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Which car mats are better to choose?

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Which car mats are better to choose?
Which car mats are better to choose?

For every motorist, the acquisition of quality mats becomes a problem. The choice is further complicated by the fact that now there are a huge number of different offers on the market. Which car mats to choose is up to you.

Influence of climatic features on the choice of rugs

When choosing a rug material, you should pay attention to the climatic features of the place of residence. If your region is characterized by cold winters, then at this time of the year it is better to use car mats that are made of fabric. In other seasons, you can use rubber, PVC or plastic floor mats, which can protect your car from dirt and dust.

what are the best car mats

Safety and comfort of car mats

There are products for the interior and trunk of the car. What are the best car mats? When choosing these products, one should be guided by the fact that these car accessories must first of all be safe and comfortable enough. The safety of the mat lies in the fact that it should fit snugly to the floor of the car, without causing any discomfort to the driver and without interfering with the use ofpedals. Another safety principle of rugs is that feet standing on the rug should not slip. If they are made with high quality, fastenings with the floor of the car should be provided on the reverse side. If, when choosing a product, you did not find such fasteners, then this indicates that the rug is of poor quality, and it is hardly worth buying it. If there are Velcro on such a product, they will not be able to securely fix the mat. This means that it will not lie still and become unsafe to operate.

What are the best rubber car mats?

3D car mats

Which car mats are best for any season? 3D mats are very practical to use. In addition, with the help of these products you can protect the interior from dirt as much as possible. Their service life is quite long, compared to other types of car mats.

Another advantage of 3D rugs is that they combine winter and summer options. These products are extremely comfortable and safe. They are made of special materials that do not allow dust to fly around the car interior.

In addition, 3D mats are attractive in appearance. With their help, the owner of the car can give the interior of the cabin individuality and elegant style.

Thus, the main advantages of 3D car mats are as follows:

1) manufacturing technology based on thermal combination of product layers;

2) exact repetition of the surface reliefcar interior floor;

3) The top layer can be carpet for comfort;

4) anti-slip driver mat;

5) low cost of this product (about 2500 rubles).

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Polyurethane and rubber mats

Polyurethane mats are considered rubber competitors. But, compared to rubber, their service life is longer. In addition, they do not have an unpleasant odor.

Rubber mats are made from a single thickness material. They have the same designs on both sides. It is better to take rubber mats in the car, which are made with spikes that reliably protect against slipping. On the reverse side of such products there are all technical inscriptions with parameters. Compared to polyurethane, rubber mats are reinforced in thickness and sides, and are conveniently mounted in the cabin.

Polyurethane products are very light and smooth, so they can slide on the floor of the cabin, which makes them unsafe for both the driver and passengers. In addition, their service life is short, since these mats become tanned from frost and lose their elasticity, because they contain plastic.

Which car mats are best for winter? The rubber version is not afraid of frost and retains its elasticity. These are car mats that hold their shape better than others even after various deformations from an incorrect position in the car interior.

Polyurethane and rubber mats are not too pretty, but very practical. Their advantageis that these mats reliably protect the car interior from dirt, are easy to use, and easy to care for.

Although the most versatile is the rubber version. Rubber mats in the car are good in any weather, quite cheap. True, its service life is short.

What are the best car mats for the winter?

Textile rugs

Textile car mats look aesthetically pleasing and can decorate any car. They are called pile. These rugs come in a variety of colors and are made to suit any salon. They absorb moisture well and keep the interior clean and puddle-free.

Textile mats are made from a variety of materials, which determine how much water it can absorb. Original textile mats absorb up to two liters of water, so their cost is much higher than that of non-original ones. These products are made on a rubberized base, as they should prevent the interior from getting wet. To dry, they need to be removed and the water removed with a brush. However, it will not be possible to completely dry these rugs. In winter, when water evaporates slowly, therefore, if there is no warm garage, it will be extremely inconvenient for the driver to clean such rugs. Another disadvantage of pile-like products is that they can quickly lose their aesthetic appearance and rub off. The place under the pedals and under the driver's feet becomes the most worn. Even special linings do not save.

For the warm season, textile mats fit very well. They carrydecorative function and embellish car design.

Thus, the advantages of textile rugs are beautiful appearance, good absorbency, a large selection of colors and materials. The disadvantage is the problematic care for them.

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Car mats targeted at the Russian consumer must be elastic at temperatures from -50 °С to +50 °С. Such requirements are fully met by mats made of thermoplastic elastomer. If you use carpet liners along with these rugs, then you get a versatile option suitable for any season.

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