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Automotive oils 5W30: rating, characteristics, classification, declared qualities, advantages and disadvantages, reviews of specialists and car owners

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Automotive oils 5W30: rating, characteristics, classification, declared qualities, advantages and disadvantages, reviews of specialists and car owners
Automotive oils 5W30: rating, characteristics, classification, declared qualities, advantages and disadvantages, reviews of specialists and car owners

Every car owner knows how important it is to choose the right engine oil. Not only the stable operation of the iron “heart” of the car depends on this, but also the resource of its operation. High-quality oil protects mechanisms from various adverse effects. One of the most popular types of lubricants in our country is oil with a viscosity index of 5W30. It can be called universal, as this product is chosen by drivers of different climatic zones. The 5W30 oil rating will be discussed further.

General characteristics

To choose the right composition for the engine, many drivers study the 5W30 engine oil rating. It should be said that this type of lubricant is often purchased in our country. It is suitable for both diesel and gasoline fuel systems. Manufacturers produce different formulationsoils marked SAE 5W30. First you need to figure out what it means.

Oil rating 5w30

The SAE designation is a standard that characterizes oil viscosity parameters. There are other systems as well. SAE has become the most popular with drivers around the world. The viscosity of each oil is different. It must be chosen in accordance with the climatic conditions of the area where the vehicle will be operated. If this requirement is neglected, the engine life will be noticeably reduced. Lubrication will not protect the system from wear.

The 5W30 marking indicates that this is an all-weather product that can be used all year round. The designation consists of two parts. Oil with the designation 5W can be used in winter at temperatures up to -30 ºС. The second part of the designation corresponds to the operating conditions in the summer. Oil with the designation 30 can be operated at temperatures up to +25 ºС.

Therefore, lubricants with the designation 5W30, the rating of which should be considered before purchase, must be used strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. If the oil is run at higher temperatures, it will become too fluid. As a result, the film that covers all parts and mechanisms will become thinner. It will have gaps. The composition will no longer be able to perform the functions assigned to it.

If the temperature outside drops below -30 ºС, the engine will be subjected to serious mechanical stress when starting. The oil will become too thick. It will not be able to quickly spread throughout the system.For some time, the car will work, being subjected to dry friction of moving parts. The resource of his work will be significantly reduced.

To avoid costly engine repairs or complete engine replacements in the near future, it is necessary to ensure that the mechanisms are fully cared for. Therefore, high demands are made on the quality of engine oil today.


Considering the rating of 5W30 oil for an engine, you need to consider the features of the composition of such products. The lubricant consists of a base and additives. They affect the performance of the product. The base oil can be synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral. The choice depends on the characteristics of the motor.

So, synthetics are used in new-style engines. It is a fluid substance that has a long service life. It effectively protects the motor in the cold period. The most modern lubricants are made on a synthetic basis. This is the most high-tech type of lubricant. It spreads through the system as quickly as possible, does not require replacement for a long time. Synthetics withstand driving on the roads of the metropolis, an aggressive driving style. At the same time, she fully copes with the tasks set.

Synthetic oil 5w30

The second popular type of oils is semi-synthetics. It consists of artificially obtained components that are mixed in a certain proportion with mineral components. The cost of such products will be slightly lower than that of synthetics.

Semi-synthetics will last less than fully synthetic base oils. However, many drivers prefer this type of lubricant. The fact is that manufacturers clearly stipulate the scope of oils. Semi-synthetics are suitable for engines with low mileage. There are many types of motors for which pure synthetics are not suitable. Therefore, when choosing a lubricant, all the requirements of the manufacturer must be taken into account.

In the rating of 5W30 machine oils, hydrocracking-based compounds are allocated to a separate category. They are made from mineral components that have undergone special processing. A high degree of purification of such oils allows you to obtain a composition with properties similar to synthetics. However, the difference between these products is enormous.

During operation, hydrocracking oils quickly lose their original properties. They have to be replaced more often than when using synthetic or semi-synthetic lubricants. Hydrocracking gets mixed reviews. Therefore, they will not be considered in the rating. The cost of hydrocracking and semi-synthetics is almost the same. But the second option is better.

Mineral oils with the presented viscosity grade are practically not produced. They have a limited scope.

How was the ranking made?

When compiling the rating of 5W30 oils (synthetics and semi-synthetics), different criteria for the quality of lubricants were taken into account. To determine the best lineups in this group,laboratory studies were carried out. All oils were divided into several categories. Lubricants of the same type have been grouped according to certain characteristics.

