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MAZ 6516: a brief description of the car

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MAZ 6516: a brief description of the car
MAZ 6516: a brief description of the car

It's no secret that practical, powerful and reliable trucks are in great demand literally all over the world. This is especially true for machines with four axles and increased suspension strength. For residents of the post-Soviet space, the main problem in purchasing such cars is that European brands are very expensive, and it is extremely difficult to choose really worthwhile options from a very wide range of Chinese manufacturers. That is why in this article we will consider the MAZ 6516 dump truck, a product of the Minsk Automobile Plant, designed for traveling on highways and highways, as well as even for crossing roads that are not fully equipped.

Maz 6515 on the site

A few words about appearance

The appearance of the truck has traditional details for this type of machine, but in a completely modern interpretation. The cab has an assigned index - 6501. At the same time, the MAZ 6516 has a rather high location of the driver's workplace. For this, the designers provided for the presence of two steps. The radiator grill is crowned with the abbreviation of the manufacturing plant. Also available is a special towing vehicle hidden behind the bas-relief.device.

The bumper has a block equipped with all the necessary lighting devices. However, there is no protection for the headlights, which has an extremely negative effect on the operation of the machine in the conditions of its operation in quarries and at a construction site. In addition, air intakes are mounted in the center of the bumper.


When you get to the workplace of the MAZ 6516 driver, you can immediately see a panoramic window that allows the person behind the wheel to have a good all-round view. The windshield is cleared of dirt, rain and snow by three wipers, which means that even in the worst weather, optimal visibility will be ensured. For the rear view, the developers have provided four glasses that reduce the "dead zone" to almost nothing. Mirrors are electrically adjustable. Electrically heated to prevent fogging.

MAZ 6515 cab


The MAZ 6515 driver's seat is quite comfortable. It is equipped with air suspension and can be adjusted in several directions. This allows the driver of any build to customize the seat for themselves. The steering column is also adjustable both vertically and in reach and angle of the wheel. The pedal for locking and disengaging the column is located near the clutch.

The passenger seat is somewhat less comfortable as it is not equipped with springs, which results in a shaky feeling when traveling. However, under the chair there is a box for storing tools or other spare parts.

The bed is quite large in size. Of course, this is verygood, because during long journeys the driver needs a good and proper rest.


MAZ 6516 is produced with two main characteristics of the wheeled chassis. The first option provides dimensions of 1600 x 2990 x 1400 mm, and the second - 2030 x 2620 x 1400 mm.

MAZ 6515 on the road

As for the indicators, the following are worth noting among the main numbers:

  • The maximum weight of the car in full gear is 16205 kg.
  • Maximum cab and chassis weight 11705 kg.
  • The maximum allowable weight of a truck with a driver is 41,780 kg.
  • The maximum load on the first chassis axle (and all three remaining) is 7500 kg.
  • Type of power plant - YaMZ-7511.10.
  • Motor power - 294 kW (or 400 horsepower).
  • Eco-class – Euro-3.
  • Approximate fuel consumption when moving 100 km at an average speed of 60 km/h - from 38 to 40 liters.
  • Drive speed with limiter (nominal) - 85 km/h.
  • Gearbox brand - 12JS200TA.
  • The number of steps in the gearbox is 10 for moving forward and 2 for moving backward.
  • Drive axle ratio - 5, 33.
  • Machine height 3650 mm.
  • Width - 2550 mm.
  • Length - 9000 mm.
  • Tilt angle - 50 degrees.
  • Body volume - 21 cu. m.
  • Fuel tank volume - 300 liters.

Pros and cons

Almost every review of the MAZ 6516 says that the car is good for itswell-equipped. The tractor is quite simple both in management and in maintenance. It is quite easy to maneuver a truck while driving it, even when the body is fully loaded. Also, the driver's workplace is equipped with all necessary instruments and devices. High load capacity is guaranteed by a well-thought-out frame structure and the presence of four axles. The load-bearing part of the machine confidently copes with the resulting loads thanks to the use of the spar-in-spar technique.

MAZ 6515 on the track

The negative qualities of the MAZ 6516, the technical characteristics of which are indicated above, include poor headlight protection. In addition, the interior design of the machine is also far from modern.


Making a brief summary, we note that MAZ 6516 is a worthy representative of the automotive industry not only in Belarus, but also in all countries involved in its production. The truck is quite capable of successfully competing with its European "colleagues" MAN and Mercedes. At the same time, the machine has unequivocally proven its worth and continues to prove its relevance to this day.

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