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How do they cheat at gas stations? Fuel injection schemes. What to do if cheated at a gas station

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How do they cheat at gas stations? Fuel injection schemes. What to do if cheated at a gas station
How do they cheat at gas stations? Fuel injection schemes. What to do if cheated at a gas station

Cases of fraud at gas stations in Russia and CIS countries are not uncommon. Despite the rather high cost of fuel, the owners of large and small chains selling fuel are constantly implementing schemes to snatch additional money from car owners in the form of underfilling of fuel. Every day, cunning entrepreneurs come up with more and more new and sophisticated ways to take money from the population. Motorists would like to know how they cheat at gas stations so as not to fall for the tricks of cunning gas station operators, and what to do if they did cheat.

What does gas station cheating look like?

If it suddenly began to seem that the car consumes more fuel than before, then you should contact the service center or the official dealer who sold the car. If experts exclude car malfunctions, then it is recommended to take a closer look at the gas station, where the car is often refueled.

Employees are most often to blame for “fuel consumption”filling station. They simply do not add fuel to the car tank, and then pour it into a canister and then either use it for their own purposes, or sell it for illegal profit. Operators and refuellers are not even afraid of FSB specialists, who sometimes check gas stations to prevent fraud, because such “businessmen” make several million rubles a year on fuel stolen from car owners.

how people are scammed at gas stations

Features of gas stations

Underfilling of fuel in the tank is provided at any gas station. The difference is only in the number of liters, and this already depends on the greed of the shift and the amount of fuel that the driver buys. Often underfill from 1 to 3.5 liters of gasoline for every 10 liters. If a motorist purchases 20 liters, then the underfilling will be from 2 to 4 liters. If 50 liters are paid, then 8 liters of underfilling is a common thing.

Technical this is implemented using a small board installed in an inconspicuous place inside the column. If the column is old, with arrows, then the electronic board is not required - it is enough to connect the contacts with a wire. Also underfilling is realized by the tanker.

Continuous fuel underfilling schemes are practically not used - sometimes the transport inspectorate visits the gas station for test purchases in measured containers. When the driver begins to understand the reason for underfilling, the additional electronics are turned off, and the column starts to work honestly.

The hopes of motorists that the new electronic speakers cannot be deceived are naive. This is a computer, which meansin skillful hands, he will show the driver what is needed. The deception is very elegant and sensitive to the volume of fuel purchased.

rosneft gas station

Why is everything like this?

Deception at gas stations was built into this business from the very beginning. A long time ago there was a system for hiring refueling personnel, when the owner announces to the employee how much he should pay for each ton of fuel sold. If this plan is not paid, then the person will be fired and another one will be hired.

Gasoline tends to leak somewhere, evaporate, decrease in volume when it cools. Gas stations are deceived even by fuel trucks. Operators are forced to cover the shortage from their own pockets.

In trade, and it's not just about gas stations, sometimes there are inspections or shortages, and given the meager salaries of tankers/operators, it's not easy to pay off.

Types of fraud

You can refuel at any gas station without cheating if you know the main methods used by operators, refuellers and owners of gas stations. Now banal underfilling is less common, and “entrepreneurs” come up with more and more sophisticated options. Knowing these methods, the driver will be able to see attempts to deceive and take action.

how to fill up gas at gas stations

Changed software

This is how they cheat at gas stations, this is a popular scheme. The dispenser software is configured so that the dispenser displays, for example, 10 liters entering the car tank, but actually filling in 8. The N-2 formula works.

There is a real example. ByAs a result of the FSB raids, specialists managed to reach a certain hacker - Denis Zaev. The programmer managed to develop a virus that he sold to the head of gas stations. Most often, not only the program was sold, but the hacker also received part of the stolen income - several hundred million rubles. There are no analogues to this software. The difficulty is that not only gas station quality control specialists, but also employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs could not identify the malicious program. The FSB managed to install the virus only with the help of operational measures.

