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Daf truck - time-tested reliability

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Daf truck - time-tested reliability
Daf truck - time-tested reliability

It is impossible to imagine modern life without trucks that are able to transport luggage even to the most remote corners of the earth. Of course, it is difficult to compare this method with air delivery, because in this way you can get to where the car will not pass. Trucking has the advantage of significant savings as it will cost much less than air freight.

daf truck

The truck "DAF" is one of the most common vehicles for the delivery of goods in Europe and the CIS. Over the years, it has proven to be reliable and effective.

A bit of history

Before becoming one of the European leaders in the production of trucks, the company was engaged in the production of cars and light vehicles. Of course, they weren't very popular. When the designers took up the development and production of the first trucks, the real history of the company began.

Every year the popularity and sales of this model are growing. In the CIS, the first DAF truck appeared in 1994. The consumer was looking for a reliable replacement for obsolete"KAMAZ" and "MAZ", the factories of which were going through hard times at that time. A new era of cargo transportation has begun in the expanses of the post-Soviet space.

General information and characteristics of DAF trucks

The DAF truck, whose photo can be found in the article, has quite impressive technical characteristics. The engine provides power in the range from 239 to 550 horsepower, depending on the modification. A 12–14 liter engine consumes 20–25 liters of fuel, which is much less than that of domestic trucks. Of course, it is worth noting that the acceleration of the car, even under conditions of heavy workload, is provided quite efficiently.

daf truck photo

There are several types of wheelbases for various purposes. The driving characteristics are amazing: in addition to the installed shock absorbers, there is a ride height adjustment system, which helps when the trailer or body is very full. The latest generation braking system, which is installed on the new DAF-105, allows you to quickly stop the car, even taking into account the road surface, whether it is dry or slippery.

The interior space of the cabin allows not only convenient driving, but also a comfortable rest. For this, sleeping places are installed behind the driver's seat, which can be one or two. This ensures comfort and coziness even over long distances.

Purpose and applications

DAF trucks received many appointments andmodifications. Let's consider what purpose and options the DAF developers got:

  • Low-tonnage. This is an option when up to 5 tons of cargo is placed in the body. Mainly used for transportation around the city.
  • Medium tonnage. The carrying capacity of such trucks is from 5 to 10 tons. They are widely used in long-distance transportation.
  • Multi-tonnage. These are truck tractors that are capable of pulling loads of up to 40 tons using a semi-trailer or trawl.
daf truck reviews

It is also worth noting separately that the DAF truck was produced from the assembly line of the manufacturer's factory in the following versions:

  • dump truck;
  • mixer;
  • fuel truck;
  • manipulator crane.

Tractors and mixers are the most popular in the CIS.

Expert opinion on DAF

Many experts agree that the DAF truck has proven itself quite well. Technical properties and characteristics are thought out so that the machine, depending on the class, can carry large loads at high speed.

Repair work that is carried out is insignificant, and the truck does not require large investments even after long-term operation. Regular maintenance is the only thing this car needs.

The security system, according to experts, meets all the standards that apply in Europe. On tests when getting into an accident, DAF trucks showed a high degree of efficiency - damage thatcan be inflicted on the driver, insignificant. This is one of the reasons the vehicles received top marks in terms of safety and the Truck of the Year award from the Export & Freight Transport and Logistics Awards.

DAF trucks: owner reviews

Given that the car is rapidly gaining popularity, it is often discussed. What ratings did motorists get for the DAF truck? Owner reviews are mostly encouraging. They claim it's a reliable truck and worth the money invested in it.

Most people think that investing in DAF trucks is justified because they are quite hardy. Another positive factor that influenced the opinion of the owners was that the car is easy to maintain and repair.

daf truck owner reviews

The only negative that many motorists have noted is the price of spare parts. It is quite high, especially considering how rapidly the foreign exchange rate has risen. An elementary oil change now costs twice as much as a year ago. Thus, road carriers were forced to increase the price of their services, which significantly affected the solvency of customers.

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