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"Ford Mondeo" (diesel): technical specifications, equipment, operating features, owner reviews about the advantages and disadvantages of the car

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"Ford Mondeo" (diesel): technical specifications, equipment, operating features, owner reviews about the advantages and disadvantages of the car
"Ford Mondeo" (diesel): technical specifications, equipment, operating features, owner reviews about the advantages and disadvantages of the car

The Ford Mondeo (diesel) is a mid-size car manufactured by Ford Motor Company, produced from 1993 to the present day. Thanks to the collaboration of designers and designers around the world, the car turned out to be very attractive and technically of high quality, which was facilitated by an updated design, as well as the introduction of new features.

Short description

Diesel "Ford Mondeo" refers to the middle class. In the top configuration, the car can easily compete with the same BMW-7, but unlike it, it is a more budget option.

The latest generation of the Ford Mondeo diesel engine has received many innovations, such as an updated radiator grille, front and rear LED optics, a large air intake, updated mirrors and many other elements, includingsalon.

For Russian roads, the manufacturer has provided a high clearance and cross-country ability of the car. The machine is supplied with 16-inch and 17-inch alloy wheels from the factory, depending on the equipment.

ford mondeo brown 2018

Technical characteristics of the diesel "Ford Mondeo 4"

The latest generation Ford Mondeo received many engine modifications, including both petrol and diesel units. Diesel engines are the most economical due to the low cost of fuel and low consumption.

In addition to the diesel engine, the Ford Mondeo is also equipped with gasoline engines with a capacity of 125, 160, 203 and 240 horsepower. The last unit is the top in this line. Cars with this engine are equipped with an automatic six-speed gearbox. The displacement of the motor is 2 liters, like most others.

Despite the novelty of the model, the Ford Mondeo diesel is serviceable. The cost will depend on the location chosen for maintenance. On average, prices for a technical inspection vary between 5-20 thousand rubles. For a Ford Mondeo diesel engine, oil (its replacement) is one of the main cost items. This procedure must be carried out at the time specified by the dealer, or at the discretion of the owner. But tightening is not recommended.

ford mondeo side view

Ford Mondeo diesel engines

Diesel engines are designated TDCI. In total, the buyer is offered three options to choose from: one - 1.6-liter, two -2 liter. Power varies from 115 to 180 hp. s.

The company also produces a top-end version with a 2.2-liter turbodiesel engine with 220 horsepower. With the release of the latest generation of the Ford Mondeo diesel engine, the company began to place more emphasis on the production of diesel car modifications. This decision can be called controversial if the car is actively used in winter. The low temperature causes the diesel engine to cool down, making it difficult to start the car.

ford mondeo red rear

Vehicle review

The exterior of the updated Ford Mondeo turned out to be dynamic and aggressive. In the new design, developed by specialists, the cars practically completely lost their rounded shapes, as it was on models before restyling. The large dimensions of the car also play a role. Because of this, the interior of the model has become much more spacious, and the quality of the materials used has improved.

For the Russian market, the car comes with 16- and 17-inch wheels. Its ground clearance has also been increased. The base trims have elements that don't go well together, such as dark side skirts, bumper and dark mirror bases. In top trim levels, all of the above are painted in body color.

The interior of the car has been modernized by updating the center console and dashboard. Monitors were built into them. The central panel has acquired a large touch screen with the ability to control climate control, navigationa system that has not been fully developed to date. The rear seats are as comfortable as possible, which can not be said about the front. It is a little unclear why the manufacturer made hard side inserts in the chairs. Because of this, "wide" passengers are uncomfortable in such seats.

In the center of the dashboard is a speedometer with the ability to display speed in kilometers and miles per hour. On the sides of it are two monitors that are responsible for issuing system errors, the state of the car's elements, oil temperature, total and current mileage, power reserve and much more.

salon ford mondeo 2018

Ford lineup

Ford produces many models of cars, including both cars (pickup, SUV, sedan, coupe, minivan) and trucks. The most popular models are Focus and Mondeo. In addition to them, the company also produces:

  • Escape;
  • Escort;
  • Explorer;
  • Taurus;
  • Fiesta;
  • Galaxy;
  • Fusion.

From sports cars we can distinguish Ford Mustang, whose old models in the secondary market are several times more expensive than the latest models of Mercedes-Benz. Surely, many motorists have noticed this. It's just that the Mustang is a rare, rare car today.

ford mondeo white 2018


Despite the large size, the "Ford-Mondeo" has no problems with handling. The car clearly enters the turns, has a great overview, as well as high-quality sound insulation,which is so necessary when driving at high speeds. In technical terms, "Ford Mondeo" (diesel 2.0) in the reviews is characterized mainly on the positive side. Due to low consumption, this modification is one of the most popular in its line.

Ford-Mondeo diesel automatic machine also does not cause any problems for car owners. The advantages of this car include its appearance, which can give odds to some business-class cars. Wide doorways allow you to make landing in the car as comfortable as possible. High ground clearance is also an important quality, thanks to which the car is not afraid to run into any bumps.

The Mondeo's interior also has its pros and cons. Noise isolation is made at the highest level, and a large spacious interior will appeal to all passengers. The manufacturer even took care of such trifles as the glove compartment, making it more spacious than the previous generation models.

Although not particularly significant, there are also disadvantages in this model. For example, in reviews, car owners write that the font on the display is too small, the navigation system sometimes slows down terribly. In addition, drivers do not like that the consumer is offered a limited range of body colors to choose from.

It's kind of weird looking 16-inch wheels on such a big car. But if desired, they can be replaced with 19-inch ones that are more suitable for this model.

ford mondeo rear optics


Lastgeneration of the car 100% met the expectations of most motorists. Exterior Ford Mondeo has changed beyond recognition. Now we can safely say about the Ford Mondeo diesel engine that this is an excellent car with impressive technical components. The only problem is that in Russia the Ford Mondeo is only sold as a sedan. However, this does not prevent the car from gaining popularity. In 2019, the presentation of the updated Ford Mondeo model is planned.

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