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Reviews about "Hyundai-Tucson": description, specifications, dimensions. Compact crossover for the whole family Hyundai Tucson

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Reviews about "Hyundai-Tucson": description, specifications, dimensions. Compact crossover for the whole family Hyundai Tucson
Reviews about "Hyundai-Tucson": description, specifications, dimensions. Compact crossover for the whole family Hyundai Tucson

Reviews of the Hyundai Tucson additionally indicate that the car belongs to the class of compact crossovers, is available with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The production of the vehicle is established in South Korea, initially it was exported to the European and American markets. Later, the production of the unit began in China, Brazil, Turkey and Egypt. In the CIS, the modification has been produced since 2008. Consider the features of this SUV, its pros and cons, taking into account the feedback from the owners.

Image"Hyundai Tucson"

History of Creation

The Hyundai Tucson SUV, reviews of which are given below, was presented in early 2004. This event happened at the Chicago Auto Show. The modification received its name in honor of the city of Tucson, located in the state of Arizona. If the name is translated from the native language of the natives, it will sound like "spring at the foot of the black mountain." The Elantra platform became the basis for creating the car. Model fastbecame popular not only in America, but also in the European market.

For three years since the start of production, the vehicle in question has remained virtually unchanged. Surface restyling was carried out in 2007, and after a couple of years this series was replaced by the IX-35 version, which is very popular in Europe. In 2015, analogues based on hydrogen fuel and electricity were developed.

Design features

The Hyundai Tucson crossover is one of the leaders in its category in terms of price and technical parameters. One of the significant advantages of an SUV is a comfortable and voluminous interior. All chairs are foldable, which frees up maximum space for transporting bulky items. The front passenger seat transforms into a comfortable table, if necessary. An additional feature is the opening rear window of the car. That is, to put a small item in the car, you do not need to open the entire tailgate. By simply lifting the glass, the load is placed on a special shelf.

Finish "Hyundai Tucson"

The considered crossover is equipped with front or all-wheel drive. Modifications with a front drive axle appeared on the Russian market in 2007. Manufacturers decided to transform most of the variations to front-wheel drive after monitoring, which showed that the SUV is mainly used to move around the city. In America, cars are delivered exclusively with a front drive axle. The vehicle is equipped with a plug-inelectronically controlled transmission. The Borg Warner system is also used by automotive giants such as Audi and Opel.

Interesting facts

Hyundai-Tucson compact crossover has exceeded all expectations of Korean manufacturers. Initially, the car was aimed at the American consumer, but within a few months after its release, it became popular throughout Europe. Additionally, this fact is confirmed by the fact that the heir to the IX-35 was completely designed and assembled in the European Union. Specialists of the BMW concern made their contribution to the development of the design.

It is interesting that there is a lot of controversy around the correct pronunciation of the name of the car. In most cases, this is due to the difficulty of pronouncing the Korean interpretation of the name. Leading experts believe that the Hyundai Tussan is still considered the correct transcription. However, this fact does not play a decisive role in the quality of the ride and reliability.

Car "Hyundai Tucson"

Pros and cons

In their reviews of the Hyundai Tucson, users attribute the following points to the advantages:

  • excellent smoothness;
  • decent cross-country ability;
  • excellent visibility;
  • spacious interior;
  • wide choice of trim levels;
  • comfortable fit;
  • economy.

Among the shortcomings are a harsh suspension unit, frequent breakdowns of the rudder position sensor.

The modification in question is considered one of the most popular versions of the Hyundai Motor company, not only in Russia, butand in the world. Since the beginning of production, over a million copies have rolled off the assembly line. In addition, the many awards and prizes received speak about the practicality and qualities of the SUV in question. Among them are "Car of the Year in Canada" and "Best New Crossover".

Photo "Hyundai Tucson"

Hyundai-Tucson prices and equipment

The presentation of the updated third generation took place in New York at the motor show (spring 2018). The exterior of the vehicle has become more interesting thanks to the updated massive radiator grille, made in a cascading style. In addition, the design of the head lighting elements has changed, which in some trim levels are fully equipped with LEDs. On the redesigned bumper, the location of the “foglights” was changed. In the aft part, they changed the rear optics, equipping the trunk roof, and made some design changes in the body of the car.

If the description of the Hyundai Tucson in the updated generation is carried out by analogy with its predecessors, external changes do not seem so obvious. But in the interior of the transformation is much more noticeable. The multimedia system with Android and Apple support received equipment not in the form of an inscribed screen in the front panel, but as a “floating” seven-inch separate monitor. In the multimedia design, the very configuration of the top of the panel was also changed along with the design of the main deflectors. The configuration of the central tunnel has changed slightly, a USB connector has appeared in the design. The cost of a standard car starts from 23.5 thousanddollars (about 1.2 million rubles).

Interior "Hyundai Tucson"

Hyundai Tucson Specifications

For the European and Russian market, the SUV comes with a wide range of powertrains. Among them:

  • gasoline "engine" for 1.6 liters, with a power of 132 "horses";
  • analog with the same volume, but increased to 177 horsepower;
  • 1.6L (115 HP) or 2.0L (186 HP) diesel engine.

Engines can interact with mechanical or robotic boxes in six or seven modes. The most powerful two-liter diesel aggregates with an eight-speed automatic.

For the first time, a complete SUV with a hybrid power unit appeared. Its design includes a diesel engine and a 16 hp electric motor. With. (48 V). Already in the base, the car comes with a collision avoidance system, lane control, driver fatigue warning. Optionally there is a circular view system, adaptive cruise control, turning off the high beam in auto mode.

Crossover "Hyundai Tucson"

Parameters in numbers

Let's consider the characteristics of one of the most popular modifications of the SUV in question:

  • engine size - 19,754 cu. see;
  • power parameter - 141 hp p.;
  • torque - 184 Nm;
  • speed to the maximum - 174 km/h;
  • “running run” up to 100 km – 11.3 sec.;
  • average fuel consumption (gasoline) – 8.2 l/100 km;
  • compression – 10, 1;
  • power - injector;
  • drive - full;
  • transmission - five-mode "mechanics";
  • brake assembly - front and rear discs;
  • Hyundai-Tucson sizes - 4, 32/1, 83/1, 73 m;
  • weight – 1.6 t;
  • wheelbase - 2.63 m;
  • fuel tank capacity - 58 l;
  • corrosion protection - 6 years.

The rest of the modifications differ only in interior equipment and engine types. Otherwise, their parameters are as similar as possible.

What are the owners saying?

Let's start right away with the cons that many consumers have noticed. Most often, the following points cause criticism:

  1. Insufficient noise isolation at the rear.
  2. Quite stiff suspension, not very suitable for domestic roads.
  3. Unstable steering gear.
Salon "Hyundai Tucson"

Otherwise, reviews of the Hyundai Tucson are mostly positive. The plastic inside does not knock, the car accelerates smoothly, behaves well when cornering. In addition, the multimedia system pleases, the large capacity of the cabin, good steering sensitivity. Fuel consumption largely depends on driving style (in the city it is quite possible to meet nine liters per "hundred"). The paintwork of the body when driving on a country road is protected by a special black rim around the perimeter. Additionally, it is worth noting the original beautiful design and reliable assembly of the vehicle.

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