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"Infiniti QX70" diesel: owner reviews, specifications, pros and cons
"Infiniti QX70" diesel: owner reviews, specifications, pros and cons

One of the most stylish and fashionable crossovers, which has become a symbol to follow, has acquired a new motor index. Diesel machine with an incredibly futuristic appearance fell in love with motorists. And as with the former "relative" with a gasoline unit, the Infiniti QX70 diesel engine has more positive reviews from the owners. Is it as good as that sweet sense of anticipation it gives you?

Classics and innovations

The main secrets of the "Infiniti QX70"
The main secrets of the "Infiniti QX70"

Traditionally, the manufacturer chose to leave the car's airy forms. It feels like the Infiniti QX70 diesel engine, the owner reviews of which are extremely positive, is simply luxurious. Sportiness, aerodynamic features of the original "dandy" fit into its increased technical performance. Ideal forms, comfort, excellent dynamics - this is how this crossover can be briefly described.

Overall impression

"Incredible feelscomfort "- such reviews of the" Infiniti QX70 "3, 0 d are found on forums on the Internet. The main complaint is about the volume of the luggage compartment: an indicator of less than 400 liters is not suitable for long-term travel, but it has a removable shelf. The sloping rear end did not allow the designers to create a full-fledged large trunk.

Opening the door on the passenger side, you can immediately see that there is enough space for passengers. In a car brand, it is convenient for the driver, even in a situation where a person of impressive size is driving. The spaciousness of the space is also felt in height. The door is somewhat heavier than the Mazda and Lexus, but lighter than the German car.

Technical plan secrets

Diesel engine V-shaped "six"
Diesel engine V-shaped "six"

The device is available with a range of 3 motors. The weakest is the V-shaped “six” from Renault. The most popular V-shaped petrol aspirator using multipoint injection. The top V-8 is for those who like to drive. The units produce power from 238 to 400 hp. With. and have a torque of 363 to 550 Nm at 4000 rpm. Coupled with a 7-speed transmission, the engines perform well on the roads, causing exceptionally positive emotions.

With the help of chip tuning, engines can be accelerated even more. But not everyone needs it. The main customers of this tuning are racing fans.

Some drivers have the feeling that there are already too many revolutions, and the box does not always cope with a heavy load. It can be felt in 1st or 2nd gear, but it doesn't affect driving comfort.affects. You can feel it after passing 25,000 km.

Special claims cause front and rear parking sensors. The manufacturer could make them luckier, especially since the price of a complete set is over 2 million rubles.

Interior decoration

Interior design "Infiniti QX70"
Interior design "Infiniti QX70"

The car is designed more as a sports car, so it is not always suitable for traveling with family and children. Compared to the Lexus, it has a lot more options. The dashboard is arranged traditionally, the automaker did not deviate from the "classics of the genre." A convenient multimedia system, a control unit on the steering wheel are similar to the entire Nisanov collection. For the driver, there is a pull-out shelf as a footrest, as in BMW models. There are no touch switches for seat heating, they are made in a classic style. Slightly reduced the size of the steering wheel. There were opponents of the location of the mirrors: they are too close to see the situation on the route, you have to turn your head.

Steering features

Three-spoke multifunction steering wheel "Infiniti QX70"
Three-spoke multifunction steering wheel "Infiniti QX70"

The seats are massive, as evidenced by the reviews of the owners of the Infiniti QX70 diesel 2014 and other years of production, they have good lateral support. The multifunction steering wheel is equipped with three spokes. The engine is started with a button. In this version, the steering wheel is endowed with a hydraulic booster. The developer chose to use quality leather for the rim lining. There is a rain sensor, it is easy to control the fog lights.

Additional interior options

The engineers brought the expected resultreviews of the "Infiniti QX70" 2018. I was pleased with the full power package: on the mirrors, steering column. Two memory positions are installed on the seats, the activation of the central lock and the rear window lock are located on the door. They lower automatically with one touch. Mirrors are electrically adjustable, mounted with heating and electric quick folding.

Exterior Charm

Wheels with a size of 20 inches
Wheels with a size of 20 inches

The lever for opening the hood is located on the left side under the steering wheel. From above, the car is equipped with an electric sunroof and roof rails. The door frames have a chrome trim. Reviews of the diesel Infiniti QX70 attract attention: the owners of vehicles like the rear lights with LED inserts that create a fashionable, stylish look. The exhaust system has dual tailpipes. The license plate is illuminated, a rear-view camera is built in. Wheels with a size of 20 inches are made of light alloys, which facilitates the weight of the car and control. The model comes to showrooms with Bridgestone tires.

What optics are used?

Installed linzovannaya headlights with bi-xenon
Installed linzovannaya headlights with bi-xenon

The developer preferred to put bi-xenon linzovannaya headlights. The optics are equipped with washers. Halogen fog lights are placed in front, which, according to reviews of the Infiniti QX70 diesel, did not look very modern. The optics fit perfectly - harmonious design, chrome-plated radiator grilles with a large emblem.

2014 trim

Regarding the model "Infiniti QX70" 2014 diesel - reviewsowners concern playfulness, precise control. The product saw the light in the international arena, presented with a power unit of 408 liters. With. with the option of V-8 or "six" in 222 "horses". I was pleased with the engine size - from 2.5 to 5.6 liters. The device works on rear-wheel drive RWD or full AWD, in alliance with automatic transmission.

