and viewing side windows of fairly large dimensions. This solution creates good visibility not only for the driver, but also for passengers. A small batch of cars with a berth in the driver's cab is provided. Among other equipment - noise insulation, ventilation and air conditioning system, heater, airflow "windshield" from the inside.

The vehicle is controlled by the steering wheel and gear linkage. On the dashboard are the necessary control devices. All the necessary conditions have been created for the comfortable work of the driver, although there is no particular luxury here.

Cabin onboard "Gazelle"


The carrying capacity of a cargo Gazelle does not always have a positive effect on its handling, especially when overloaded. The car is made on a frame base with a fairly rigid suspension, which was originally designed for transport operation. The lack of comfort is offset by the high safety of this truck.

The estimated cost of the modification with the UMP engine is about 500 thousand rubles. This is another plus in the "piggy bank" of the car, since foreign "competitors" are much more expensive. The version with the Chrysler engine is not much ahead (about 600 thousand rubles).


Next, consider the characteristics of three popular modifications among Gazelle flatbed vehicles, the carrying capacity of which is almost the same.

Version 3302:

  • number of wheels (total/driving) – 4/2;
  • turning radius - 5500 mm;
  • variety of wheels - R16175 (185/175);
  • machine length - 5.48 m;
  • distance between axles – 2.9 m;
  • track front/rear - 1, 7/1, 56 m;
  • road clearance - 17 cm;
  • overhangs – 1, 03/1, 55/1, 21 m;
  • cargo platform - inside / along the tent - 3, 05/1, 65 m;
  • loading height - 0.96 m.
Image "Gazelle" onboard with an awning


The carrying capacity of the Gazelle of this modification is also 1.5 tons. Other options are listed below:

  • wheels by total number and weight - 4/2;
  • turning radius - 7.5 m;
  • distance betweenaxes - 2.9 m;
  • length - 5.48 m;
  • ground clearance - 19 cm;
  • loading area - 3.05/1.56 m;
  • loading height - 1.06 m.

Carrying capacity of Gazelle onboard 4.2 meters (GAZ-330202)

This modification has the following characteristics:

  • turning radius - 6.7 m;
  • wheels – R16 (175, 185/175);
  • car length - 6.6 m;
  • distance between axles - 3.5 m;
  • clearance - 17 cm;
  • track width - 1, 7/1, 56 m;
  • loading area - 4.2 m;
  • height - 0.96 m.

Parameters and carrying capacity of the onboard Gazelle-Next

This updated car is equipped with an Evotex A-274 engine, which has a capacity of 106.8 horsepower with a displacement of 2.69 liters. The design of the motor includes four in-line cylinders, an integrated system for adjusting injection, control and ignition. Average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is about 9.8 l/100 km.

The following are the main features:

  • dimensions (m) - 6, 7/2, 06/2, 13;
  • wheelbase (m) – 3, 74;
  • front/rear track (m) - 1, 75/1, 56;
  • clearance (cm) – 17;
  • curb weight (t) – 2, 23;
  • carrying capacity of onboard Gazelle Next (extended/normal) (t) – 1, 27/1, 44;
  • transmission assembly - five-speed manual with front-wheel drive;
  • maximum speed (km/h) – 132;
  • type of fuel - diesel fuel;
  • tank capacity forfuel (l) – 70.
Airborne "Gazelle Next"

Common features

Next, consider what is common in these modifications. Airborne "Gazelles" differ in brands of engines, power, additional equipment. The payload and appearance of these machines is almost unchanged, except for minor discrepancies.

It's worth starting with the number of seats in the cockpit, of which there are three units. Most machines have similar dimensions of the body and loading area. The main gear of the truck is of a hypoid configuration, the steering structure is represented by a “screw - ball nut” type mechanism. The columns are equipped with a pair of hinges, there is a hydraulic booster. Clutch type - single-disc mechanism with hydraulic drive. Suspension unit - springs.

The UMZ-4216 gasoline engine has a multi-point fuel supply. The Cummins diesel analogue is equipped with the original Common Rail system. Both power units have a microprocessor-type ignition. The power of the first version is 106.8 horsepower, while the diesel has 120 "horses". The volumes of the units are 2890 and 2800 cubic centimeters, respectively. Further parallels regarding motors are drawn in terms of speed and compliance with environmental safety requirements: 2500/2700 rpm, Euro 3/Euro 4.

Other popular performances of Gazelle

Among other modifications, several off-board variations should be highlighted:

  1. Minibus 3221. This car is designed for 13 seats, equipped with advanced ventilation andheating system. After 2005, ABS is installed on the car. On request, the vehicle can be mounted with an elevated roof and soft seats. Based on this model, a "school" version is made.
  2. Based on the "Gazelle" from 1995 to 2007 produced vans and minibuses SemAR. In addition to passenger and social variations, hearses and resuscitation vehicles were made. The plant in the city of Semenov was engaged in the production of such machines.
  3. A small bus under the index 2221 was produced in the Tula region. In addition, restyling of existing GAZ-322132 models was made to order.
  4. "Farmer". The machine is designed to transport five people and up to one ton of cargo. The car is great for the city and the countryside.

Pricing policy

The first version of the onboard "Gazelle" (maximum carrying capacity - 1.5 tons) type 3302 in a new condition is not possible to buy, since serial production has been discontinued. In the secondary market, the price of a truck starts at 80 thousand rubles. The final cost is affected by the condition of the car, the distance traveled and equipment.

More modern versions of the 2003-2010 release with improved engines and a cabin will cost from 600 thousand rubles. In general, the price range is quite decent. And this is not surprising, given that the truck has been produced for almost two decades.

Image "Gazelle" airborne

Owner Reviews

How much is the carrying capacity of the Gazelle, discussed above. It is worth noting that followers under the brands "Van", "Business", "Next" useno less in demand than their progenitor. Each of these models has found its niche in the national economy. They are widely used in small and medium-sized businesses, construction, transportation and many other industries. On the basis of these machines, specialized transport is made (thermal booths, collection vans, laboratories, ambulances, minibuses). It is strongly not recommended to convert the onboard version into a passenger transport, due to the low sides.

According to users, the machine is highly maintainable, easy to operate and maintain. In addition, the advantages include the unpretentiousness of the engine, starting in any weather, and versatility. Among the minuses are the weak resistance of the hull to corrosion, the unreliability of the chassis and the poor quality of the interior.

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