"Fiat-Ducato": carrying capacity, specifications, reviews. Fiat Ducato

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"Fiat-Ducato": carrying capacity, specifications, reviews. Fiat Ducato
"Fiat-Ducato": carrying capacity, specifications, reviews. Fiat Ducato

The modern Fiat-Ducato van, whose load capacity depends on the type of body and purpose, has been produced since 1981. The car during mass production has gained great popularity among premium minibuses. A multifunctional vehicle is used in various areas, ranging from passenger transportation to the transportation of special cargo. Consider its features, technical and additional characteristics, as well as the model range offered by manufacturers in the domestic market.aa

Fiat Ducato car
Fiat Ducato car


The Fiat Ducato's heavy payload isn't the only advantage of the car. The car has a colorful modern appearance. In the front part there is a large radiator grille and slanted light elements. The color of the bumper is different from the color of the body, which gives originality to commercial vehicles. The side of the case is equipped with a wide plastic molding. Rectangular large mirrors guarantee excellent visibility. An additional plus is high-quality anti-corrosion treatment of the body.

The Fiat-Ducato van for the domestic market is assembled in Yelabuga. Some trims include fog lights. The manufacturer produces several versions of the car, differing in overall dimensions. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

Short base models

The vans of this series have a wheelbase of three meters, a body length of 4.96 m. There are two versions of the roof. The cargo-passenger Fiat-Ducato with a low roof has a height of 2.25 meters, in the second case - 2.53 m. All models are identical in width - 2.05 m. The useful capacity of the van is 8-95 cubic meters, depending on the height of the cab.

The machine is designed for urban use, convenient design for loading and unloading. There is a sliding door (1075/1485 mm), rear gate (1560/1520 or 1560, 1790 mm). Loading height - 540 mm. The load capacity of the Fiat Ducato in this version is 995 kg.

Van "Fiat Ducato"
Van "Fiat Ducato"

Standard (medium) base

In the specified modification, the passenger and cargo versions of the car in question are produced. Key Features:

  • wheelbase - 3450 mm;
  • body length total - 5410 mm;
  • width - 2005 mm;
  • height - 2250/2530 mm;
  • Useable volume of the cargo compartment - 10/11, 5 cu. m;
  • cargo capacity "Fiat-Ducato" in the passenger / cargo version - 1000/1575 kg;
  • rear/side door width - 1560/540 mm;
  • maximum length of the cargo part - 3112 mm.

Long base vans

This series is produced under the name "Maxi Van". The car has a wheelbase of 4004 mm, and a total body length of 6000 mm. The rear overhang of the model is increased to 1380 mm, with a low roof the height is 2520 mm, the maximum option is 2760 mm. The width of the car remained unchanged, 13-17 cubic meters of cargo is placed in the cargo compartment. Booth length - 3700/4007 mm. The maximum load capacity of the Fiat Ducato Maxi Van is 1870 kg.


On the chassis of the car in question can be mounted:

  1. Body with sides.
  2. Tilted variant.
  3. Isothermal van.
  4. Refrigerator.
  5. Tanks for transporting food or chemical liquids.
  6. Passenger compartment.
  7. Special purpose vehicles (police, medical, armored versions).

Also, the Fiat Ducato is allowed to install additional equipment in the form of a crane or a double cab. The size of the rear overhang and the height of the frame is the same for all modifications (650 and 2400 mm). Sometimes the chassis is used to install an onboard platform, which is made of aluminum alloy and is not subject to corrosion. Its width is 2000 mm, the height of the sides is 400 mm, the usable volume is 6-8.5 cubic meters.

Special van "Fiat Ducato"
Special van "Fiat Ducato"

Fiat Ducato van specifications

The following are the main parameters of the car in question:

  • engine size - 2.28 l;
  • rated power -130 l. p.;
  • torque power unit - 320 Nm;
  • transmission type - six-speed manual transmission with hydraulic actuation and single disc clutch;
  • top speed - 150 km/h;
  • fuel tank capacity - 90 l;
  • fuel consumption per 100 km - 8.4 l;
  • carrying capacity of "Fiat-Ducato" according to the passport - 995-1870 kg.

Features of the power unit

The specified vehicle is equipped with a turbine diesel engine of the MultiJet type. It is a transversely placed engine with four cylinders. The advantages of this power unit include a high level of plasticity, power and throttle response. The empty car moves off without problems from the second speed.