The software was introduced into the system of total meters at the filling station, into the equipment of the technical strait and into the cash register. The scheme worked according to the following scenario.

As you know, gas stations have tanks for fuel. One of them was deliberately left blank. In each gas station, which was paid by the motorist, from 3 to 7 of the paid volume did not get into the tank. But on the monitor of the refueling operator and on the column it was displayed that the entire volume was filled into the tank. The percentage of underfilling fell into the free reservoir, naturally, no records were made in the system about this.

Further, when the tank was filled, the fuel was sold, and the virus did not display these transactions in the accounting system. Thus, all the money went straight into the pockets of the participants in the scheme. The hacker has been arrested. He shared with law enforcement officers how they do not add gasoline at gas stations, but his business continues to live, albeit in the form of other electronic solutions and on a different scale

Human factor

Car enthusiasts who decide to refuel are alwayshappy when a tanker comes up to the car and offers to fill the tank. But tankers do not work out of good intentions and not even because of the salary. If, on average, gasoline in the amount of 15 rubles is not added to one tank, then more than 2,000 rubles can be earned per day shift. That's how they cheat at gas stations. Petrol station chain owners don't hire experienced refuellers, because they already know all the schemes.

lack of gasoline at the gas station

Unfilled change

This is done most often at gas stations located on the highways. The employee who makes the calculation says that there is no change from large bills at the cash desk, and in order to get out of this situation, you can pour more fuel. Drivers do not pay attention to how much fuel is filled, and calmly leave.

Gasoline stuck in hoses

This approach is used where the speakers click during the filling process. After these clicks, the supply of gasoline stops. Gasoline will be poured out of the hoses some time after the gun is hung. To avoid this, you need to wait about 20 seconds for the gasoline to pour out of the hose into the tank.

gas station check

Hose kink

Dispenser hoses may be kinked or twisted tightly. This is done on purpose. After all, a certain amount of gasoline accumulates in the corners. To pour out everything that is paid, you need to straighten the folds, if any.

Can you spot the deception?

It is impossible to notice underfilling of gasoline at the gas station by the fuel level sensor in the car. This is not possible even if an onboarda computer. In general, it is almost impossible to prove underestimation. In most cases, it is always within the limits on which the driver arrived.

If you refuel in the canister, it is also impossible to notice. After all, then either they do not deceive at all, or they deceive, but a little. After all, everyone knows how reluctantly they release gasoline even into a metal can - each time the weight of the canister is different, even if you buy the same amount of fuel at Rosneft gas stations.

underfilling schemes

How to avoid cheating

The beginning of the refueling process should not be allowed to take place without a motorist. The counter must be reset directly in front of your eyes. Each paid liter must be counted. In this case, there should not be sharp jumps, this is permissible only at the end of the process, when pennies are added. This is the only thing that the car owner himself can do.

At gas stations where there are refuellers, you also need to follow all of the above. In addition, it is worth making sure that the hands of the tanker do not press any buttons and do not climb inside the dispenser.

But this is not a salvation from underfilling. If the gas station system is built-in and controlled remotely, then in most cases the system is bought from competent specialists for a lot of money.

Where to complain about cheating

Having figured out how to cheat at gas stations, motorists would also like to know where to complain in this case.

It is not recommended to waste time and nerves on skirmishes and swearing with the staff of the gas station or with the owners. They already know, because with their own handsordered the manufacture of funds to take money from the buyer of gasoline. The maximum that can be achieved is 10 liters of free gasoline.

And what to do if you cheated at a gas station? You can file a complaint with the higher management of the company that owns the gas station. It is also mandatory to file a complaint with the tax, trade and transport inspection. Usually, after these checks, the desire to deceive customers disappears for a while.

what to do if cheated at a gas station


Where does all this information come from? From the personal experience of tankers who have worked for more than one year at Rosneft gas stations and other similar ones. Perhaps this information will help someone save money.

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