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The best Chinese trucks, reviews and offers

The best Chinese trucks, reviews and offers
The best Chinese trucks, reviews and offers

Currently, China's auto industry is experiencing a significant recovery. It has more than fifty enterprises and corporations for the production of automobiles or components. At the same time, most of them are engaged in the production of trucks or other heavy equipment.

Chinese trucks reviews

It is worth noting that almost all engines used for trucks are manufactured by Chinese enterprises under licenses from leading American, European and Japanese manufacturers. That is why Chinese trucks, whose reviews of traction and power qualities exceed all the wildest expectations, have amazing engine specifications, are very reliable and of high quality.

Initially, all Chinese trucks were focused on the domestic market, but for more than five years they have been widely used in the markets of Russia and Ukraine. This is due to the fact that Chinese trucks, reviews of which indicate quality and reliability, in addition to their positive qualities, also have a relatively low price.Moreover, in financial matters and pricing, Chinese companies even outperformed domestic manufacturers, so today we can see trucks from China on domestic markets that are cheaper than some Russian or Ukrainian counterparts.

Reviews of Chinese trucks

On the Internet, you can find various reviews about Chinese trucks, and if you distribute them in a temporary order as they become available, you can observe a significant improvement in quality and even notice some improvements that companies have taken into account based on the wishes of drivers. Positive reviews characterizing a Chinese car usually relate to the quality and technical characteristics of engines, the level of performance of the chassis and, of course, the price.

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However, there are also negative reviews, which usually relate to the comfort of these cars, some shortcomings in assembly and the short life of some components. Also noted is the poor-quality performance of electrical wiring, on which manufacturers constantly save. At the same time, the problems that existed earlier and related to the lack of spare parts and the lack of service centers have now been completely eliminated.

At the moment, FAW is the leader among them. Its trucks are purchased not only by individuals, but also by many enterprises, and even government organizations. They have passed the test of time and domestic roads and proved that the opinion about the dubious quality of Chinese trucks is wrong, and they themselves canto seriously compete with their European and American competitors.

Modern Chinese trucks, reviews of which can be found on the Internet, are represented in domestic markets by such brands as: FAW, Dong, Feng, JAC, BAW, CAMC, HOWO and others. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, but at the same time, all Chinese trucks, reviews of which form the opinion of domestic drivers, have undeniable quality and affordable price.

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