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R2 Mazda engine: performance, reliability, benefits

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R2 Mazda engine: performance, reliability, benefits
R2 Mazda engine: performance, reliability, benefits

The motor of this brand was created in the classic production version. Four-wheel and pre-chamber, it has a volume of 2.2 liters, operating on a diesel engine. Diesel fuel is beneficial compared to gasoline, it is cheaper, a car with such a scheme of work is easier to maintain. The developers created the R2 engine to give functionality to heavy vehicles.

Constructive secrets

The efficiency of diesel engines has been proven by practice

For trucks, the power device saw the light in the 80s of the last century. The model is endowed with four cylinders placed in a single row. In the same system, there is another one added at the top. Each of the cylinders is accompanied by intake and exhaust valves. The complex must direct the fuel with a mechanically controlled pumping device with increased pressure. On some brands, engineers use high-pressure fuel pumps on electric control.

The advantages of the pump in the R2 engine are its compact size, uniform distribution in the cylinders, excellent functionality onconsiderable turnover. Its "mission" is to ensure a stable level of pressure in the structure. This parameter is dictated by the mode of operation of the motor.

What does the concept of "pre-chamber injection" mean in the R2 engine? The answer is as follows: the prechamber, synchronized with the cylinder group, receives fuel. It ignites, the further path lies in the combustion chamber. It starts the combustion process.

Role of the crankshaft

motor will last for many years

The engine works properly in different mode formats with the help of a fuel regulator. Its task is to limit the maximum speed of the crankshaft. The unit is equipped with 8 counterweights. The toothed belt acts as a timing drive. In this case, the R2 diesel engine may have a plunger injection pump.

To increase the volume, the engineers used a short piston. The sleeveless cylinder block, endowed with channels in the form of crosses for lubrication, is made of durable material - cast iron. This option is durable, although it adds weight. Washers regulate valve clearances.

Motor nuances

Maintenance must be done on time

Experts noted an important feature - the piston group. The task of thermocompensating cast inserts is to prevent the increase in duralumins by reducing the size of the gap between the piston and the cylinder. The dynamic damper contributes to better gas distribution. The cylinder head cover and support are made of aluminum for a reason, so as not to add extra weight and ensure reliability. Outboard workequipment is in some way dictated by the action of the timing belt. The manufacturer equipped the Mazda R2 engine with a closed-type air-cooling system, where the refrigerant is forced to move due to the presence of a centrifugal pump. What are the advantages of the “fiery heart” of the machine?

About expediency, pros and cons

The cylinder head is characterized from a not very positive side. The secret of negative feedback from drivers is in its overheating, as a result of which a large number of cracks occur. The problem is also in identifying this nuance. A motorist can recognize problems by accelerating to a certain speed: the “heart” of the car will heat up, exceeding the established limits. There are problems in the service centers of Russia with the search for spare parts for this unit. In this regard, craftsmen often turn to heads from the RF-T motor design or use R2BF.

Do-it-yourself tuning for the Mazda R2 engine is an unrealistic event under normal garage conditions. The best way is to contact a professional service department. The main advantage of the device is its versatility: it is suitable for minivans, trucks due to good power, good characteristics of the piston design, good traction at low speeds. The only point is that the engine cannot withstand high speed, and it was not designed for this initially.

Drivers find the Mazda Bongo's R2 engine to be quite reliable, although it makes a noticeable noise. Breakdowns do happen.

Common faults

Mazda r2

The motorist should not expect frequent breakdowns, however, he will have to meet the following possible defects:

  1. Injectors no longer perform their tasks correctly. As a result, the car will not start. The reason for this may be a malfunction of the spark plugs, fuel pump.
  2. Inconsistency in reliability is caused by a high percentage of worn timing parts or air intrusion into the fuel supply.
  3. Compression reduces its properties, its level drops, resulting in black smoke. The reason for this behavior is also the loss of the nozzles from the operating mode, the needle jams in the atomizer.
  4. Reducing the compression level at the same time causes incomprehensible knocks. There is a "disease" due to premature fuel injection, obsolescence of parts of the ShPG.

Repair will not be difficult when contacting specialists. It is worth choosing a service center with an equipped material and technical base.

Main characteristics of competent maintenance

Maintenance must be done on time. Experts recommend stopping by the workshop, bypassing the 10,000th kilometer milestone. You should change the oil, oil and air filters, take pressure measurements, adjust the operation of the valves.

After reaching the 20,000 km mark, diagnostic procedures are of particular value in a comprehensive plan for the entire engine. During this period, the lubricant and fuel filter should be replaced in the R2 engine. After 30 thousand km. it is necessary to carry out the broaching of the cylinder head bolts, changecoolant.

The timing belt will have to be replaced every 80,000 km, injectors - once a year.

Tuning Features

This engine was equipped with Kia - Sportag

The efficiency of diesel engines has been proven by practice, but power suffers compared to gasoline variations. In this case, most vehicle owners resort to tuning to increase the power indicator. The work is long and not cheap. There are high requirements for the qualification of the master: he must have experience in carrying out mechanical assembly manipulations at a professional level. The procedure includes a number of activities. It is often practiced to install a turbocharger.

With a competent approach, timely maintenance, highly qualified tuning, the motor will serve perfectly for many years.

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