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VARTA D59: specifications, features of use, advantages and disadvantages, reviews

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VARTA D59: specifications, features of use, advantages and disadvantages, reviews
VARTA D59: specifications, features of use, advantages and disadvantages, reviews

The main purpose of a standard car battery is to fully power numerous devices with electricity. If the battery is chosen correctly, the engine will start easily even in cold weather. Today, there are many different batteries on sale, but the most popular is the VARTA D59 option.

About the manufacturer

The Czech company Varta, which produces batteries, represents three main directions of development. The company produces modern reliable batteries that are designed for different cars - Silver Dynamic, AGM, Blue Dynamic. They differ in technical characteristics, production technology and consumer properties.

battery range VARTA

The Varta Blue Dynamic D59 battery belongs to the golden mean. For her, a multi-component hybrid technology was used. Thanks to this, the battery does not have the disadvantages that calcium batteries have. These batteries are low maintenance and are suitable for a variety of medium and high-end vehicles.class

Where Varta Blue Dynamic D59 applies

The device was designed specifically for installation on modern cars with standard electrical equipment and equipped with a start-stop system. After repeated testing, it has been approved by representatives of many car brands.

Also marked by high performance. These properties are preserved for a long time due to the fact that innovative technologies were used during production.

Battery connection

The Varta Blue Dynamic D59 battery can maintain the required charge level for a very long time, even if it is in the zone of low temperature conditions. It is for this reason that the device is chosen by residents of the eastern and northern regions in Russia. In winter, the model guarantees the supply of powerful current to rotate the starter. This figure is 10 percent higher than that of a battery from other manufacturers.


Varta D59 car battery belongs to maintenance-free type and has the following technical parameters:

  • capacity – 60 ah;
  • starting current - 540 A;
  • positive terminal - 19mm;
  • negative terminal - 17.5mm;
  • weight - 14 kg;
  • dimensions - 242x175x175.

The device has reverse polarity and a positive terminal on the right. The manufacturing company has patented a unique method of creating a lattice, called PowerFrame. It provides increased overall battery resistance to damage that canoccur after exposure to high power starting current or increased vibration that appears during the movement of the machine. Even under harsh operating conditions, the manufacturer guarantees a service life of at least 10 years.


Varta D59 batteries have many advantages over other battery options. They stand out especially against the background of acidic devices. The main advantages of the device are the working positive qualities of gel batteries. They are:

  • long service life averaging 10-12 years;
  • high wear resistance;
  • long cycle of charge and discharge;
  • the ability to go into a deep discharge without compromising performance.
device flaws

If the driver does not have the opportunity to recharge the battery for a long time, this will not lead to its breakdown (unlike an acid device). In this case, the electrode plates do not crumble without recharging. If you need to remove the battery from the vehicle, then the energy loss will occur very slowly - about 20% annually, which is a good indicator.


Despite all its advantages, this type of car battery has a number of negative qualities:

  1. High sensitivity to charge voltage. The owner should try not to apply voltage above 14.4 volts to the device. If this value is accidentally exceeded, then the jelly-like electrolyte will be destroyed without the possibility ofrecovery. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a Varta D59 battery for cars with a voltage range of no higher than 13-14.4 Volts.

    voltage range
  2. Freezing of the electrolyte at a temperature of -25-30 degrees. If the thermometer drops even lower, then the electrically conductive liquid in the battery can freeze and reduce all indicators several times. Therefore, in severe frosts, it is recommended to remove the battery in advance and bring the device to a warm place.

  3. Breakage due to short circuit. If any network failure occurs, it can permanently damage the battery.


The car battery Varta Blue D59 belongs to the category of maintenance-free devices, so it is strictly forbidden to open the cover and add process fluid. In rare cases, it is allowed to use a disposable syringe (to add water), and then seal the hole with sealant.

Some motorists tell how to remove the cover using a flathead screwdriver. But it is better not to do this, so as not to accidentally damage an expensive device. All operating tips are detailed in the instructions. Therefore, it is better to study it carefully and only then start servicing the battery.

battery maintenance

If the car is idle for a long time without work, the battery may be completely discharged. In this case, it is also recommended to study the user manual in order to properly charge the device. Experts advise the followingrecommendations:

  1. Make sure the battery is compatible with the electrical system of the vehicle before use.
  2. Only use a charger that has an auto-off function. It is best to purchase a device that has IUoU mode.
  3. The charger should have a high voltage of about 2.6 volts per cell.
  4. The battery should not be recharged for a long time, otherwise water will be lost.
  5. After finishing the procedure, measure the open circuit voltage. Its performance should be 2, 12-2, 13 Volts per cell.
  6. It is forbidden to charge batteries that have stood for a long time at temperatures below 30 degrees. It is also dangerous to recharge an overheated battery.
  7. The charger only turns on after its positive and negative terminals are connected to the corresponding icons on the battery.
  8. If the owner notices that the battery has begun to emit electrolyte or it has overheated, then you should immediately stop charging.
  9. As soon as the procedure is completed, the battery must be immediately disconnected from the device.
battery charger

To avoid problems, you need to ensure good ventilation in the room where the Varta Blue Dynamic D59 battery will be charged.

Owner Reviews

This battery model is relatively new. Therefore, in the manufacture of the device, the manufacturer took into account the mistakes made in previous versions. Many motorists prefer other devicesbattery Varta D59, and reviews about it are mostly positive. Users note the ease of maintenance and long service life of this device. Also distinguished by a long service life and high wear resistance.

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