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Yamaha TRX 850 sports bike: review, specifications, reviews

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Yamaha TRX 850 sports bike: review, specifications, reviews
Yamaha TRX 850 sports bike: review, specifications, reviews

Among the entire model range of Yamaha motorcycles, the TRX 850, released in 1995 and presented a year later in European markets, stands out favorably. Externally, Yamaha resembles the Ducati 900 Super Sport, which makes it difficult to attribute it to a specific class: the presence of a parallel twin of not the most outstanding power and a modest hood give out the features of a naked bike, and a short wheelbase and a rigid chassis - belonging to sports bikes.

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Yamaha TRX 850 is equipped with a ten-valve two-cylinder dry sump engine, which is a modification of the TDM850 engine. The second generation TDM is similar to the TRX unit in alternating flashes through 270o, but differs in carburetor and camshaft settings. The character of sportbikes is fully manifested in the operation of the engine: the power delivery is smooth and smooth, traction is maintained throughout the entire rev range.The power units are characterized by minimal vibration loading, which is very unusual since the nature of the work is similar to engines with a 90-degree camber.

The frame of the Yamaha TRX 850 sports bike is made of steel tubing and is designed to resemble Ducati's signature birdcage. The original appearance of the frame is not its only plus: it has excellent rigidity. The sporty character of the running gear is emphasized by the brakes and suspension, borrowed from the Yamaha FZR motorcycle range. The rear shock absorber and front fork are equipped with a wide range of settings. The braking system is Brembo's front 320mm discs with two four-piston calipers and a rear two-piston caliper.

The motorcycle seat is flat, comfortable and spacious enough to allow you to change your position on long trips by shifting the rider back and forth. Stiff seat cushions can be a bit of a drag on long rides, but can be easily remedied by replacing the seat.

Yamaha TRX 850 was discontinued in 1999. For all the years of release, it has not undergone any changes.

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Why buy the TRX 850?

Despite the fact that the motorcycle is considered a universal model, most motorists buy it for trips in the city. Efficient motorcycle front brakes, perfect handling and excellent maneuverability make the TRX 850 the optimal bike for city trips.However, it can also be operated on country roads: the semi-fairing makes the trip comfortable, maintaining traction throughout the entire rev range allows you to quickly pick up speed without driving the engine. However, the TRX 850 is ideal for street racing: just a little more power is enough to turn the motorcycle into a full-fledged sportbike.

Where to buy?

Today it is impossible to find a brand new Yamaha TRX 850 - after all, a lot of time has passed since the end of mass production, so fans will have to choose a model in the secondary market. The best option is to bring TRX 850 from Japan on order. Most of the motorcycles on the market are owned by private owners.

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The direction of tuning and how much a sports bike costs after the changes made, depends entirely on the tasks and goals that the owner of the car sets for the studio. The basic set for models that will be used as urban vehicles for daily use is very banal and minimal: sliders and arcs, costing from 3 to 7 thousand rubles, increase safety and protect the motorcycle in the event of a collision or fall. The bars installed on the Yamaha TRX 850 are not only efficient, but also fit harmoniously into the overall design. Branded direct-flow silencers will cost 20-40 thousand rubles, third-party manufacturers - at least 12 thousand rubles.

In Europe, the Yamaha TRX 850 is mainly purchased to create streetfighters.Motorists operating in this direction replace the sprockets, which allows you to change the gear ratio, and install more suitable brake pads. The engine oil tank is positioned behind the cylinders, allowing rear wheel drive and keeping the fuel system intact.

Replacing the original motorcycle battery and CV carburetors allows the TRX 850 to be more powerful and more aggressive. Tuning will cost 15-20 thousand rubles. Low resistance filters are often changed along with carburetors.

Installation of new cartridges will help to achieve the necessary stiffness of the suspension fork. A budget option to fix the problem may be to use a harder oil. Some motorists install a third traverse on the Yamaha TRX 850, which combines the moving elements of the feathers. It is assumed that such tuning increases the rigidity of the structure.

The motorcycle seat is unfortunately not suitable for long trips. Corbin offers owners of the TRX 850 a more convenient and comfortable option, but you will have to pay 8-10 thousand rubles for the driver's seat, and 7 thousand rubles for the passenger seat. you can make the trip more comfortable with the help of a high windshield, the installation of which will cost 4-6 thousand rubles, and steering wheel handles with a heating function. A 40-52 liter top case costs 8-12 thousand liters and is very useful when traveling long distances.