The best 5w30 oil

It should be noted that each manufacturer uses unique additives for their products. These are special components that set the performance characteristics of the composition. They perform a number of functions. Additives additionally protect the mechanisms from wear and prevent the development of corrosion. Also, the composition includes special substances that perform a washing function. They collect particles of deposits from the surfaces of the motor. These contaminants are held in suspension. They do not settle on the surface of mechanisms within the period specified by the manufacturer.

Also, practical tests were carried out to rank the best 5W30 motor oils. The parameters of the engine operation with one or another type of lubricant were taken into account in the process of determining the best lubricant composition. Practical tests really reflect how the oil behaves under the influence of adverse factors. Laboratory studies are not able to give an accurate result.

When compiling the rating, surveys of buyers and experts were conducted. This criterion was also taken into account when compiling the list of the best oils. Statistical data on sales of lubricants in our country allow us to draw certain conclusions.

Best Synthetic Compounds

The 5W30 synthetic oil rating includes many products from world famous brands. However, the top threelead the most popular lubricants designed for use in new engines.

The first place in the ranking rightfully belongs to the composition of Motul 8100 X-clean. This composition is one of the most purchased products in our country. A canister with a capacity of 5 liters costs about 3.7-3.9 thousand rubles. In its group, this is a mid-price product. It is designed for gasoline engines. The composition receives a score of 9, 8 points (out of 10 possible).

Quality oil 5w30

Second place is occupied by the products of the world famous brand Mobil 1. The company produces a synthetic lubricant called ESP Formula. The structure corresponds to the newest modern standards. Can be used in new engine systems. The composition is sold in canisters with a capacity of 4 liters. The cost is 2.5-2.7 thousand rubles. Acceptable cost and special performance characteristics make the presented engine oil in demand. It gets a score of 9.7 points.

The third place in the rating of 5W30 motor oils (synthetics) is occupied by another product of the French company Motul. This product is called Specific DEXOS2. This is a high-quality synthetic that is suitable for engines with certain requirements for oil quality. When choosing, you need to pay attention to whether this composition is suitable for the engine. The cost of this lubricant is 3.6-3.7 thousand rubles. per canister 5 l. The presented tool receives a score of 9.5 points.

Reviews about Motul 8100 X-clean

The 5W30 (synthetic) oil rating is headed by Motul 8100 X-clean. Hismade by a famous French brand. Reviews of Motul products are rather mixed. Some car owners buy lubricants only from this brand. Others, on the contrary, fiercely criticize him. However, almost all experts and buyers agree that one of the most successful compounds for the new engine is Motul 8100 X-clean.

Oil selection 5w30

The selection of additives that manufacturers use in the manufacture of oil turned out to be successful. Anti-seize, anti-friction components work especially well. This contributes to the long life of the engine. Even under extreme loads, the lubricant will reliably protect the elements of the mechanisms from wear. Maintenance will need to be done less frequently. At the same time, the cost of servicing the motor will be significantly less.

The formulation has shown excellent stability at high temperatures in laboratory and field tests. This quality does not change during the entire life of the lubricant in the system. Motul 8100 X-clean complies with one of the modern HTHS standards. This ensures that under high loads, the oil can provide a high degree of protection to the system components.

Rating of motor oils 5W30 (synthetic) product Motul 8100 X-clean also leads because of the most effective action of detergent additives. Among all the lubricants in this category on the market, it is the products of the French brand that demonstrate the highest performance.

However, it is worth noting that the Motul 8100 X-clean has certain disadvantages.At low temperatures, the viscosity of the oil becomes high. At the same time, the requirements of the standards are met in full. But when the temperature drops below -30 ºС, the lubricant is not able to protect the motor from damage. This must always be remembered. Also the base number is not high enough. Therefore, the presented composition is more suitable for warm regions. Also, the quality of the fuel must be high. The average oil change period is 10,000 km.

Mobil 1 ESP Formula reviews

The second place in the ranking of the best 5W30 oils (synthetics) is occupied by Motul's main competitor, Mobil 1 ESP Formula. The cost of this product is lower. The difference between the two oils is slightly more deposits during operation with Mobil 1 lubricants. However, this will not become noticeable until after 5 oil changes.

