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G-Energy 5W40 engine oil: reviews
G-Energy 5W40 engine oil: reviews

Motorists are accustomed to the fact that the highest quality oil is considered to be the products that are made in Europe. However, Russian manufacturers have learned to make not only high-quality, but also cheap raw materials. Such an example is the G-Energy lubricant, which is produced by the well-known company Gazpromneft. And engine oil with a viscosity of 5w40 is deservedly considered one of the best in its class. It will be discussed in this article.

G-Energy engine oil

The plant that produces oils under the G-Energy trademark is located in Europe. The Italian city of Bari contains not only European flavor, but also the Gazprom Neft building. Every year, the plant produces more than 25,000 tons of products. It includes not only engine oils, but also transmission oils, as well as fluids for industrial equipment. G-Energy oils are considered among the best in the world. Their quality fully complies with ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, which are related toorganization management and logistics system.

g energy 5w40 reviews

The company produces products for completely different conditions and engines:

  • F Synth range: multi-grade motor oils with different viscosities. Suitable for cars, trucks and buses. It has a modern additive package that allows machines to work even in difficult conditions and save fuel.
  • Far east G-Energy: the company's latest development for the latest gasoline engines. Has approvals for the most famous models of automakers.
  • G-Energy with the designation S Synth: semi-synthetic oil, works with diesel engines.
  • GE Energy Expert: engine oil made from quality base oils that provide excellent protection against wear in engine parts with a thin oil film. Suitable for all season use.

Among all this variety, G-Energy 5w40 oil stands out. Reviews of a lubricant with such a viscosity are only positive. What characteristics does she have?

5w40 oil: characteristics

G-Energy produces several types of oils with a viscosity of SAE 5W-40. The composition varies depending on the purpose of the liquid (synthetic or semi-synthetic). The main characteristics of the oil are expressed in terms of SAE. Marking 5W indicates frost resistance of the oil. The engine of the car will be able to start without problems both at -10 and at -20 degrees. At the same time, the number 40 also indicatesexcellent work of oil in the heat up to +40 degrees.

oil g energy 5w40 reviews

G-Energy 5W-40 is all-weather, so it can be used in both hot and cold weather. This is facilitated by the special structure of the liquid, which adapts to environmental conditions. In the cold, it becomes less viscous, and in the heat - more dense. With such a lubricant, motorists are not afraid of any weather conditions. The oil differs not only in high quality, but also in the almost complete absence of fakes. When buying liquid at the official gas stations of Gazpromneft, you can be sure of the quality of the oil.

What do car owners say about the synthetic product?

Reviews of G-Energy 5w40 oil (synthetics) are mostly positive. Motorists note the reasonable cost and good performance of the fluid. The oil is made on a fully synthetic basis, as evidenced by the F-synth marking in the name. In addition to the possibility of all-weather use, G-Energy F Synth 5w40 has other characteristics:

  • engine protection for city driving (acceleration-stop);
  • suitable for the latest engines;
  • has excellent detergent and anti-wear properties that prolong engine life and help avoid breakdowns;
  • extended drain interval;
  • efficient cooling of the engine in the heat and overheating;
  • contributes to the long-term performance of the catalyst.
oil g energy 5w40 synthetics reviews

Reviews of G-Energy 5w40 also notequieter and smoother engine operation. Only experienced motorists are advised to replace it every 8-9 thousand kilometers. But according to the tests of the Gazprom Neft employees themselves, it has been proved that the oil does not lose its properties even with a run of 20 thousand kilometers. There are also products on a semi-synthetic basis in the G-Energy 5w40 line.

Semi-synthetic Opinions

Made on the basis of semi-synthetic components, G-Energy 5w40 oil (semi-synthetic), according to motorists, is no less popular. The reason for this is all the same characteristics: all-season, quality and price. The liquid is suitable for various purposes - it can be used in cars, trucks and small buses. The only problem you may have to face is faster oil wear.

engine oil g energy 5w40 reviews

Semi-synthetic oils have to be monitored more carefully so as not to miss the moment when they need to be changed. Otherwise, they have excellent qualities, which you can find out by reading reviews of G-Energy 5w40:

  • keeps parts from oxidizing and prevents alkali deposits from forming on engine parts;
  • equally suitable for heat and cold;
  • high detergent qualities clean the engine from pollution;
  • reduces leakage through compatibility with seal materials;
  • protects the engine during operation.

How to distinguish an original from a fake

If you read reviews of G-Energy 5w40, you can understand that mostdissatisfied buyers were deceived by scammers. Unfortunately, such cases are quite common in the lubricating fluid market. But there is an easy way to avoid trouble. Each branded canister of G-Energy oil has a panoramic label. If it is not there or the image does not look voluminous enough, then you have a fake. Buying oil at the official gas stations of Gazprom, you can also protect yourself from counterfeiting.

G-Energy 5w40 oil: customer reviews

Russian-made grease has a number of advantages over imported analogues. It is in no way inferior to them in quality, but wins in the price sphere. Due to the wide operating temperature range, it can be easily used in all regions of Russia.

g energy 5w40 semi-synthetics reviews

The grease has API CF / SN and ACEA B4 / A3 approvals, which makes it possible to use it in car brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and others. Reviews of G-Energy 5w40 engine oil only confirm decent quality. Of course, there are also dissatisfied customers. Some complain about the need for frequent replacement, others about a strong "waste" of the liquid. But most motorists are happy with the purchase and consider G-Energy oil to be an ideal value for money.

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