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DEK-251 crane: specifications, dimensions, weight, load capacity and operating features

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DEK-251 crane: specifications, dimensions, weight, load capacity and operating features
DEK-251 crane: specifications, dimensions, weight, load capacity and operating features

Domestic crawler crane DEK-251, the technical characteristics of which we will consider below, is a fairly popular construction equipment, widely used at various sites during the Soviet era. Despite its venerable age, the unit is actively used in modern times. This demand is due to the reliability, practicality and excellent parameters of the device, along with high maintainability, good performance and unpretentious maintenance.

Crane dimensions DEK-251
Crane dimensions DEK-251

Technical overview and application

The technical characteristics of the DEK-251 crane provide it with a huge potential. The powerful boom machine is easy to operate, designed to operate in any weather on soils of various viscosities. The model optimally combines good power, compactness and functionality with the possibility of using additional equipment.

The unit in question is designed for an extended range of work in many areas. However, the modificationrequires expensive spare parts and components, runs on economical fuel, and has a number of other advantages over competitors.

Industries of use:

  • household work;
  • construction direction (construction of buildings and structures);
  • loading and unloading operations;
  • elimination of the consequences of fires, debris and destruction.

As for construction, this equipment is capable of carrying out any operations from scratch to the final stage, including the construction and installation of structures of any level of complexity (including residential facilities), transportation of oversized heavy loads.

Crane cabin DEK-251
Crane cabin DEK-251

Crawler crane DEK-251: specifications

The specified unit operates from an autonomous power source, the parameters of which are 380 V / 50 Hz. The introduced power plant generates power of about 60 kW.

The following are the main parameters of the machine:

  • overall dimensions in length/width/height - 6, 96/4, 76/4, 3 m;
  • outreach/boom length to the maximum - 27/32 m;
  • coverage radius - 4.44 m;
  • total weight – 36.1 t;
  • working speed - 1 km/h;
  • capacity indicator - up to 25 tons;
  • maximum working height - 36 m;
  • diesel engine power - 108 hp
  • Operation of the DEK-251 crane
    Operation of the DEK-251 crane


The technical characteristics of the DEK-251 crane are so unique that they allow the unit to rotate 360 degrees. Beforemost analogues this is an objective advantage in terms of maneuverability and comfort in limited conditions. The machine is able to function from the main or additional power unit. The second motor acts as a generator and a source of spare power.

The operator's cabin is multifunctional, equipped with thermal and noise insulating layers that reduce vibration impact. The interior of the truck crane has a heater and a ventilation system. This solution makes it possible to set the required temperature range, regardless of the external climate. The cab contains control levers and switches, information monitors focused on the control of mobile devices.

Design features

According to the characteristics of the DEK-251 crawler crane, it is equipped with an arrow up to 32.5 meters long. In addition to this design, lattice inserts of 5.0 and 8.6 m are connected. These elements are fixed on the main boom using finger fasteners, which is most convenient when assembling by a complex method. The boom has a static jib to increase the effective length of the boom.

The considered technique does not require the arrangement of a special solid platform. It is equipped with a well-thought-out chassis that can overcome almost any obstacle. The caterpillar base is stable on various terrain and complete off-road. The machine is able to navigate difficult terrain with heavy loads.

Crane lifting mechanism DEK-251
Crane lifting mechanism DEK-251

Attachments and other attachments

In accordance with the technical characteristics of the DEK-251 crane, the following equipment can be connected to it:

  • additional hook;
  • double-jaw grapple;
  • electromagnet for handling specific metal loads.

The unit is equipped with a special security system that is responsible for monitoring important and related systems. This takes into account the possibility of overloading vehicles, reducing oil pressure, a critical increase in temperature. In addition, various signaling devices and mechanisms notify of approaching power lines, contribute to the coordination of movement in cramped conditions. Self-propelled crane DEK-251 moves confidently, but slowly, but not more than 1 km/h. For long distances, it is transported on special trailers or cargo railway platforms.

Attached equipment for the DEK-251 crane
Attached equipment for the DEK-251 crane

Rules and methods of transportation

The equipment in question can be transported on public roads. For short distances it is transported with the boom equipment removed. If transfer over considerable distances is required, the operator's cab, undercarriages, and gearboxes are dismantled. At the same time, the portal and part of the counter-cargo are also removed.

Crawler crane DEK-251 is transported on a pair of overall units of vehicles and one non-standard trawl. Also, the transfer of the specified machine is carried out by rail and along hard-surfaced areas on rolling-type carts. For this purpose trailers with a tractor are used. It is allowed to transport the modification tocar trailer or self-propelled within the processed object.

A couple of specialized platforms are used as railway carriers. In this case, the crane is partially disassembled. The following elements are dismantled from it and fixed accordingly:

  • tracked carts with gearboxes;
  • cable drum;
  • mobile frame;
  • trap;
  • driver's cab.

With this method, the arrow is not removed if it is shorter than 14 meters. This element is lowered to the maximum reach in such a way that the head is placed above the second platform without disconnecting from the main mechanism. The drum, bogies and cabin are tied with guy wires of suitable wire on one car.

On the second platform, a jib with a stand, inserts, braces, a box with fasteners, a cabin and a gangway are placed. The carrying capacity of each railway platform must be at least 60 tons, the loading scheme is 251.4-N SB. To prevent deformation of the body part during loading and unloading operations, special traverse elements or spacer pipes are used.

Photo crane DEK-251
Photo crane DEK-251

In closing

The DEK-251 crane, the technical characteristics, weight and other parameters of which are discussed above, has no alternative in many areas. It has a large carrying capacity and can work on any soil without special training. The machine is most often used in loading and unloading operations of any complexity, as well as in the construction industry.

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