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"Rapid Skoda": disadvantages and advantages of the car, owner reviews

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"Rapid Skoda": disadvantages and advantages of the car, owner reviews
"Rapid Skoda": disadvantages and advantages of the car, owner reviews

The myth that the Skoda brand is in many ways the German company Volkswagen is just a lie and a rumor. After all, they are original even with some dependence on the Germans. Skoda Rapid is proof of that. Usually it is compared with the Polo model from the Germans, however, when it comes to this, the price of the Czech brand catches the eye. Why is she so big? Is it a status? This and other shortcomings of the Skoda Rapid will be discussed in the material of the article.

Skoda Rapid photo


The Czechs run the risk of demonstrating how dependent they are on their German colleagues, but they still begin to surpass them in almost every model. This risk, in their opinion, is justified. It is fraught with such defiant display of prestige: people can completely remove models from the world market, and people will forget about Skoda. However, do it exactlynot worth it, because the Czechs really tried and created a good car, it really competes with many cars of the German car industry.

One has only to remember the interior of the Skoda Yeti, which was 2 times better than the Tiguan, the spaciousness and dimensions of the Superb model from Skoda, which Volkswagen does not have. In general, in many models, the Czech auto industry is superior to the German one. The dream of a Volkswagen Golf owner is to have a trunk as big as the famous Skoda Octavia. However, this is not all. "Skoda-Rapid" - it is she who is the hero of this article.

It is worth noting that Czech cars are much cheaper to buy in their homeland, where they are sold really cheaply. However, the disadvantage of Skoda Rapid is that it does not follow this principle, and its price is really the same in all markets of the world.

What to choose?

Skoda Rapid rear view

Similar to the flagship model Skoda Octavia, similar dimensions, and even the price is much lower: about 500 thousand Russian rubles. So why does Skoda-Rapid have more shortcomings than hers? You should take a closer look and think about this topic. The picture is actually not so rosy, because Czech engineers and designers save on the most necessary parts of the car: there is no electric seat in the basic versions, heated mirrors, air conditioning and even a radio tape recorder. Yes, it can be included in more prestigious modifications, but it is quite expensive.

Security is also lame. There are no two airbags, and this is a disadvantageSkoda Rapid. The Octavia has two of them, which come immediately in the basic configuration. Everything else is fine.

Optimal choice

Skoda Rapid reviews

The most normal version of Rapid is the modification of Ambition. It has a 1.6 liter engine that is very reliable and fast, and it is also much cheaper than its Volkswagen Polo competitors and others. Therefore, it is better to choose just such a version of Skoda Rapid in order to stay in the “kings”. It costs only 50-60 thousand Russian rubles more than the minimum version. However, those who do not want to have such a powerful engine can equip their car with additional options.

Heated mirrors, air conditioning and radio, which is not in the basic version, will cost you exactly fifty thousand Russian rubles. And if you add another 22,000, you get the Ambition version, which will have even more interesting features: eyeglasses, glove compartment lights, seatback pockets, trip computer and much more. If you try to do it manually, choosing options, it will turn out to be much more expensive. Do not fool yourself and do not try to save money, because the miser pays twice.


Skoda Rapid owners

A talented salesman will start selling a car based not on its design, which is bad enough, according to the owners, but on the trunk. After all, it is impressive, its size is impressive. Therefore, a potential buyer will immediately think that this car was really made with soul. Volume - about 550 liters. If you also fold the rearsofa, then places here, like a double bed. In general, if you travel a lot, move, transport, then Skoda Rapid is a record holder among its competitors.


When the owner gets into the salon, he notices one thing: his front panel, instruments and steering wheel look very strict, stylish and prestigious. It's like sitting in a German car. However, this is understandable, because Skoda partially takes ideas from the German auto industry. However, the basic version is a little different, there is too much gray, which is in line with cheaper cars. Plastic is of rather poor quality, scratches. But the aluminum here is very expensive and good, it looks appropriate.

There are no hooks for clothes and cup holders in the cabin. How not to have a second in a car for people is not clear, but it is a fact that they are not in the Skoda Rapid. In the optimal and basic version, you will not even get backlights for the driver, this is a huge minus. Yes, for an additional fee, you can buy yourself an additional armrest in the back of the car, where there will be cup holders and so on.


Rapid Skoda

The rear doorways are wide, as if they are inviting guests to sit in the car. However, everything is bad with the front ones, they seem to not want the car to be controlled. However, 100% of people succeed in squeezing into a car and starting to drive it, although it is quite difficult. All the inconvenience comes from the fact that the front panel is wide enough, it makes it difficult to comfortably sit in the Skoda Rapid interior. This is a small drawback. Many people, leaving reviews about the Czech car, notethat they constantly get bruised by hitting a torpedo.


Skoda Rapid front view

Skoda-Rapid has one engine, the disadvantages and disadvantages of which cannot be counted. This is the 1.2 liter petrol engine that was always fitted to the Phabia and was again fitted to the Rapid. It was inappropriate: the car is heavy, and the engine is weak. It is not recommended by any owner of such a modification of the Czech brand. He's too bad for her. To overtake in a car with this engine is to make yourself worse. This is one of the shortcomings of the "Skoda-Rapid" automatic.

But the 105th 1.6-liter engine is noticeably more powerful, and not only. It is much more convenient to accelerate, control your speed, overtake. Still, it is much faster than a fellow 1.2 liter. Therefore, there are few shortcomings of Skoda Rapid 1.6. Also in the modification with this engine is a manual gearbox, which works no less well than the motor itself. However, there is one small minus: the sixth gear is missing on the track, as well as more horsepower in order to confidently accelerate over 150 kilometers per hour. However, this car was clearly not designed for racers. It is worth noting that for lovers of fast driving, turbocharged Skoda Rapid engines are easily amenable to chip tuning. It will add an extra 20-30 horsepower, and you will be able to enjoy the power that was sorely lacking.

Rapid Skoda disadvantages


This is a big disadvantage of "Skoda-Rapid", since it does not use low fuel consumption. About 12 liters per 100 kilometers are consumed in the city, given its rather small 1.6-liter engine. On the highway, of course, everything is better: about 8 liters per 100 kilometers. It was about naturally aspirated engine.If you take the modification with a turbo engine, then the economy will be better and the consumption will be less.

As mentioned above in the article, the 1.4 liter TSI is very good, its resource is high, and its economy is good. However, there is a small minus: in urban driving mode or in a traffic jam, you need to press the gas pedal with your little finger. After all, one small push - the car will explode from its place. And this is not the most important thing, reviews of the shortcomings of the Skoda Rapid say that its transmission is very slow and constantly malfunctions. Therefore, once again it is better not to gas, so as not to make her nervous, and constantly change gears. However, when you start from a place, Skoda Rapid gives pleasure. No feedback from the owners about the shortcomings of the Skoda-Rapid on the topic of acceleration was found: the car does it quickly and without pushing the gearbox.


Skoda Rapid finds its buyer anyway and will do it for a long time. And all because it is very similar to the German-made sedan - Volkswagen Polo. However, he has a number of advantages that his colleague does not have. Also, "Rapid" is good for those who want an "Octavia". After all, it is at least a little worse, but the price is a little less. However, the optimal version will costabout 600 thousand rubles, and the minimum is about 500. You can’t call it budget, but everything is known in comparison: the minimum version of Octavia will cost the buyer at least a million rubles. In this article, we have analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the Skoda Rapid.

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