Popular synthetics 5w30

The high temperature viscosity of the compound is commendable, although slightly inferior to Motul. The stability of the composition varies somewhat during operation. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the recommendations regarding the frequency of replacement. This is especially noticeable in the study of the alkaline number. It increases quite a lot during the operation of the oil.

The advantage of the presented product is its efficiency in low temperature operation. The motor is much easier to start in cold weather than when using the previous composition. Therefore, Mobil 1 ESP Formula is used in different regions. However, the frequency of its replacement isabout 8 thousand kilometers.

The presented composition falls into the rating of 5W30 synthetic motor oils due to the high-quality work of detergent additives. They ensure reliable operation of the mechanism even when using medium quality fuel. However, the scheduled relubrication date must not be missed. Otherwise, motor repair will not be avoided.

Motul Specific DEXOS2 reviews

The rating of the best synthetic-based 5W30 oil is complemented by another product from the French manufacturer Motul Specific DEXOS2. This is a pretty specific product. It has a narrow scope. The composition shown was approved by General Motors.

The best synthetics 5w30

Motul Specific DEXOS2 has excellent lubricity. The film that forms on the surfaces is quite strong. It does not break, providing high-quality protection of mechanisms. Also, the oil shows high energy-saving performance. Gasoline consumption is noticeably reduced. This is due to high lubricity.

Synthetic oil resistant to high temperatures. It does not lose its original qualities during the entire period of operation. At the same time, the viscosity in frost remains sufficient for the normal operation of the motor. The composition allows you to start the engine even at temperatures below -30 ºС.

The composition has good washing qualities. It prevents deposits. During the maintenance process, drivers note that the engine remains clean. You have to stick to the establishedoil change period. It is 9-10 thousand kilometers.

In the ranking of 5W30 oils on a synthetic basis, the presented product takes only third place. This is due to limited compatibility with different motor designs. Before buying, you need to consider the information on the package. Not every new engine can work effectively when using this lubricant. For old-style motors, the composition is not suitable at all.

The best semi-synthetic compounds

Considering the rating of 5W30 automotive oils, you need to pay attention to the category of semi-synthetic compounds.

The first place goes to a product from Mobil. This is a Super FE Special semi-synthetic oil. Its cost is 2-2.1 thousand rubles. per canister 4 l. This composition is suitable for old-style engines. Semi-synthetics are somewhat different in their characteristics from fully synthetic compounds. However, the Super FE Special shows acceptable performance.

The second place in the ranking is occupied by Total Quartz 9000 Future oil. It is somewhat inferior to the Mobil product. However, the presented semi-synthetics are also in demand among domestic buyers. The cost of this oil is 1.5-1.7 thousand rubles. for 4 l.

Semi-synthetic reviews

The 5W30 engine oil rating is also based on customer reviews. They leave different reviews about the best lubricants in this group. So, Mobil Super FE Special is known for its stable performance over the entire life cycle. Base numberhigh enough.

Customers note that when using Mobil Super FE Special, the motor runs stably. It starts well in cold weather. However, additives that are responsible for fuel consumption lose their original properties over time. At first, the savings in gasoline are quite noticeable. But after 5 thousand kilometers, the situation changes for the worse.

Total Quartz 9000 Future is less stable. Therefore, the composition takes second place. However, this product has less waste consumption.

Diesel oils

The 5W30 oil rating was also compiled for engines that run on diesel fuel. In this group, 3 best lubricant compositions are determined. They are designed for use in a diesel particulate filter system.

So, the first place in the ranking is occupied by ELF Evolution Full-Tech oil. Its cost is 2.5-2.6 thousand rubles. for 5 l. The composition is fully consistent with modern standards. Its base number is quite low. This is one of the disadvantages of lubrication. Also, the additive package, although it meets all the requirements of the standards, is not stable enough. The composition eventually loses its original characteristics, requires frequent replacement.

Second place goes to Total Quartz INEO MC3 oil. Its cost is 1.8-1.9 thousand rubles. for 4 l. The composition is stable when working under loaded conditions. More suitable for warm regions. As the temperature decreases, the viscosity increases. Also, there is a rapid aging of the oil. It will need to be changed frequently.

Third place goes to Motul 8100 Eco-clean.Its cost is 3.8-3.9 thousand rubles. for 5 l. This is an effective oil that does not lose its qualities for a long time. However, its cost is quite high. This is the main drawback of the composition presented.

After considering the rating of 5W30 oils, you can decide on the advisability of buying one or another composition. It is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations. A certain type of oil is suitable for each type of motor.

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