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Car "Lada Vesta SV" - owner reviews, specifications and features

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Car "Lada Vesta SV" - owner reviews, specifications and features
Car "Lada Vesta SV" - owner reviews, specifications and features

The advantages and disadvantages of many cars are revealed thanks to the comments of the owners. Therefore, reviews of the Lada Vesta SV will also tell you what the car is like inside, from the inside and how it behaves on the road. Therefore, this article will analyze the pros and cons of this machine. It will become clear whether this car is worth buying or not. We will find out what are the reviews about the Lada Vesta SV, and also why this car is considered one of the best in the class of universal cars.

Lada Vesta SV


The cost of the car is 700 thousand rubles. And this point is often discussed in the reviews. In particular, some drivers note that the car is excellent, but the price for it should be slightly lower. Others emphasize that outwardly it is almost perfect, and in terms of technical characteristics it is also “on the level”. Its ground clearance is large, as much as 180 millimeters. Yes, this is typical for this type of body, however, it is ahead of some competitors. In addition, for the cold seasons, the car is very practical - there is a heating of all mirrors. And all thiswell justifies the high cost.

Long road

Lada SW

The seats are comfortable - the car is suitable for family trips on a long journey. This is also a huge plus: there is plenty of space in it. You can put the necessary things in the trunk, three people can fit in the back seat, and most importantly, there is the possibility of adding roof rails, on which you can also place an important load. For example, bicycles or skis. Reviews of the "Lada Vesta SV" confirm that the car is really very convenient for long trips.


When there is a sudden braking, say, in case of an emergency, the brake pads really quickly overheat. And they also make a very unpleasant sound to the ears. If you start the engine in the winter season, then get ready to expect a very sluggish operation of the power unit. This is especially noticeable at low engine speeds, as well as when climbing uphill. Only the front passengers have pockets for small household items. At the rear, there is just a door without any departments for things. It is worth emphasizing that there are no good limiters on them. You could say they just don't exist. If you pour bad oil into the engine, there will be a very loud sound of hydraulic lifters.


Vesta SW

She just has a great look, which is really incomparable to many competitors. In the basic configuration, there are many functions that were not in the predecessors. Its dimensions are impressive - it is larger than many other cars in this class. It is worth emphasizing thattechnical and design solutions in it are much better than they were before. At the time of VAZ 2114, the Russian manufacturer was not eager to add any innovations to its brand. And now it happened, and the VAZ brand only benefited.


Salon Lada Vesta SW

However, there are some decisions that are better and should not have been made. For example, the wrong location of some buttons. According to reviews, this is horror for any person! After all, it is almost impossible to find some buttons by touch or by memory. You won't find it until you look at the panel. And this distracts from the road, provokes aggressive, improper driving and, of course, violation of traffic rules from inattention.

The emergency button is located far away, you need to reach for it. The predecessor VAZ-2114 was much better: the driver was not distracted by pressing any of the buttons on the front panel. It is worth emphasizing that the power windows and its buttons are located very far away. However, it is not as difficult to get used to it as to the fan / interior heating button. According to reviews, it is better to entrust such a difficult task to the front passenger, since it is extremely dangerous for you to do this. She is very distant and small.


Back row Lada Vesta SW Cross

Reviews about the "Lada Vesta SV" convince that the gasoline consumption of the car is quite high. Yes, for a station wagon of such a mass, this is relatively normal, however, it could have been done better. In the city, at least 11 liters, on the highway 8.If you drive sharply, aggressively and very quickly around the city - about 15-16 liters. The car has a good solution - a gear change prompt, which helps the driver to drive a car with economical fuel consumption. However, only the name remained from the word "economy". In fact, there are no significant savings.


In terms of dynamics, the engine of the car is quite good. He can easily drive over 150 kilometers per hour. Overtaking trucks on the highway is no problem at all. There is no feeling that you cannot do it. Overtaking one "long-range" - just spit, the second - also no problem. In general, reviews of the "Lada Vesta SV" confirm that the engine on it is what it needs.


The steering wheel is voluminous, beautiful and stylish. They really want to lead. Pleasant to the touch - it has very high quality materials. The upholstery of the seats in the car is quite well done. There is even an option to choose a color. However, it is worth emphasizing that the material used is not of the best quality. Already after 200-300 thousand kilometers they will be completely dirty, dirty and torn. They wear out quickly, however. You will have to visit the car wash often.


The car's suspension is quite stiff, however, much softer than that of competitors from the same brand. Reviews of the owners of "Lada Vesta SV" report that this is the golden mean. And not bad, and not a "Russian Mercedes", which has an air suspension. She doesn't sail like a ship, she doesn't drive like a tank. Everything is verycalm, quiet and comfortable. In moderation, of course. Handling is good - this is really the advantage of this car. Even though it's a station wagon, getting into tight corners is a pleasure. Drives like a modern sports car.

Lack of useful and convenient things

There is no auto mode on the windows. Also, there is no central large armrest. In general, the first owners of Lada Vesta SV were indignant about this. And now the same thing - people do not like this decision. There are slight hangs and jolts from the gearbox. Reviews about the price of "Lada Vesta SV Cross" are such that the car should cost less than now. All because of many small flaws that could have been avoided in production.


Ground clearance Lada Vesta SV

The reviews emphasize that if you take the black color of the station wagon, steel wheels of a large radius, then the car will look very greyhound and cool. Sportiness is right "on the level"! But if you choose gray, disks of the fifteenth radius or less, then you can immediately see what kind of body is massive, unsportsmanlike, unstylish. But one has only to be smart with the design when buying … It is very similar to the German car Audi RS6 - the price of which is more than eight million rubles. All in all, really good style and design. This is what the owners of the Lada Vesta SV boast about in the reviews.

The car seems to be calm. And on the other hand - very athletic, and makes competitors nervous. From a traffic light, she will explode and leave no one in front of her.


The first reviews of the "Lada Vesta SV" report that it is better not to turn the engine speed above 4 thousand when running. It is also better to drive on good AI-95 fuel so that everything will be fine in the future. If the winter season - it is worth warming up the car. In general, take good care of your car. It is worth emphasizing that the reviews about Lada Veste SV Cross are positive. Drivers are especially pleased that it is maneuverable, easily overtakes a "long-range" and does not consume so much gasoline per 100 kilometers.

In general, the whole Vesta family turned out great. No wonder this is the flagship of Russian production. This article presented all the information indicated in the reviews of the first owners of the Lada Vesta SV Cross, its technical characteristics, what is its interior, design and exterior style. We hope this will help you make the right choice.

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