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Honda Crosstourer VFR1200X: specifications, power, description with photos and reviews

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Honda Crosstourer VFR1200X: specifications, power, description with photos and reviews
Honda Crosstourer VFR1200X: specifications, power, description with photos and reviews

The VFR1200X, also known as the CrossTourer, has returned to the Honda Adventure Sport Touring lineup. The series received a number of improvements compared to the previous generation. In the updated series, the company's specialists focused on long trips and improved comfort. The Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer review will provide information on technical specifications and innovations in the latest versions of the lineup.

Features of the model

Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer DCT is equipped with a 1237cc V4 engine3, improved chassis and electronic main panel. Combined ABS, traction control system (TCS) and dual clutch transmission option was also installed.

motorcycle design
motorcycle design

With this level of upgrade, the Honda VFR Crosstourer1200X has firmly established itself as the world's leading long-distance motorcycle. The technologies used in the finalization of the model make it possible to carry out modernization at the discretion of the owner, for city trips, long journeys along highways or traveling alongoff-road.

Motorcycle review

In 2014, the Honda Crosstourer VFR 1200x received a reinforced engine and a modified suspension. With the Choice Control option, the system allows the rider to select three different levels for engine torque control. The system can also be disabled if necessary. Honda's six-speed DCT has received a software overhaul to deliver even more intuitive and natural performance, whether on-road or off-road.

Refinement of the luggage compartment
Refinement of the luggage compartment

The Honda Crosstourer VFR1200X is EURO4 compliant and has been given increased practicality with an easy-to-adjust windshield, 12-volt outlet and three levels of S-mode (gear shifting) in the DCT version. Two new colors will be available in 2017 - white and red.


Specifications Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer also has a number of innovations. The Crosstourer engine continues Honda's proud legacy of V4 technology with its uniquely smooth transmission, impressive power and torque. In addition, the motor provides immediate response.

Engine type
Engine type

Based on the VFR1200F version, the VFR1200X engine has been modified to better suit the intended use of the road bike. The shape of the camshafts and their speed have been revised to further increase traction at low and medium speeds.

Wheel speed control

Motor alsohas a very closely spaced pair of rear cylinders, which allows to reduce the size of the entire block. In addition to the compact size of the 1237 cc 12-valve engine3. Unicam technology from Honda, also used on CRF motorcycles. This configuration helps to reduce the size and weight of the cylinder heads and optimize the shape of the combustion chamber.

Honda Selectable Torque Control continuously controls front and rear wheel speed. When the control unit senses a difference in speed between the front and rear wheels, engine torque is instantly reduced by a combination of ignition off and throttle modulation. The system has 3 operating modes depending on road conditions. It can also be disabled. The Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer is easy to set up while driving. To do this, the toggle switches and triggers are located under the left hand.

Manual or Dual Clutch transmission

Honda Crosstourer VFR1200X comes in two versions:

  1. Conventional 6-speed manual transmission.
  2. DCT / Dual-Clutch transmission (automatic) with six speeds and push-button shift.

Available as an option on the Crosstourer, Honda's DCT transmission offers more comfortable handling for road riding.

Three operating modes are available with VFR1200X DCT:

  1. MT (manual) mode gives full manual control, allowing the driver to shift using the button on the steering wheel.
  2. Auto mode D is economy mode (moderate consumptionfuel) for city and highway driving as it provides optimum fuel consumption.
  3. Auto S mode is sportier and the ECU allows the engine to accelerate a bit before shifting, giving more performance.

In D or S mode, the DCT option offers immediate manual intervention. If necessary - the rider simply selects the required gear using triggers. After stabilization, the DCT smoothly returns to automatic mode, depending on the throttle angle, motorcycle speed and gear position. The system is also able to detect uphill and downhill slopes and adapt the acceleration curve accordingly. Starting in 2016, S Mode now has three different engine options to cover a wider range of sporting scenarios and riding preferences.


VFR1200X CrossTourer has good ergonomics. The seat height is 850 mm, but thanks to the narrow profile it provides good maneuverability. The aluminum double-hinge frame is a hollow protection block, which ensures good rigidity of all elements.

Designed for use on extremely varied road surfaces, the front and rear suspension provide stable and smooth handling. The 43mm upside-down fork softens road bumps even when cornering hard and under heavy braking.

The adjustable windshield on the VFR1200X enhances practicality. The mechanism is simple and user-friendly, allowing the driver to adjust the screen height to anydesired level with one gloved hand.

Spoke wheels are designed to absorb the shocks generated by rough road surfaces and work with the suspension to provide a comfortable ride quality. Tubeless tires - 110/80-R19 front and 150/70-R17 rear - balanced and good grip.

Engine protection
Engine protection

The VFR1200X's combined ABS system includes both easy brake control and the added warranty of an anti-lock braking system. ABS works between two front 310mm discs/three-piston calipers and a rear 276mm disc/two-piston caliper.


The VFR1200X is sporty in design. The lack of volume in the front of the bike gives a feeling of lightness.

The headlamp configuration consists of high beam lamps. The backlight and efficient windshield are positioned in the middle to help centralize mass while also providing excellent wind protection. Channels in the fairing on the front of the motorcycle reduce the frontal area, while the air duct cools the radiators.

Back view
Back view

The rear is highly functional with an integrated luggage compartment and a grab rail to which additional saddlebags can be attached. For the first time on this model, LED indicators provide optimal visibility.

Main panel

The panel is located just below the driver's line of sight to see as much as possibleforward. The dashboard has a large digital speedometer. At the top of the screen is a tachometer in the form of an arrow moving from left to right as the engine speed increases. The panel also provides information about the remaining fuel, consumption (current and average). The brightness of the instrument panel is also adjustable.

LED technology for better visibility and durability. After the monitor is turned on, these indicators turn off intelligently when the engine starts. Owner reviews for the Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer are mostly positive. There is a fairly low fuel consumption and convenient location of all controls.

Dashboard view
Dashboard view

Honda has created a motorcycle that gives the rider a feeling of comfort, delights with premium design with cutting-edge technology. The model can be used both in everyday city trips and on long-distance road trips.

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