Diesel has a direct fuel injection system with an air-to-air intercooler. The injection is controlled by a Bosch controller. "MultiJet" differs from the popular "Common Rail" in a unique, more aggressive injection algorithm. This feature makes it possible to increase the maximum power level while reducing noise during operation. In addition, the indicated motor is not so picky about the quality of fuel, which burns completely in the cylinders. This allows you to significantly increase the efficiency and performance of the power unit.

Vans "Fiat Ducato"
Vans "Fiat Ducato"


The Fiat Ducato has a modern and comfortable interior. Multifunction steering wheel with four spokesmultiple positions. An informative dashboard aggregates with an on-board computer, the display of which displays important information about the parameters of the car. The center console features a media monitor, while the bottom has a climate controller and a pair of cup holders.

The cabin has many niches for small things (shelves, glove compartments, compartments). The gear shift knob is located on the panel, which is quite convenient. The driver does not need to stretch to change gears, and additionally useful space in the cabin is freed up. The driver's seat is adjustable, including backrest, headrest and lumbar support. Depending on the configuration, the Fiat Ducato goes on sale with a single or double passenger seat. In the second option, the transformation of the chair into a compact table is provided. The doors close quietly, as in "passenger cars", when driving, no extraneous noise and squeaks are heard. The ceiling height is 1900 mm, which makes tall passengers feel comfortable.

The updated modifications of the van in question are quite similar to the earlier versions. The overall style of the body is distinguished by a large number of curves, a number of high-quality plastic parts, and powerful lighting elements. Headlights allow you to transport goods and carry passengers in the darkest time of the day.

The color design of the vehicle is limited to strict colors. Black and gray hues predominate. The chassis of the cargo model differs from the passenger counterpart in the absence of a fully closed steel box. By and large, heis a transformer, with an ergonomic and comfortable interior. A significant amount of electronics is provided in the middle of the car, which makes it possible to control the behavior and main components of the car without leaving the cab. If you wish, it will not be difficult to modify the exterior by carrying out the appropriate tuning.

Salon "Fiat Ducato"
Salon "Fiat Ducato"


In the car in question, the role of the supporting structure is played directly by the body. The welded type element is made of high strength steel. The chassis is equipped with a full-fledged frame, the suspension scheme is identical in all modifications (passenger and cargo). The front is MacPherson struts, the rear is a beam that is suspended with semi-elliptical springs. In addition, the unit includes an anti-roll bar and hydraulic shock absorbers-telescopes.

On the move, both the Fiat-Ducato cargo and passenger bus behave confidently, it is driven no harder than a passenger car. The steering unit is a rail with a hydraulic booster. The vehicle feels equally good on the road at low and high speeds, as well as when entering a turn. The van showed itself well when driving long distances. It perfectly smooths out all the pits and uneven surfaces, especially with a loaded rear end, while the control does not suffer at all.

The interior of the Fiat Ducato
The interior of the Fiat Ducato

Car reliability

The suspension assembly proved to be excellent on domestic roads, regardless of whether the Fiat-Ducato was assembled in Yelabuga or in Italianfactories. Due to the specifics of our tracks, it is not surprising that the chassis wears out faster than when operating in Western Europe. As practice shows, often after 90-100 thousand kilometers, steering tips fail. The average working life of bearings is about 120 thousand kilometers.

After 60 thousand km of run, problems are outlined with the stabilizing rack. Spare parts for the machine in question can be found without any problems. Despite the fact that their price is higher than for domestic counterparts, the costs are beaten off due to the better reliability of the car. With certain skills, most current repairs can be done on your own, without going to expensive specialized workshops.

Owner Reviews

As evidenced by the responses of users, the Fiat-Ducato van showed itself in work mainly from the positive side. And this applies to new models and variations that were in use. Owners among the pluses note:

  • beautiful car exterior;
  • reliable and traction power unit;
  • thoughtful and practical interior equipment;
  • Machine maintainability and reliability;
  • good dynamics and noise isolation;
  • excellent steering and road holding;
  • high load capacity.

Among the shortcomings, drivers point to the rather high cost of spare parts, rather high fuel consumption, the impossibility of selecting some domestic analogues instead of failed original parts.

Characteristics of "Fiat Ducato"
Characteristics of "Fiat Ducato"


Italian car "Fiat-Ducato" rightfully became popular in different countries of Europe. This is largely due to excellent technical characteristics, interior comfort, ease of maintenance and the most equipped driver's seat. From the presented model range, it is not difficult to choose the required option (for freight, passenger or combined transport). Above are the main parameters, dimensions and features of the car, allowing you to make a choice. In fact, the Ducato is a good commercial vehicle, suitable for use both in urban areas and for transporting goods or passengers over long distances.