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Car Chery Very: owner reviews, specifications and features

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Car Chery Very: owner reviews, specifications and features
Car Chery Very: owner reviews, specifications and features

The Chinese have long been producing various products and supplying them to many countries. Their products are in demand due to their low cost. Not so long ago they began to master the automotive industry. Around 2010, Chinese-made cars began to be in demand in Russia. One of these models is Cheri-Veri. What does she represent? Everything below.


The car outwardly has many similarities with the Chery-Bonus model. The front of them is almost the same, and the side doors are completely identical. The only difference is that the novelty is presented in a hatchback body. The design of the car is modern, but, as many say, rather boring. He doesn't catch the eye. Reviews about Chery Very say that the car is made of thin metal, so you should not be surprised at the appearance of small dents.

Chery Very car

The car body is painted with high quality. Thanks to this, rust does not appear for quite a long period. However, from chipped bodypoorly protected, their appearance is not uncommon. In such a situation, car owners found a way out - a protective film on the body. Leaving feedback on Chery Very 2013, many note that the standard wheels are completely unsuitable for the car, as they are too small.

Dimensions and ground clearance

"Cheri-Veri" hatchback has become slightly smaller. In length, it decreased by 130 millimeters. Thus, its length is 414 cm, width - 168 cm, and height - 149 cm. Many people like such dimensions, as the dimensions of the car are easily felt. The ground clearance of the car is acceptable - 160 mm. However, off-road, you should not expect amazing results from the car, because due to the wheelbase and low bumpers on bumps, it touches everything. This is a good option for driving on an asph alt road. Reviews from Chery Very owners confirm this.


In the interior of the car, you should not expect something amazing and bewitching. However, this is normal for a budget model. The steering wheel is made in the standard style that is used on many modern cars. In the central part there is a simple multimedia system, as well as deflectors. The shift knob is a little closer to the center panel. Visually, this does not cause discomfort, but in reality this arrangement is completely inconvenient. Reviews about Chery Very confirm this.

What Chery Very looks like

However, not everything is as bad as it seems at first glance. The owners note that the novelty has quite comfortable seats. Even on a long trip, the driverdoesn't get tired. This is due to the fact that the seats have many adjustments. There is not much space in the back, but 2 people can fit quite comfortably.

The volume of the luggage compartment is 380 liters, which is more than enough. For a small car, this is an excellent indicator. However, for those to whom this will not be enough, folding rear seats are provided. In this case, the volume increases to 1300 liters. However, the owners, leaving feedback on the Chery Very a13 (hatchback), most often note that the quality of the interior plastic is low, so it creaks and creates other unpleasant sounds while driving.


The manufacturer decided to supply the car with only one engine option. In all trim levels, a gasoline engine with a capacity of 109 “horses” is installed in the car. Most often, Chinese manufacturers do not develop engines for their cars on their own, but immediately take a ready-made solution and buy a license for it.

"Cheri-Veri" - characteristics

A motor from the Austrian brand AVL is installed in Chery-Very. He is not able to develop huge capacities, but this is enough for a free ride. The motor has 140 Nm, and also passes the international Euro-4 class. Also, a catalyst is installed on it from the factory, but its quality is not the best. Because of this, after a short period of operation, it fails. Replacing a catalyst costs a lot of money, so most often motorists simply install a flame arrester and reflash the program.According to the information contained in the reviews of the owners of the Chery Very a13, after such manipulations, the car becomes a little faster. However, fuel consumption does not increase.

Fuel consumption for a subcompact model is more than acceptable - about 7 liters per 100 km. Also, many are interested in acceleration to 100 km / h. It is about 11.9 seconds. The manufacturer indicates that more than 160 km / h in a car cannot be accelerated. How true or false this is is not known, but it is unlikely that anyone will check, since controllability at high speed is significantly lost.

Auto "Cheri-Veri"

The transmission here is only mechanical. It is not very reliable. Many note that by 100 thousand kilometers, its bearings are already starting to fail, because of this, repairs have to be made. The motor is more reliable, but only under special operating conditions. Approximately every 40 thousand kilometers, it is necessary to change the timing belt. If this procedure is neglected, it can "bend" the valve. Repairing such a malfunction is expensive.


There is no point in dwelling on this in detail, since in general everything is standard. In the front there are racks with springs, and in the back there is a dependent beam. When owners write reviews about Chery Very, they note that the work of the suspension here is at an average level, it does not work out the blows in the best way.

Cost and equipment

In total, the model is presented in 3 trim levels: standard, comfort and luxury. As standard, the car will costthe buyer at 400 thousand rubles. For this money will be available: air conditioning, alarm, power windows, central locking and other nice options.

The cost of a car in the average configuration will be higher by 10 thousand rubles. Despite such a small difference in price, the number of options here is many times greater. Adds an audio system, heated seats, fog lights and 2 airbags instead of one.

Chery Very cars

In the maximum configuration, the car costs 430 thousand rubles. For this money, parking sensors, 15-inch wheels and an improved audio system are already available. In general, for the money this is a good car. This is also noted by motorists when they write reviews about Chery Very.


Cheri-Very is a good car for its price. Yes, it has its drawbacks, but given its cost, you can put up with them. However, it also has advantages over some other cars. The most important thing is the cost. Reviews of Chery Very speak of other benefits.

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