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BMW X7: review, specifications and reviews

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BMW X7: review, specifications and reviews
BMW X7: review, specifications and reviews

Off-road cars BMW X7 belong to the concept version and constitute a worthy continuation of the legendary fifth and sixth models. The car turned out to be the most impressive in terms of dimensions in this line. At the same time, engineers have created a completely new modification. Not so long ago, a prototype car was presented at an exhibition in Frankfurt. Experts note that this model is likely to be transformed into a production version. It is worth noting that the vehicle is literally “stuffed” with modern technologies, including a mass of sensors, optics and a power plant. The designers have achieved a minimal presence of mechanics.

BMW X series vehicles


The exterior of the new BMW X7 impresses with its impressiveness. The front of the car is not quite standard. Instead of the traditional small grille and additional bumper below, the engineers adapted a classic, slightly elongated counterpart. The standard black color of the element in question was replaced with chrome plating. The edges of the lattice stand out clearly precisely due to the play of colors.

Also attracts the attention of the optics of the SUV in question. The front lighting elements consist of daytime running lights and fog lights. The slightly bluish background of the lenses further emphasizesluminous flux power.

The front bumper of the BMW X7 is unique. On the sides, the part is equipped with extensive aerodynamic openings, which have a chrome-plated outer edging. An additional radiator grille is provided at the bottom of the element, as well as indicators of security systems along with a front camera.

Exterior features

The bonnet part of the new BMW X7 has acquired more strict forms, the brand emblem in the classic version is placed in front. From the radiator grille to the front pillars, peculiar lines are laid, emphasizing the brutal style of a solid and massive SUV. Another feature of the car is the windshield, which smoothly passes into the roof without intermediate divisions.

Specifications of the BMW X7

The sides of the new BMW X7 are distinguished by the filler neck located on the left side of the front fender. This indicates the presence of a hybrid node with recharging. The huge wheel arches have a noticeable rim, but the 23-inch alloy wheels don't seem very large given the car's size.

A little more about appearance

The lower section of the doors and the front fenders are ennobled with a vertical-type chrome insert that adorns the aerodynamic nests and also emphasizes the outlines, like moldings. The main lateral lines of the BMW X7 extend from the hybrid attachment's charging hatch.

Also immediately noticeable are modern door handles that function on sensors, which makes it possible to get into the salon without any effort. The contours of the handles are framed by chrome edging, and onthe rear right element has an elongated diagram that highlights the location of the refueling hatch. The rear-view mirrors are designed in a futuristic style; against the background of the dimensions of the car, they seem small. Manufacturers did not spare the chrome elements, including the edging of the side windows.

Concept BMW X7

What's inside?

The BMW X7 will pleasantly surprise users with modern interior equipment and its design, unlike its predecessors. The front panel has a pair of displays (12.3 inches), one of which is used to output multimedia and some auxiliary systems. The second screen is responsible for the instrument panel readings, which the driver can configure at his discretion.

Both monitors have an unusual trapezoid or diamond shape. The upper part of the panel is trimmed with genuine black leather. A projection screen is placed behind the specified element, which displays information about the state of the vehicle and some current parameters of the technical plan.

To the right of the central monitor there is a mesh insert behind which the speakers are hidden. Under the display there is an original touch panel for climate control (with three modes), as well as a pair of air ducts. The audio system unit is located a little lower, there are only a few buttons in front of the driver so that he is not distracted by touch controls while driving.

bmw x7 black

Interior equipment

Review of the BMW X7 will continue in terms of additional interior equipment. Behind the hidden panelnext to the gear lever, engineers have provided all kinds of connectors for charging different types. The automatic transmission switch itself will also surprise users. It is made of crystal (so the developers say), and its end part is equipped with a parking button. Next to the box, there are many keys for controlling security systems, suspension and multimedia.

The steering wheel of this SUV is unique in its own way. It was specially designed for this car, has a sporty style and good girth. The design of the element combines the corporate emblem of the corporation in the center and transparent (crystal) sidewalls. Sensors are mounted on these parts to control the on-board computer and multimedia unit. By the way, there are no traditional steering controls and other levers behind the steering wheel.

Interior of the car "BMW X7"

Specifications for the BMW X7

Since this SUV belongs to concept cars, it makes little sense to talk about its difference in terms of technical parameters. The car is based on the previously used type 35 UP platform, renamed HPLC. This base is distinguished by a large amount of aluminum, magnesium, carbon, high-strength steel and chrome parts. The suspension unit and "hodovka" are inherited from the fifth and sixth modifications. It is quite possible that the first editions of the novelty will be equipped only with rear-wheel drive.

Regarding powertrains, the BMW X7 is equipped with turbine engines with 6 or 8 cylinders. In addition, mandatoryhybrid installation included. It is located under the hood of the concept and is indicated by a special nameplate. In-line gasoline "six" develops power up to 335 horsepower, the volume is 3 liters. The 4.4 liter unit produces about 445 “horses”. It is possible that a diesel (3.0 l / 300 hp) will appear in the range of power plants for this car.

Hybrid Attachment

This setup includes a 2 liter twin turbine engine with 4 cylinders. A similar unit is available on some modifications of the X5 and X3 series. In the "luxury" version, the model will receive a 6-liter gasoline engine. As you can see, the power plants on the SUV in question are well-proven upgraded versions from previous models.

New BMW X7


The dimensions of the BMW X7 are impressive. The width of the SUV is 2.02 meters, and the length and height are 5.02 and 1.8 meters, respectively. The wheelbase is 3,085 m. The remaining parameters are not yet known for certain, however, experts suggest that the clearance will depend on the selected air suspension mode and will be at least 21 centimeters.

The rear part of this car largely copies the features of the fifth series, while the front part has become more aggressive and clearer. The upper part of the tailgate is adorned with surround glass and a spoiler with turn signal LEDs. There is a chrome strip in the center of the luggage compartment lid that stretches across the entire width of the car and has a distinct emblem on the top approachcompany.

Unlike the X5, the trunk lid is divided into two compartments, as in the first variants of SUVs (upper door and an additional part at the bottom). Also striking is the rear bumper, decorated on the sides with aerodynamic holes and silver inserts. The lower center part is flanked by the signature sporty diffuser.

Overview of the BMW X7

Reviews and recommendations

The release date of the BMW X7 in mass production has not yet been finally determined. Nevertheless, experts suggest that about 3 or 4 complete sets will enter the market, which will differ in their “stuffing”, the type of gearbox and the type of drive. Judging by the feedback from potential users, the model will be in great demand among SUV connoisseurs of this brand. Production facilities for the release of the first copies are planned to be established in the United States (South Carolina, Spartanburg).

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