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When is it better to sell a car: tips
When is it better to sell a car: tips

Every reseller knows the hot seasons when it is better to sell a car or donate it, and they are not divided "before the new year and after", as many believe (although there is also a rational grain here). In this case, there is a division into 3 months, namely spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In one period of time, cars go like "hot cakes", and quality is really not enough on the market, and in another period it will take a very long time to sell. However, what does it depend on? Where is the best place to sell a car and at what mileage? More on this and more.

Where is the best place to sell a car

What to consider when selling?

There is more hope in this matter than getting the best selling price, although this is an important factor to consider.

The seller is also thinking about avoiding high repair bills or sudden drops in price.

The three most important factors to consider are market conditions, the condition of the vehicle you are selling, and your personal circumstances.

Sitting around is not good, solike every day you lose some value due to wear and tear.

Let's talk about the best ways to sell.

What is the best month to sell a car?

When is the best time to sell a car?

Experts say the best time to sell a used car is spring and summer. We should wait out the winter holidays, as family budgets go to gifts for loved ones, and gray weather keeps clients at home.

Potential sellers should also look at the type of car they are selling. It's hard to sell a convertible in Murmansk in January, just like a black SUV in Sochi in the hot summer.

The flip side of this theory has to do with supply and demand. If everyone starts selling their used cars in March, the market will be flooded and prices will drop. If, for example, you look at used car listings and see dozens of Toyota Camrys available in your market, it's a good idea to hold off selling your own until the numbers thin out a bit. When is the best time to sell a car in summer or winter? Answer next.

Where is the best place to sell a used car?


Those who think when it is better to sell a car and at what time of the year should pay attention to the spring period, and directly - April - May. This is the hottest time to sell iron friend! At the same time, consumer demand begins to increase “avalanche-like” approximately from April 1st.

Judging by the reviews of motorists, in this period even the most unsoldsample, since there are a lot of consumers. What is the reason for this kind of need? Of course, everything is simple: dachas, vegetable gardens in the villages begin, the population is preparing for the gardening period. For this reason, even "snowdrops" that did not drive in the winter, begin to rush to domestic roads. This is the best period to sell your own car. At the same time, give it away without any additional additions.

when is the best time to sell a car in summer or winter


The second most popular season is summer, especially at the beginning. During this period, those who could not pick up a car in the spring, as they expected a more optimal cost, acquire it. It makes no difference in which month it is better to sell a car in the summer. Demand is not as great as in spring.

That's actually the whole alignment, numerous resellers understand this and are pre-preparing directly for the spring season.


This is the worst time to sell auto. It begins around September and continues until the end of February. And it doesn't matter what day it is better to sell the car. When out of season, the deal will not take place on Wednesday or Sunday.

Why? Yes, everything is simple, about 15-20% of motorists do not need cars during this period. Many of them install cars for "joking" in garages or parking lots, and do not operate them in winter. Basically, these are older people who buy a car only for the purpose of moving to the country or nature, in winter they sit at home.In addition, beginners who have acquired rights this year are simply afraid to drive in winter due to snow drifts, ice, and cold weather. There are those who consider cold and snow "porridge" as unacceptable criteria for exploitation.

As a rule, the roads become freer in autumn and winter, experienced drivers understand this.

It is for this reason that the cost of cars is falling, due to the fact that the demand is decreasing (you can expect calls from potential buyers for a very long time). But there is no demand, something needs to be done, namely, to reduce the price of our own “iron horse”.

There is another "trick": after the new year, the car is made a year older, this also reduces the cost.

If possible, it is better to wait until the spring period, until March-April.

It is better to sell or donate a car

Based on the information provided, you can manage sales and tariffs in your favor. For example, if you started selling a car in the summer season, but before winter, despite the gradual reduction in cost, not a single person bought it, do not rush to throw off even more.

The smartest thing is to simply stop selling the car in the winter (remove all ads), and from mid-March place your own offer at a new or even higher than the original price at which they started selling last summer. There is a chance that cars will be purchased very quickly.

In seasonality, it is necessary to take into account the class of the car: insmall and medium-sized cars need more in spring and summer, and for all-wheel drive and heavy SUVs - in autumn and winter.

Forecasts for the future

If you're a used car buyer, the next few years should be good for you. If you are selling, the odds are not so optimistic. According to investment bank forecasts, used car prices are expected to fall by 20% over the next four years.

This is the most likely scenario, although the bank's pessimistic outlook is for a 50% decline.

