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Motor oils: manufacturers, specifications, reviews. Semi-synthetic engine oil

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Motor oils: manufacturers, specifications, reviews. Semi-synthetic engine oil
Motor oils: manufacturers, specifications, reviews. Semi-synthetic engine oil

The use of auto chemicals for the engine is a necessary measure to extend the life of the operating unit. A variety of oils designed to support the performance of the motor group often complicates the choice of motorists. For this reason, you should initially have an idea about the properties of this product, manufacturers and reviews from other users. It is important to understand that motor oils can provide not only the function of technical support for the engine, but also reveal themselves in negative performance if the composition was chosen incorrectly.

Features of semi-synthetic oils

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Usually, manufacturers distinguish two groups of oils of this type - mineral and synthetic. They are the basic foundations on which the working properties of the chemical composition depend. Mineral oils are derived from petroleum feedstocks. In essence, this is a crudely made base from the products remaining after the processing of oil into one or another type of finished fuel. Synthetic oils, in turn, are initially developed from individual components of petroleum products that have undergone more thorough pre-treatment inlaboratory conditions.

Obviously, the question of which engine oil to fill in is decided in favor of synthetic car chemicals. But the cost of such funds is much higher, so many turn to semi-synthetic oils. On average, 70-80% of such mixtures are formed from a high-quality synthetic base, and the rest is a mineral base. At the output, the user can count on optimal viscosity, wear resistance, balanced antioxidant and detergent qualities.

Main characteristics of oils

The viscosity index is the main characteristic that is taken into account when choosing an oil. In accordance with the SAE specification, this parameter is indicated by a double number - for example, 5W-40. The first digit indicates the dynamic viscosity of the composition, which manifests itself under conditions of negative temperature. The second number indicates the viscosity grade of the composition, designed for summer operation. The letter W indicates the use of oil in winter. The value of the figure itself should be considered as the temperature limit at which the composition will be optimally pumped, ensuring the engine starts.

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Special characteristic labeled HTHS has also been introduced to evaluate viscosity at elevated temperatures. For example, a semi-synthetic motor oil with a viscosity that corresponds to 3.5 mPas in this system is classified as high HTHS. The higher this value, the thicker the oil film will be, and vice versa. But do not consider the indicatorthe thickness of this layer as a confirmation of the quality of the composition. Modern motor mechanisms no longer require a high ability to smooth out mechanical friction. In any case, the minimization of this effect is achieved by additive enzymes. And in this regard, the quality of the oil will rather depend on its ability to distribute additives throughout the engine group at high speed.


The lubrication property is paramount, thanks to which the fluid minimizes the effect of friction on parts. Accordingly, the resource of the element base is preserved and heat generation is reduced during engine operation. Along with this, anti-rust and anti-foam properties can be of great importance. Such motor oils are usually selected for power plants operating under extreme conditions or under high loads. But to one degree or another, additives of this kind are provided in all modern formulations. Adding to this kit is a washing function, thanks to which the engine and adjacent components are kept clean.

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Mobil product reviews

Among the semi-synthetic oils of this manufacturer, the ULTRA 10W-40 composition has earned special trust. Motorists refer to the advantages of the product as optimal lubricating qualities, which also manifest themselves in conditions of a sharp change in temperature. This property is ensured due to the use of a high-quality mineral base with improved additives already in the base filling. That is, in terms of working properties, thatagain, the users themselves confirm that this composition is close to synthetics. And if many modern manufacturers of motor oils seek to optimize the component composition of semi-synthetics in order to offer an inexpensive, but relatively high-quality product, then Mobil Ultra counted on an actual increase in class while maintaining a moderate price tag.

True, there were some negative factors in the operation of the oil. Users point out that under conditions of prolonged use in the cold, the composition does not perform well, losing important physical properties.

Reviews on ELF products

original engine oils

In this case, the Evolution line is considered, in which the 10W-40 brand is also represented. To begin with, it is worth noting the versatility of the oil. It is calculated on the operation of any engines - diesel and gasoline, including those with direct injection. It is used by both car owners and van drivers with small trucks. Moreover, the oil demonstrates good working qualities both at short and long distances, which indicates the reliability of the composition. But, again, engine oils from the Evolution series should be used carefully in severe frosts. But if you need good washing qualities, then this option will be the best - users put this quality in the list of the main advantages of the product.

Shell Helix product reviews

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Famous brand in the release of the latest products in this category the mostachieved success in the HX7 10W-40 series. It has already been noted that high-quality modern engine oil is characterized by a circulation rate that ensures the timely distribution of active additives. This quality is also noted by Helix HX7 users. To this is added resistance to oxidative reactions and stability in operation against the background of shear loads.

In terms of viscosity and friction reduction work, reviews of engine oils in this family are also generally positive. The composition cannot be called revolutionary in terms of characteristics, but from the point of view of operation by an ordinary motorist, it fully justifies the claimed effect.

Reviews on Castrol Magnatec products

The oil of this company is suitable for those who expect to get high protective qualities. True, as users note, this effect is achieved by lowering the energy-saving function. Good cleaning properties also led to a modest rate of deposits. But during long-term use, many motorists also observe a decrease in the alkaline coefficient, that is, the working life of the composition is not so great compared to the analogues described above. Motor oils with a synthetic base demonstrate similar qualities, but they are not always the best solution for long-term use. Especially considering their high cost.

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Question of price

On the market, automotive oils are available in different volumes - in cans from 1 to 5 liters. The minimum volume costs an average of 300 to 500 rubles. This is followed by containers from 3 to 4 liters,which can be purchased for 1-1.5 thousand rubles. Less commonly, 5-liter canisters are produced, sold on average for 2-3 thousand. If we talk about the relationship between cost and brand, then Lukoil and Total QUARTZ can be attributed to the cheapest. The middle segment is represented by original Shell Helix and Castrol engine oils. The most expensive products of this line are produced by Mobil, Motul and LIQUI MOLY. Although it should be borne in mind that inexpensive formulations are often released under premium brands, which, however, do not look impressive in terms of performance.

How to choose a semi-synthetic motor oil?

The choice of autochemistry largely depends on the technical condition of the mechanism to which it is applied. That is, the condition of the motor, the requirements for its operation should be the main factor in the selection of the composition. This means that initially the driver must determine the set of properties that will become the most important for the engine of his car. The right choice is engine oil, the characteristics, reviews and test results of which fully fit into the requirements of a particular power plant for lubricating, cleaning and protective qualities. At the same time, the external conditions for the use of the composition, which determine its labeling, are taken into account. In this part, the car owner must evaluate the temperature limits of oil operation, as well as make an adjustment for the seasonal factor.

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Semi-synthetic lubricants for servicing the engine group cannot be called the best option for every occasion.High-quality synthetics are more likely to provide more reliable protection for parts and the engine as a whole from negative operating factors. However, properly selected recommended semi-synthetic engine oils from well-known companies can also guarantee the desired set of functions. The use of high-tech additives in the base composition of such a liquid makes thorough preliminary cleaning of the oil product unnecessary.

Of course, there are cases when one cannot do without multi-level pretreatment of oil in laboratory conditions, but this applies to the requests of ordinary motorists to a minimum extent. If we compare semi-synthetics with mineral compositions, then the difference will be much more significant. An unrefined oil base obviously loses to modified fluids in terms of basic performance properties, so it is better to refrain from such a choice.

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