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Suzuki RF 900: specifications, advantages and disadvantages

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Suzuki RF 900: specifications, advantages and disadvantages
Suzuki RF 900: specifications, advantages and disadvantages

The Suzuki RF 900 was launched in 1994 and was designed specifically for export to the markets of Europe, Australia and North America. Today, the model can only be found in conscientious owners and on rare test drives conducted by experts.

First impression

Suzuki RF 900 is a well-proportioned motorcycle with the classic forms of a sport bike, released in the nineties. Massive plastic parts of the body kit emphasize the graceful lines of the design, as does the steel diagonal frame. Aggressive features only decorate the motorcycle, but do not make it look like a racing model. The landing is very comfortable and typical for tourism, but the whole charm of the impression is spoiled by low wind protection: it is no longer possible to drive faster than 200 km / h - the oncoming traffic practically takes off the helmet and whistles in the ventilation holes.

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Specifications Suzuki RF 900

The calm and melancholy design of the motorcycle is at odds with its dynamism, and all thanks to the 135-horsepower engine with a displacement of 937 cubic centimeters, which was developed on the basis ofengine GSX-R750, famous for its excellent performance. The increased engine size was aimed at a smooth increase in speed: the smoothed characteristics of the sports power unit are designed for ideal driver control. Instantly disperse the motorcycle to the limiter will not work - the engine pulls gently and confidently over the entire rev range. However, it will not be possible to reproach him for being too soft: the sporting characteristics of the Suzuki RF 900 are fully manifested.

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The engine provides some serious acceleration, and when you hit the red zone in racing mode, you should be prepared for the bike to rear up in the first three gears. The transmission is matched to the Suzuki RF 900 engine: its gears are stretched and fully synchronized with the characteristics of the motor.


The chassis is as good as the engine: it lets you maneuver through city traffic, take tight turns and smooth out bumps in the road. The rear shock absorber hydraulics are adjustable, so you can tailor the Suzuki RF 900 to your specific driving style. The range of settings is not too wide, the resolution is high, but the fact that they are available is their advantage, especially in comparison with competitors.


Motorcycle seating is very comfortable, especially compared to sportbikes. The seat is wide and soft, which makes it easy to control. Ergonomic steering switches are equipped with a standard operating algorithm. The handles of the front brake and clutch drive are classic, it is easy to reach them.reach out with your fingers. The throttle travel is a little big, but this is fully justified by the touring nature of the motorcycle. The volume of the fuel tank and fuel consumption allow you to easily overcome about 300 kilometers. Suspensions are energy-intensive and allow you to save the driver's strength. On a straight line, the Suzuki RF 900 is stable.

The soft and low seat is ideal for maneuvering and driving at low speeds in the city. However, it is not worth comparing it with sportbikes - it lacks the nervousness and harshness inherent in racing competitors. All the while, the Suzuki RF 900 has the perfect handling and ease of piloting that most touring bikes don't have.

suzuki rf 900 specifications

However, it is worth noting the fact that the RF 900 is more suitable for trips on country roads, and not on city streets. Although it cannot compete with modern sports bikes, Suzuki fully reveals its potential on the ring track. Numerous test drives have shown that the basic modification of the motorcycle is thoughtful during roundabouts at low speed, but it performs well on smooth curves of the roads, allowing the model to be laid on its side, almost to the footboards.

The advantages of the motorcycle, however, did not provide him with long-term production: he lasted five years on the assembly line, from 1994 to 1999, and was focused on the markets of America and Japan. The Suzuki RF 900 never received a full-fledged receiver, but it had many worthy competitors from different countries.


Forlovers of cars that combine practicality and sporty character, the ideal motorcycle option is the universal Suzuki RF 900. Among its minuses, there is only a low level of wind protection when driving at high speeds. The motorcycle allows you to carry a passenger.

suzuki rf 900 engine

The undoubted advantage of the Suzuki RF 900 is a four-stroke engine with a liquid cooling system, based on the GSX1100R. The motorcycle ignition is electronic. In terms of dynamic characteristics, the motorcycle is in no way inferior to sports bikes, delivering power smoothly and confidently. The operation of the motor is stable throughout the entire rev range.

The undercarriage has a high level of reliability and allows you to enter sharp turns at high speed, while compensating for all the bumps in the road. The rear shock absorber is adjustable in a wide range of settings, so that the motorcycle can be adapted to a specific riding style. The brake system is represented by disc mechanisms with four pistons in front and two pistons in the rear.


Owners and experts in the reviews of the Suzuki RF 900 note both the strengths and weaknesses of the motorcycle:

  • Comfortable and comfortable fit allows you to overcome more than one hundred kilometers.
  • The engine has excellent acceleration dynamics.
  • The undercarriage is reliable and has a wide range of adjustments.
  • The design of the motorcycle successfully combines practicality and sporty style.
  • Throughout the entire rev range, the engine maintainspower.
  • Allows the carriage of a passenger.
specifications suzuki rf 900


  • Poor wind protection when driving over 200 km/h.
  • Hard to get parts and accessories.
  • Model not intended for sport riding and beginner training.

The Suzuki RF 900 is ideal for those who prefer to make long tourist trips, and is characterized by excellent acceleration dynamics, low fuel consumption, a comfortable and convenient fit and perfect handling. The bike is more suitable for city streets and highways, which involve smooth turns, but can also be used in heavy traffic.

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