According to statistics, sales of used cars have decreased by almost a third, as customers prefer to rent them rather than buy them. There is a so-called "circulation of machines in the market." Now all the cars coming out of the lease are flooding the market again, creating a surplus.

In addition, discounts offered by manufacturers are often so tempting that many buyers prefer new vehicles over used vehicles, reducing the demand for used vehicles.

When is the best time to sell a car?

When the car no longer meets the needs

Just because people need vehicles doesn't mean they will buy your used car. Their preferences change over time, influenced by marriage, having children, leaving for college, or moving into or out of the city. These and other factors strongly influence their choice when buying a car.

The same applies to sellers. They decide to implement the once beloved iron"friend" when it no longer fits the lifestyle or needs of the family.

Even standing still, your car depreciates, plus it requires insurance and registration fees. Just like mileage, age affects the value of a car, so it's best to sell it before the next model year arrives.

When is the best time to sell a car?

Price depends on mileage?

Car mileage causes a steep drop in value. The sign of 100,000 kilometers is, in a sense, a symbolic milestone, a line above which the price of a car can only fall. In this matter, one should adhere to the "golden mean", not bring the transport to such a mileage, after which it can only be sent to rest.

However, in the minds of buyers there is only one desire - it is enough to reduce the price that they will be offered, so there is always a chance to blow a used one at an affordable price.

Since some car parameters fail after the warranty expires or when they reach 60,000 to 70,000 kilometers, it will only be possible to attract a buyer with an adequate cost.

Customers will not pay high prices for a vehicle that no longer has a warranty card. When cars reach 60,000 kilometers or so, they tend to need expensive repairs, which is unlikely to be in the buyer's plans.

When everything works

Besides season and mileage, what other factor influences the best time to sell a car? It,when she is correct. It is much easier to sell a car when everything is working, rather than explaining to potential buyers what is wrong with it. They will compare the asking price with the cost of what is worth fixing in this vehicle.

If you are thinking about selling, and the car shows any signs of a malfunction, it's time to implement the "iron friend". If you decide to do this, the buyer will get a good discount, and you, in turn, will be able to save money on your repair bills.

Before repairs are needed

As we said, you want to get rid of your car before you have to deal with serious repair costs. In addition to the fact that the machine warns of a failure, you can investigate which components and parts of it fail, and when they do.

If you know this model's transmission tends to go haywire at 70,000 miles, get rid of it at 65,000. That could save you a $3,000 repair bill.

There are special portals where owners discuss the problems they have with certain car models and how much they cost to fix. You need to find information about your own car there and compare its real state with what others say about it.

A car's value graph looks like a zigzag: at first, the price is very high, as it has just started to undergo depreciation, which lasts for the first two years. Costs then drop gradually before dropping steeply again as repairsgetting quite expensive.

Before the mileage is worthless

Every kilometer a car drives costs money to its owner, and it's more than just the price of gas, insurance and maintenance. One of the things to consider when buying a used car is the vehicle's mileage. If it's too big, you won't get the amount of money you want when you sell.

While the specific kilometers discussed above create a large loss in value, everyday use also results in a steady decline in the price buyers are willing to pay.

Before you pay off your car loan

If your car loan is about to default or even missing a few payments, it is better for long-term financial well-being to sell your car and pay off the debt. In this case, you can put a price that will cover the pen alty and the body of the loan.

When you're heavily in debt: you owe more than the car is worth, which is harder to do as you have to pay the difference between the loan balance and the sale price.

If the car is confiscated for debts, not only will you not get the car, but you will also get a bad credit history, which will affect the next purchase. In some cases, consumers not only cover the difference in the loan balance, but also lose significant amounts due to the fact that the bank sells the car at a lower price in order to get their money back faster. You should not bring the situation to such problems, but it is better to sellcar as quickly as possible.

How to sell profitably in order to buy later?

Buying a car can be a complex process, but selling one can be equally intimidating, especially to the uninitiated. Fortunately, there are many intermediary firms that have a wide range of resources to add value to your current car and help finance the next one.

When it's time to buy a new car, check out new offers, discounts and leasing programs. When manufacturers struggle to sell cars, it's great for buyers who are queuing to save thousands of dollars. There are price cut programs that local dealers work with to save even more money.

The main thing is to know where it is better to sell a used car. In this case, car markets and sites selling used cars come to the rescue.

It is well known that the advertising strategy of car manufacturers is often cunning and the end of the surety service is a completely optional reason for separation from the car, but the 5-6 year old car is more critical in implementation. Also remember that cars are sold more profitably in the middle and late spring.

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