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How much does a sports bike cost

Price of TRX 850 depending oncondition and year of issue varies from 100 to 180 thousand rubles. At the beginning of serial production, the motorcycle was considered one of the most expensive in its class, which, however, was fully justified by its quality and technical characteristics.

Most aftermarket models are sold by individuals and former owners, making it possible to bargain when buying. As a result, the cost of a particular device is strongly influenced by its condition, and not by the year of manufacture or mileage.

There are no problems with the consumables and spare parts of the Yamaha TRX 850: the model was produced not only for the domestic market of Japan, but also for the markets of European countries, moreover, most of the components are identical to the TDM 850. Expect special difficulties in the operation and maintenance of the TRX 850 not worth it, which is the undoubted advantage of the motorcycle.

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Reviews and nuances of choice

The engine used in the Yamaha TRX 850 is the reason why all motorcycles of the Japanese manufacturer have received the nickname "oil eater". The presence of five valves per cylinder does not have the best effect on oil consumption, which is most pronounced when driving at high speed or twisting the engine to maximum. You can reduce appetite by replacing oil scraper rings and caps: parts are sold only in sets, their purchase and replacement will cost the owner 10-12 thousand rubles.

Yamaha TRX 850 owners in their reviews note the need for diagnostics and valve clearance adjustment every 12-15 thousandkilometers of run. If not properly maintained, both seats and engine valves may need to be replaced, costing the owner a lot of money. A motorcycle battery also requires proper care and attention.

Before buying a motorcycle from hand, it is advisable to check the consumption of engine oil. This is easy to do - just bring a sheet of white paper to the muffler after the engine warms up. Black spots or drops that appear on paper indicate that it is better not to buy the TRX 850.

Replacing the lubricant on the Yamaha TRX 850 is carried out by unscrewing the plug bolt located at the bottom left of the power unit. Many owners are not aware of such a design feature of the motorcycle and change the oil by unscrewing the oil filter: this option is possible, but it allows you to drain only a liter of lubricant, no more. Models serviced in this manner should not be purchased to avoid future engine problems.

Mikuni BDST carburetors found on the TRX 850 and some other makes and models of motorcycles, after a few years of operation, begin to prepare too rich a fuel mixture and cannot be adjusted. The reason for this lies in the wear of the needle and the deformation of the well. You can fix the problem by installing a new carburetor or replacing the well and needles. Such repairs will cost the Yamaha owner 8-12 thousand rubles.

Motorcycle transmission can also cause some inconvenience. A faulty second gear signals a gearbox repair in the near future. Recoverytransmission performance in advanced cases can result in 30-40 thousand spent on the purchase of components and repair work.

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Brakes and suspension

Yamaha TRX 80 suspension is reliable, simple in design and virtually problem-free. A similar situation with the brake system, requiring only a check of the condition of the brake discs and calipers. In the absence of proper care, it may be necessary to replace the brakes and discs. Under hard braking, the brakes provide effective traction and a quick stop of the Yamaha TRX 850. The rear brake specifications are a little let down: it can easily lock up the rear wheel.

Body kit and frame

The motorcycle is equipped with a steel frame, which is distinguished by reliability and maintainability - even a non-professional welder can eliminate any defects associated with it. The design of the frame strongly resembles the "birdcage" Ducati. The installed semi-fairing protects against oncoming air flow.

Yamaha TRX 850 is equipped with rather modest wheels: 160/60-17 rubber is installed at the back. Tire replacement is very affordable and can save you a lot of money as new tires are affordable.

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Despite all the reliability of the gearbox, many motorists consider it the worst Yamaha has. It works indistinctly, the lever moves are too large, the second gear becomes unusable very quickly whenhard operation. In the absence of timely service, it may be necessary to repair and replace the gears, copy shaft and forks.

Comfort level

A light and rigid frame, coupled with equally stiff suspensions, provide the Yamaha TRX 850 with perfect handling and equate it to a full-fledged sportbike, allowing you to easily maneuver at high speed and enter tight turns.

Rigid suspension and frame, unfortunately, have a negative impact on the level of comfort: the driver and passenger seats are not very soft, the sports suspension makes the bike too aggressive, not designed for a quiet ride. Controversial transmission work also worsens the overall impression of the TRX 850.

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Despite such disadvantages and certain nuances of control and operation, the Yamaha TRX 850 continues to enjoy considerable popularity, confirming its title of one of the best motorcycles in the Yamaha model line.

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