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KMZ trailer and its types

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KMZ trailer and its types
KMZ trailer and its types

KMZ light trailer can be found everywhere. And on the roads, and near the river, and in the snow. For many years, car owners have been purchasing models of this particular brand. So let's see why they are so popular.

General Description

This type of vehicle is produced by Trade House "Kurgan Trailers". All products of the company are characterized by ease of use, high degree of reliability. And most importantly, low cost, affordable for many drivers.

Over the years of operation, the KMZ trailer has received a huge number of its fans. They, the users, like no other, can confirm the quality of the vehicle, its versatility and suitability for Russian roads.

trailer KMZ

The company offers a wide range of models. From general to specialized. It is difficult to describe them all in one place. Therefore, we will consider only a few options.

Universal trailers

KMZ general purpose trailer is one of the first produced at the plant. It is used for various purposes in everyday life. It can carry personal belongings, building materials and other types of cargo. The trailer is equipped with sides,whose height may vary. There are models with increased height.

The representative of this group is the KMZ-8284 trailer. It can be used with all passenger cars that have a hitch device. For softness and smoothness, both springs and shock absorbers are installed. The boards can be single-row (with a height of 33.5 centimeters) and double-row (the height of each row is 25 centimeters). In addition, there is an additional removable frame (in the form of arcs) with an awning. The front and back sides are removed. This facilitates the loading process and allows you to carry loads with a length of up to five and a half meters.

You can store the trailer even in an upright position. This saves space. In this position, it occupies less than one square meter.

trailer KMZ-8136

From the technical characteristics that the KMZ-8284 trailer has, the following can be distinguished:

The curb weight of the trailer is eighteen kilograms

The permissible weight of the cargo is three hundred and seventy kilograms

Trailer length - 3.1 meters, with drawbar extension installed - 3.9 meters

Width - 1.8 meters

Height with an awning - 1, 1-1, 3 meters (depending on modification), with a rigid superstructure - 1, 6-1, 7 meters

Dimensions of the inside of the trailer - 1.9x1, 2x0.5 meters

The speed limit is ninety kilometers per hour

Another bright representative of this category is the KMZ-8136 trailer. Its dimensions are as follows: length - 1.9 meters, width - 1.2 meters, height - 0.3 meters. Platform area with such dimensionsis 2.23 square meters. It is capable of carrying loads weighing no more than 390 kilograms. The weight of the trailer itself is one hundred and sixty kilograms.

The cost of trailers of this group is from thirty-three to thirty-five thousand rubles.

Boat transport models

KMZ trailer can be used to transport boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles and so on. Such models are distinguished by a modified frame design, increased dimensions and load capacity.

trailer KMZ-8284

For example, the Vodnik trailer, or KMZ-8213-03, can be used to transport boats and jet skis. Its weight is one hundred and sixty kilograms. At the same time, it is capable of carrying loads of five hundred and ninety kilograms. Its suspension is spring type. Its dimensions are 3.1x1.7x0.8 meters. At this size, it carries loads up to 4.2 meters long.

Snowmobile and ATV transportation

Specialized models also include trailers that are used to transport ATVs and snowmobiles.

Trailer KMZ-8213-A7, or "Taiga-2". used for transporting snowmobiles. It has increased dimensions and weight. Its mass is 280 kilograms. Length - 3.4 meters, width - 1.4 meters, and height - 0.4 meters. Its carrying capacity is 470 kilograms. The design is made in the form of boards on which a frame with an awning is fixed. Suspension, like the previous model, spring.

light trailer KMZ

Another type of trailer has an interesting name "Tandem". This is a KMZ-8213-E7 trailer. It is suitable fortransportation of two vehicles at once. It can be snowmobiles or ATVs. Its design is presented in the form of an open platform. Body size - 3, 6x2, 0x, 01 meters. And the dimensions of the entire trailer are 5, 3x2, 1x1, 3 meters. The curb weight of the model is three hundred and fifty kilograms. He is capable of carrying loads weighing four hundred kilograms. Suspension is more durable, spring type.

This is only a small number of models presented by the company. Among the assortment, everyone will be able to choose the option that suits them.

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