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Left hand drive: advantages and disadvantages. Right-hand and left-hand traffic

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Left hand drive: advantages and disadvantages. Right-hand and left-hand traffic
Left hand drive: advantages and disadvantages. Right-hand and left-hand traffic

Disputes about the advantages and disadvantages of the right or left hand drive in a car have been going on for decades, not even years. Let's see how they really differ from each other, and what are their features.


There are many theories as to why a certain movement option is chosen in a particular country. The most plausible of them seems to be the assumption that where there were many horses, the movement was originally right-hand drive (that is, suitable for modern cars with left-hand drive).

In Japan, England and Australia it is the opposite. And in other countries of the world they have long been driving differently. Even if you once drove in the left lane, almost everyone has already changed the rules. The rest of the countries belong to the island, that is, there is no need to make special road junctions, because any transport here is still delivered only by sea (or assembled on the spot).

Right-hand traffic in Russia, according to some sources, originated in very ancient times. Since it is more convenient to lead a horse in a rein with the right hand, and the roads did not strike the imagination with their width, people subconsciously tried to move in such a way as to meet the rider in the other direction.independently, and not through a horse. Officially, all this was approved only in the USSR. Since then, nothing has changed radically in this direction.

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Overtaking problem

If we consider the situation of overtaking using a right-hand drive car in our country, then the first thing to consider is this particular feature.

In the classic configuration of a car, the driver sits in such a way that, when overtaking, he can literally look out for the car in front and see if he will crash into someone further along the highway. It won't work with right-hand drive.

Of course, in some cases, the front passenger or special equipment helps (such as customized DVRs that show about the same as the one sitting on the left). But all this does not give a complete picture of the situation on the road. So, the left hand drive in this case is much more preferable. With it, the driver is always aware of possible obstacles and can respond to them in a timely manner. Most right hand drive accidents are mainly due to misjudgment of the road situation.


But from the point of view of security, there may be different options. So, according to statistics, the right front of any car that was reviewed is more threatened. The driver always tries to avoid a collision and even unconsciously substitutes any parts of the car, except for the one in which he himself is sitting.

In the case of a right-hand drive, the opposite side will be exposed to the blow, and, in theory, he himself will be moresecurity. True, all this is not too important, since at speeds up to 65 km / h, the car body must retain its shape in a collision. And if you go faster, then there already the human body will not withstand the acceleration. And therefore, in this case, if the right rudder has an advantage, then it is insignificant.

Domestic drivers in most cases ignore safety precautions, do not wear seat belts and generally behave quite carelessly on the road. Of course, in such a situation, the position of the steering wheel will not play any role, and the likelihood of serious injury, which can even lead to death, increases equally.

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Refueling, boarding and disembarking

Now let's talk about basic amenities. If, for example, a left-hand drive Toyota is used, then it is much easier for the driver to get out of it onto the sidewalk. You can even make purchases in stores located in the immediate vicinity of the road. In addition, at gas stations it will help to avoid queues due to a different location of the fuel tank. This is a significant plus in the direction of cars with right-hand drive.

But it should be noted that most of the infrastructure is tailored just for more classic cars, and in some cases this advantage can become a serious disadvantage. For example, when it is necessary to pay for travel on a toll highway or in other analogues. By the way, catering establishments that offer motorists to make purchases without getting out of the car are also sharpened for left-hand drive vehicles.

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Now let's consider another problem of the right steering wheel in a car. A review of most models shows that they are all focused on an unusual way of movement for us. As a result, the headlights are directed in the opposite direction and blind the driver traveling towards them very well.

Of course, this is unacceptable, and the technical inspection will not work. In the best case, this element can be manually adjusted without any problems on your own. But at worst, you will have to spend a lot of money and remake the headlights for an option suitable for our roads.

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Spare Parts

In all regions located in the immediate vicinity of Japan, repairing a right-hand drive car is quite simple. There are enough spare parts, and the price for them is much less than for any other analogues. And the situation is quite different in the rest of Russia. There, the same "Nissan" with a left-hand drive, even a used one, will cost much less to maintain than a car oriented to left-hand traffic. Finding spare parts for the latter will be extremely difficult, not to mention their cost. As a result, trying to save money on a car will lead to the fact that the cost of maintaining it will “eat up” all the benefits.

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Parking and habit

But pulling to the side of the road in a right-hand drive car is a pleasure. The driver gets the opportunity to look out the window and at the same time not be afraid to crash into something unnoticed. With a left-hand drive, this number is notwill pass.

On the other hand, if there is a wall, fence or other similar obstacle on the driver's side that does not allow you to open the door, you will have to climb over to the other side, which is extremely inconvenient. In addition, if a person has never sat behind a steering wheel located on the right, he will need some time to adapt and get used to it. And when changing a car to a more classic version, you will again have to go through such a kind of “adaptation period”.


The main reason why right-hand drive cars are bought is their cost. A few years ago, the difference was so significant that even in the central or western regions of Russia there were a lot of Japanese cars. Now a normal left-hand drive car will not cost much more, but the advantages of using it, be that as it may, are still much greater. In such a situation, Japanese technology remains relevant in the Far East, where there are no analogues and there is simply nothing to choose from.

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A left-hand drive car in the vast majority of countries in the world will be much more convenient. The alternative option is only suitable for those regions where an unusual movement option is still preserved for us. The use of left-hand drive cars in the conditions of our traffic rules will be extremely difficult and suitable only for those people who are used to driving that way.

In almost all cases, it is possible to change the position of the steering wheel by moving it to the other side, but this is a very expensive procedure, onwhich not everyone agrees. Some types of equipment, mainly military, foresee this problem in their design. They allow you to rearrange the steering wheel from one side of the car to the other almost instantly. Thanks to this, the driver can always optimally prepare for the upcoming clash.

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