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Krone semi-trailers: specifications

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Krone semi-trailers: specifications
Krone semi-trailers: specifications

Krone multifunctional semi-trailers belong to the most common group of cargo trailers coupled with truck tractors. Devices are designed to transport a variety of goods. Machines are one, two or three-axle platform. It has a frame covered with an awning (a special durable fabric). The rear part is equipped with a flap or swing gates with a pair of leaves.

krone semi-trailers

About the manufacturer

Krone semi-trailers are manufactured by a company named after the creator B. Krone. At first, the company was engaged in the production of agricultural machinery. Trailer production began in 1971. Since 2001, the plant in Denmark has launched the production of semi-trailer refrigerators.

Krone consists of four divisions, each of which is engaged in a specific area. Three branches are located in Germany, one more - in Denmark. The line of semi-trailers includes 10 modifications. The company is run by the fourth generation of the founder's family.


There are two types of tilt semi-trailers: flatbed and curtain. The first option is equipped with removable or reclining aluminum sides. Its core is vertical andhorizontal racks connected by special crossbars. The upper part of the equipment is covered with an awning. It is attached to the sides with a cable or fixing hooks. The unloading and loading of the trailer is carried out both from the rear through the doors and from the side. Such modifications are mainly used for the transportation of groupage cargo, which require reliable and rigid fixation.

Krone SDP semi-trailers belong to the second type. The curtain model does not have sides, it consists of three separate curtains (on the sides and on top). The difference from the first option is technological simplicity and versatility. Benefits also include easier handling and lower cost.

semi-trailer crown curtain

Krona semi-trailer: specifications

The following are the main parameters of the technical plan:

  • Brand - "Krone SDP27".
  • Axle type - SAF Integral.
  • Producing country - Germany.
  • Suspension - spring type.
  • Brake system - disc assembly.
  • Weight limit - 39 tons.
  • Length/width/height of the inside of the body - 13620/2480/2760 mm.
  • Unloaded weight - 7.25t.
  • Capacity index – 31.75 t.
  • Body volume - 93 cu. m.


This part is a pair of T-shaped stringers, a similar central block, and an outer frame. The elements are welded with crossbars and traverses. The external multi-lock frame is designed for universal fixing of the load every 10 cm.Its front height is 12.5 cm.

In addition, this node includes the following elements:

  • Two-inch kingpin with a front overhang radius of 2.04 cm.
  • Side roll protection.
  • Rear analog protection.
  • Superstructure - internal length 13.6 m and width 2.48 m.

The support legs include a pair of mechanically driven jacks with a maximum load of 12 tons each. They have a cylindrical shape, a base plate, they are controlled from the right side.

krone semi-trailer 27

As for the axles, there are 3 of them in the design, with a maximum load of 9 tons for each. The center distance is 1.31 m. SAF-type axles are equipped with air suspension and disc brakes. The axle beam is a reinforced type, the distance of the axle unit is 7.65 mm.

Brakes and wheels

Krone semi-trailers are equipped with a disc brake system. It includes an external connector for connecting diagnostic equipment. The parking brake is spring-loaded, the connectors for activating the system are located on the front wall, the height is about 80 centimeters from the edge of the platform.

There are also two wheel chocks, EBS control system, each axle has a pair of indicators. There are modulators with an electronic stabilization system for equipment. It should be noted that the Krone 27 semi-trailer may only be operated with a tractor equipped with the ABS option.

The design usessix wheels type 385/65 R 22, 5 (11, 75/22, 5), and there is also one spare element. The centering of the rim on the hub is done. The wings are made of polymer, have a semicircular shape. Spare wheel holder - basket type, located behind the axle fixture.

krone semi-trailer sdp 27

Lighting and additional elements

Krone semi-trailers are equipped with a lighting system that complies with EU standards 76/756/EWG ff.


  • Pair of flashlights to illuminate the license plate.
  • Two lights with rubber grips.
  • Electrical connectors on the front wall (height - 30 cm from the edge of the platform).
  • Side LED markers.
  • 7-pin twelve-volt connector.
  • Socket for additional functions (7 pins, 12V).
  • 15-pin connector.
  • Rear multi-function lighting elements.
  • Fog lights and spotlight.
  • Red/yellow reflectors on rear wheel chock.

Among the additional accessories is a plastic tool box (600/500/480 mm). It is mounted behind the axle device.

Bottom and roof

The bottom part belongs to the classification of models type BO 13620 B. The floor thickness is 3 centimeters, it is additionally protected from moisture, made of glued plywood boards, sealed at all seams. The strength of the bottom complies with DIN 283. The maximum axle load when working with a loader is 7 tons.

semitrailerkrone characteristics

The semi-trailer "Krona" (curtain) is equipped with a roof modification AB 13620 AP. It consists of external universal longitudinal bars, the material for which is light alloy. The roof is adapted for the installation of an awning and sliding racks.

The second option for the upper part of the trailer in question can be a sliding roof type Edscha (Lite 113). It has a height of 11.3 centimeters, the slope is 0 mm. The indicator of the internal height to the lower outer edge of the longitudinal crossbar is 2.6 m. The rear opening has a similar indicator. The element can only be transformed towards the rear, equipped with a rubber lip seal on the longitudinal bar.

Walls and racks

Front through wall is made of steel, has strong corner posts and side loading limitation. From the inside, it is reinforced with sheet plywood, equipped with a device for removing the awning.

The rear wall of the Krone SDP 27 semi-trailer is a steel gate, which is equipped with double locking bars over its entire height. The element is equipped with a ratchet for tensioning the awning, straps for cross-fixing the curtain. Full height steel gate with double locking bars, opening width is 2.46 meters.

Three pairs of racks are installed opposite each other, have the ability to mount in six positions. The uprights have slots for removable slats, one of which is below the floor and four more evenly spaced on the rest of the upright.

krone semi-trailer technicalcharacteristics

What is a tent?

The semi-trailer "Krona", the characteristics of which are given above, is equipped with one PVC tarpaulin. It has through reinforcements vertically. At the top there are rollers that allow you to stretch the material. The stainless steel locking device is located at the bottom, which ensures the stability of the awning. It is adapted for a sliding roof type, corresponds to the required height, has contour markings on the sides. The awning can be made in various colors, has high strength, protects the cargo from moisture, sun and other weather and mechanical influences.

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