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Longlife engine oils: features, specifications and tips for use

Longlife engine oils: features, specifications and tips for use
Longlife engine oils: features, specifications and tips for use

The German concern BMW advises motorists to use different engine oils depending on the make and model of the vehicle. The original products of the company meet all the requirements and standards of reliability and quality. One of the best lubricants is Longlife engine oil with a DPF filter, designed for diesel and gasoline powertrains. The product has the following features:

  • Protecting engine components from wear.
  • High temperature stability.
  • Protecting the motor during cold start.
longlife oils

Engine oil features

BMW Longlife engine oils are subject to increased requirements due to the design features of the engines. In order for lubricants to be approved for use in BMW vehicles, they must have the following characteristics and perform certain functions:

  • Energy saving. Oil applicationLonglife should allow the engine to operate with Efficient Dynamics technology to improve dynamic performance, reduce wear and improve fuel economy.
  • Detergent properties. During the operation of the power unit, various contaminants are formed, which should ideally be washed off by engine oil and diverted to filters, which avoids deposits.
  • Anti-corrosive. Protect the engine and its main elements from corrosion. Additives included in the oil should not adversely affect the surface of the parts.
  • Starting and viscosity-temperature. Engine oil must retain its properties over a wide temperature range and throughout the entire speed range.
  • Cooling and sealing. BMW engines are manufactured using innovative technologies. During operation, the rubbing surfaces are heated to high temperatures, and the engine oil must remove the resulting heat. The lubricant also acts as a seal for the combustion chamber, which increases engine power and achieves high levels of economy.
  • Great work resource. The main characteristics of Longlife oils are low consumption, high oxidation stability and slow aging. The presence of such properties ensures efficient operation of the engine.
oil longlife 5w30

BMW engineers take into account all of these characteristics in the process of creating and manufacturing original lubricants.

Motor oil line

The Longlife series of oils is produced using innovative technologies and is designed taking into account all the wishes of consumers. Lubricants are designed for BMW vehicles operating in difficult conditions under which there is a high risk of system wear. The series marked 01 is one of the most notable. It is based on technologies that allow extracting oil from pure natural gas. Other Longlife engine oils deserve no less attention.

BMW Longlife 98

Engine oils manufactured since 1998 for certain gasoline powertrains are classified as Longlife 98. They can also be used in powertrains where the lubricant change interval is equal to the Longlife drain interval and does not exceed 20 thousand kilometers.

engine oil

This category of engine oils is only compatible with older vehicles. The ACEA A3 / B3 classification defines the basic requirements for engine oil tolerances. The manufacturer does not recommend the use of this lubricant for vehicles manufactured after 1998.

BMW Longlife 2001

Manufactured since 2001, BMW vehicles use motor oils for gasoline engines with extended drain intervals and for older vehicles. The ACEA A3/B4 standards are based on the basic requirements for maintenance and replacement. The amount of sulphated ash, which is part of Longlife oils, does not exceed 1.6%. The index of high-temperature viscosity is not lower than 3.5 cP.

Oilsof this category are more resistant to the formation of soot and soot, unlike their predecessor. Parts of the power unit are reliably protected from rapid wear and are characterized by high thermal and oxidative stability. Regular use of engine oil helps to avoid deposits on the pistons.

Longlife Oil 5W30 01 SAE

Engine oil for gasoline engines is designed specifically to reduce fuel consumption. The use of the product reduces the amount of carbon deposits formed on the pistons and protects engine parts from corrosion. Retains operational characteristics and properties throughout the entire period of operation. Regardless of the mode of operation, engine oil protects the engine and prolongs its life.

longlife iii oil

Longlife 01 0W30

This is a synthetic motor oil developed specifically for BMW diesel vehicles. Can be used on models released after 2007. The engine oil is suitable for diesel engines equipped with a particulate filter. The product meets all quality standards and increases the service life of the engine. Longlife III oil change interval - 20 thousand kilometers.

Longlife 01 0W40

Specially formulated engine oil made for BMW diesel engines produced since 2007. The characteristics and properties of the product increase the operational life of the particulate filter.

oil bmw longlife

BMW oil 01

Originala line of motor oils that meets all the requirements and quality standards of the manufacturer. Protects the engine from accelerated wear, forms a strong oil film on its parts. The Longlife oil change interval reduces the maintenance interval. The material protects the engine during cold starts thanks to its viscosity grade.

BMW Longlife 04

Engine oil produced in 2004 and used for modern car engines. Based on the ACEA C3 standard, the basic requirements for the product and its replacement are based. The product has limited high temperature viscosity. The amount of sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulfur included in the oil has been reduced.

The characteristics and properties of Longlife oil make it suitable for use in BMW vehicles equipped with DPF and exhaust gas catalysts. Compared to the 01 range, this series has better soot resistance and better fuel economy. Material may be used on older vehicles.

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