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Car "Hyundai H1": description, specifications, reviews

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Car "Hyundai H1": description, specifications, reviews
Car "Hyundai H1": description, specifications, reviews

The Hyundai H1 is a versatile minivan also known as the Grand Starex. The first generation was released in 1996. And the last, second, continues to be produced to this day, starting in 2007.

hyundai n1

The very first cars

The history of Korean vans and minivans began in 1987. It was then that they began to produce a model that became known as the Hyundai Grace. And then, 9 years later, Starex cars began to appear. True, Grace also continued to release. Demand was very high, both for one and the second model.

The most powerful were the 2.5 CRDi LWD versions. These cars were equipped with powerful 140-horsepower engines. And they were produced from 2000 to 2004. A less powerful version was the Starex 2.4 LWD model. Under its hood was a 135-liter engine. And there were also motors producing 110, 100 and 85 hp. The weakest unit was the one whose power was 80 hp

It is interesting that it was among the first generation that there were all-wheel drive versions. They arewere available with 110, 100, 140 and 80 hp motors. True, such Hyundai H1 models have not been produced for a long time. Four-wheel drive is gone, now there is only rear.

hyundai starex n1

About the second generation

Specifications have not changed much. The turbodiesel 2.5-liter engines remained, which had previously proven themselves excellently. Only they were decided to improve in accordance with modern requirements. As a result, new items for 2007 were offered with 99, 116 and 170 horsepower engines. And there was also a 172 hp gasoline engine

Also changed the interior of the car. It has become more attractive, practical and ergonomic. The salon is really equipped so that everyone feels comfortable in it.

The rear seats can be folded, reclined and moved in a variety of combinations. It will be possible to pick up a successful configuration without problems. The front seats are also very comfortable. In addition to the driver, it can accommodate two more people.

Looking at the interior, you can immediately understand that the creators have identified this car as a family car. A 2-zone “climate” is installed inside, there are also sliding windows. And the chairs are adjustable.

hyundai n1 all wheel drive

Other details

You can also say that the second-generation Hyundai H1 car has become more dynamic, unlike models from previous years of production. However, due to the fact that the edge of the hood is too low, some maneuvers are quite difficult to carry out.

Maximumthe speed to which this car, equipped with a 170-horsepower engine, can accelerate is 183 km / h. The minimum fuel consumption in the city is 11 liters per 100 km. It takes less on the highway - about 7 liters. The fuel tank can be filled with 75 liters of fuel.

Rear, as well as in front, disc brakes are installed. Suspension - torsion bar and multi-link. Ground clearance is 19 centimeters, not so much for Russia (especially for a minivan), but acceptable. The main thing is to slow down as soon as holes and potholes appear in the field of view.

New model

Those Hyundai H1 cars that were produced in the late 1990s and early 2000s were not available in Russia, because they were not exported to our country. But the novelties of recent years have already penetrated the local car market. And they became popular. Many people need multifunctional minibuses, but not everyone can afford a minivan from Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz. But the more or less budget Hyundai is quite.

The design of the novelty turned out to be moderately strict and restrained. The swollen wheel arches and additional stampings in large numbers immediately attract attention. Appearance can be called universal. Such a car will cope with the role of both a family and a company car. It is worth noting that the new Hyundai H1 exists in several body styles, however, only one is offered to Russian buyers - a passenger, 8-seater.

hyundai n1 engine

New Features

A lot of interesting things can be told about what isthe main part of the Hyundai car. The new "H1" is offered to potential buyers with three different engines. Among them - two diesel, 2.5-liter. One produces 116 horsepower and the other 170 hp. Also, the car can be equipped with a 2.4-liter gasoline engine. Its power is 174 hp

Checkpoint can also be selected. A 6-speed "mechanics" and a 5-band "automatic" are available. Despite the fact that this car belongs to the class of minivans, it has good dynamics. The diesel version with "mechanics" accelerates to 100 km / h in just 12 seconds. Although the passport says that for 14.5. However, a test drive showed much more impressive performance. And this is really an excellent result, because the minibus weighs 2.4 tons.

Despite its weight, the car enters corners quite briskly and overtakes ahead. True, there is also a minus of the new Hyundai H1 minivan. Reviews show that the hydraulic booster of this car can not cope with the loads. The steering wheel becomes "heavy" too quickly. And if you move, for example, along a serpentine, then it stops working altogether. In any case, there is such a feeling. But all wheels are equipped with ventilated disc brakes.

What about suspension? The front is independent, equipped with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers. Rear mounted multi-link design.

auto hyundai n1

Packages and price

The new Hyundai H1 is offered in three trim levels. But the differences relate mainly to the technical plan.What can you say about the equipment? Even in the basic configuration, it is quite rich. There are airbags, stability control, ABS, start assist, leather-trimmed steering wheel, sliding windows (for rear passengers), adjustable steering column, fog lights and heated front seats.

The cost of this car in new condition is approximately 33 thousand dollars. By the way, if you want to save a little, you can look for offers to sell used cars. The condition of such cars will be almost new, and the cost will be several hundred thousand rubles less.

hyundai new n1

Owners comments

Many Russians have this minivan. And not only the new model. Even in those days when the concern did not supply its multifunctional vans to Russia, people themselves bought them abroad and brought them here. Because Starex is a budget, comfortable, spacious car with rich equipment.

Although owners also note some disadvantages. First-generation models, for example, are prone to skidding due to the rear end being too light. But they have a very good, soft suspension, which is reflected in the management. The car literally floats on the road. Another plus noted by the owners is the presence of rear parking sensors in the basic configuration. The car is large, overall, so this addition is very useful.

What about the Hyundai H1 engine? Good, kind, reliable. True, over time, it begins to consume more fuel. But since you need to fill a minivan with diesel, not gasoline,you can close your eyes to this minus.

And of course, every owner of the "H1" notes the excellent transformation of the cabin. The second row can even be deployed against the movement. In general, a good car for commercial purposes or a large family.

n1 hyundai reviews

The cost of used models

New Hyundai Starex H1 cars are quite expensive. Although much cheaper than competitors from famous German manufacturers. And that is why people who need a comfortable and spacious minibus are looking for used versions of those models that were released earlier, and not in 2015/2016.

A car manufactured in 2002 with a 2.5-liter 103-horsepower diesel engine will cost about 300 thousand rubles. Of course, the car will have mileage, but for such a price it will be possible to purchase a model in good condition. Also with an alarm, power windows, alloy wheels and a gearbox that works like a clock.

The 2005 version with a 140 hp engine will cost more. About 450-500 thousand rubles. But it does not require investment. And the 2010 model will cost about 900,000 rubles. But with a premium package.

In general, if you try, you can find good deals - both in price and quality. The only negative is that the steering wheel is on the right in early models. But few people are bothered by this. In the Far East, for example, most cars have the steering wheel on the right side.

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