The most important advantage, according to the owners of the "Infiniti QX70" 2014, is resistant gearboxes. The opinion about this car is as follows: a strong chassis, thrust bearings suffer, get stuck in snowfalls due to rear-wheel drive. What are they saying about other mods?

Class 2017

About the format "Infiniti QX70" 2017 reviews are not bad. Premium class, automatic, all-wheel drive - what more could you want in an urban infrastructure! People appreciated the efforts of car designers, taking advantage of the excellent dynamics, chic exterior, and high-quality sound insulation with pleasure. Appreciate the "swallow" for a well-thought-out clearance that does not allow you to get stuck in the snow. There were few complaints about the small trunk.

It is interesting to read on the forums the reviews of the owners of the "Infiniti QX70" 3.0 d performed by "Limited". There are some differences from conventional crossovers. This is a completely different front bumper with a modified grille, behind tinted rear lights. The Japanese decided to change the standard wheel rims to special-level R21 castings. The salon is fitted with a combination of genuine leather from a beige and black palette, which looks presentable, bright. The central tunnel has been slightly redesigned, metal pedals have been installed. By default, seat ventilation is provided. Good functionality is possible thanks to the former 325-horsepower engine with 3.7 liters of gasoline. The start of sales began in 2016 and in the US market the "steel horse" is sold for $60,000.

Advantages "Infiniti Q 70" 2018

"Infiniti QX70" 2018
"Infiniti QX70" 2018

Only the BMW X6 can compete with him.

  1. "Indestructible" - this is how the owners describe the suspension. The "fabulous" car is distinguished by its quality factor.
  2. Sporty notes are felt in everything - from design to driving.
  3. Navigation map does not need to be paid monthly, once installed. Traffic jams are shown by radio signal, although the navigation technique is somewhat "tricky".

If you look at the feedback from the owners of the 2018 Infiniti QX70, we can conclude that it is a powerful car with 315–320 “horses”, a turbocharged “heart”. The trunk lid is electrically operated. The volume of the cargo compartment is 555 liters with the possibility of increasing it. Clearance - 217 mm. Unfortunately, there are no "assistants" of SUVs. The CVT, which changes gears steplessly, adds convenience to performance. The variator is lightweight and gives a smooth ride. When switching, there is no jerking, which increases the life of the transmission unit. The simple design is quite reliable, immersing the driver in a smooth and calm element of movement.

Despite the absence of offroad locks, additional devices that exist in SUVs, the car overcomes hills well, which cannot be said about CVT types on competitiveforeign cars, for example, robotic Hyundai Tucson.

Alcantara interior inserts are pleasant to the touch

The presence of two displays is impressive. High-quality specialized material is used in top trim levels, respectively, and the cost increases significantly. Sometimes I'm not satisfied with the graphics, pixel density, image clarity of the upper monitor. The seats have memory. What do you have to fight?

About shortcomings

It is worth mentioning that with careful operation, moderate manners and timely maintenance, there are no special problems with the vehicle. In other cases, there is no escape from problems. The 3.7 engine is generally reliable, even when the limiters are removed, it can spin at 9,000 rpm, the camshafts allow it. Frequent use of high speeds leads to "eating" of oil. This translates into a maximum figure of 1.5 liters from replacement to replacement. It is better to change the oil fluid after 7-8 thousand km.

Throttle valves are capricious. After a run of 120,000 km, it is recommended to change the chain together with the tensioners. The procedure will help protect the motor from premature wear and damage, without leading to an expensive replacement. Basically, errors are issued because the car owner is careless about the vehicle. These are dirty filters, especially for the 333 hp engine. With. The Americans and the Japanese additionally mounted radiators for their market, contributing to a long service life.


Former owners recommend buying the most common VAZ radiators. In thisI want to drive the car according to the principle of “sneakers on the floor”, and this greatly overheats the lubricant of the motor and gearbox. Installing coolers in front of the radiator will make driving much easier and increase the resource of mechanisms. Without this device, the temperature rises to 145 degrees, which adversely affects the duration of use.

Oil fluid changes every 50 thousand km. It is highly likely that a replacement for 150 thousand km will no longer help and you will have to change the entire transmission. A similar situation is with the replacement in the transfer case, gearboxes.

The car, looking back at the reviews of the owners of the Infiniti QX70 diesel engine, is more suitable for urban conditions or only for light off-road, it is better not to experiment on heavy paths. On all-wheel drive models, rear-wheel drive is more involved, front-wheel drive is activated during slippage. It would be nice to change the exhaust system due to too thin exhaust pipes, manifolds, since the G35 aspirated likes to “breathe”, good exhaust is important for it. It is justified to perform high-quality firmware, direct intake. Despite the figures of 316 “horses” indicated in the documentation, in fact it produces 300. After tuning, a parameter of 380 can be achieved. In practice, acceleration without radiators and refinement of the aspirator was 6 seconds, after tuning procedures this figure turns into 3 seconds.

The weight of the car is more than two tons, fuel consumption will show 18 liters per "weave". Behind the wheel there is a complete feeling of drive, the car showed itself worthy in different weather conditions. To the "date", this is how motorists affectionately call this brand in reviews of"Infiniti QX70", the owners of a diesel engine have a special love from the first minutes and do not want to change it to another vehicle. This imported "brainchild" of the Japanese auto industry instantly lined up a number of fans, resigned to the hum of a diesel engine during trips. Excellent ergonomics are felt even in small things, breakdowns are forgiven for this car due to the increased comfortable performance.

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