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Diesel ATV: description, specifications, photos and reviews

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Diesel ATV: description, specifications, photos and reviews
Diesel ATV: description, specifications, photos and reviews

Relatively recently, fans of extreme driving and tourist trips have massively begun to show interest in diesel-powered ATVs. Most motorists are not embarrassed by the fact that there are very few such models on the market, and until recently almost no one knew about their existence.

rbc 840d diesel quad bike

Advantages of diesel ATVs

Compared to gasoline counterparts, diesel engines consume less fuel, which is their incomparable advantage. There is no need for an ignition system, which eliminates various components - sensors, spark plugs, wires and connectors.

A weak system is enough to cool a diesel engine. Fuel injection is carried out by a system of the simplest design in comparison with injectors installed on gasoline engines.

Additional benefits include a boosted engine, a simple transmission design and the ability to install on all four wheelsdifferentials.

Despite the fact that gasoline engines have a higher rate of speed, diesel engines have more torque. This parameter is most important for equipment most often used in off-road conditions.

Arctic Cat Diesel ATV

Utility ATV model, which, at first glance, does not show anything original and outstanding: classic suspension and winch, four wheels, dull body color. However, this impression is quickly dispelled after starting the engine.

arctic cat diesel quad bike


Despite the fact that Russian dealers prefer to import models equipped with gasoline power units, explaining this with their better dynamics, diesel ATVs are still better for a number of reasons, leaving their gasoline competitors far behind.

As one of America's ATVs, the Arctic Cat is powered by a 686cc Lamborghini diesel engine3. Unlike gasoline counterparts, the diesel engine is able to run on six types of diesel fuel and biofuel, which greatly simplifies refueling.

For vehicles equipped with diesel engines, slight vibration during operation is typical. The Arctic Cat 700 Super Duty Diesel ATV could not avoid this either: vibration is present, but easily eliminated by adding speed. The acceleration dynamics of the 400-kilogram Arctic Cat is not the best: for a quick start from a standstill, you have to twist the gas almostall the way. The maximum that the model is capable of is 60 km / h, which is quite a good indicator for an 18 hp engine. With. However, fans of high speed will not be satisfied, and therefore it is better for them to opt for sports models - for example, the RBC 840D diesel ATV.

diesel ATV arctic cat 700 super duty diesel


Already not the most aggressive nature of the ATV is noticeably slowed down by the CVT CVT transmission. The joint operation of the engine and the variator was not the best decision of the designers: part of the thrust goes to V-belt drives when driving at low speeds and low revs. This behavior is eliminated by switching to a special Low mode, which allows you to overcome almost sheer cliffs, pull out cars weighing up to 1500 kg and take out large logs.


Diesel ATVs have similar abilities not only thanks to the diesel engine and transmission, but also to the special Duro 3 Star Kaden rubber. Some models are equipped with a compressor that allows you to adjust tire pressure, which creates an optimal contact patch between the wheel and the road surface.

diesel quad bike


The Arctic Cat 700 Diesel ATV excels in harsh operating conditions. Vehicle owners note the following benefits:

  • excellent diesel engine traction even at low rpm;
  • excellent indicatorcapacity;
  • reliable and "indestructible" suspension system.

Arctic Cat ATV with a diesel engine is offered by official dealers for 580 thousand rubles.

Despite the affordable, unlike gasoline counterparts, cost and other advantages, the 700th ATV model is not very popular among Russian motorists. The main reason for this is vibration and too noisy operation associated with the lack of a balance shaft, which is typical for agricultural equipment that does not need special comfort. The most important thing for owners is fuel consumption: 10 liters in rough terrain.

diesel quad bike

Arctic Cat 700 Features

  • Diesel engine of 686cc3 and 18 hp With. The maximum torque is 40 Nm. It can run on six types of diesel fuel, including biodiesel. Reliable and durable.
  • Independent suspension. Designed specifically for race cars, it features a low profile design that lowers the center of gravity. The diesel ATV's cornering deflections are eliminated by two A-arms, which also provide excellent steering control. The suspension guarantees a good ground clearance of 28 cm.
  • Powder-coated steel wheels and Duro 3 Star Kadenn tyres. The rubber is equipped with a three-layer tread that allows you to overcome any tracks and provides a smooth ride.
  • Digital instruments. basic informationdisplayed digitally: tachometer, speedometer, fuel level and consumption, time, active gear, 2WD / 4WD switch, battery charge, engine oil pressure, ambient temperature and front differential lock.
  • SpeedRackk racks. The SpeedRackk system is highly durable and reliable, which allows you to transport various loads and tools.
  • Rear hitch. The diesel ATV can transport trailers and car-type trailers with ease thanks to the strong hitch. The use of special adapters is not required, as the device fits a standard car towbar.
  • Winch. The Arctic Cat-mounted winch has a 1360 kg pulling force, high strength and strength. With a maximum tether weight of 22kg, you can tow any vehicle and pull the ATV out of any mud.
  • Electronic switch 2WD/4WD. Switching between modes is carried out with a single keystroke. The switch itself is located under the driver's right finger, which is very convenient.

The diesel quad comes standard with rear and front racks with SpeedRack, powder-coated steel rims, winch, Duro 3 Star Kaden tires and a rear hitch. You can only drive an ATV from the age of 16, not earlier. The Arctic Cat diesel ATV is a great choice for off-road, hunting and touring.

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