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Tourist enduro. The best motorcycles for long distance travel

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Tourist enduro. The best motorcycles for long distance travel
Tourist enduro. The best motorcycles for long distance travel

The class of off-road bikes has been formed for decades and today it involves the division into several segments. The niche in which enduro motorcycles are represented can be attributed to one of the brightest offshoots with a clear hint of extremeness. But even here, not everything is so obvious. If earlier, among the key differences between such a device and the classic road model, riders noted the width of the steering wheel and a raised muffler, today this set has expanded significantly. In a certain sense, a compromise option is the touring enduro, which combines the convenience of road versions and the off-road qualities of the canonical representatives of the class.

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What is so special about touring enduro?

It would still be wrong to view the touring enduro as a cross between a regular road bike and a sport bike. With careful analysis in such devices, you can also find similarities with cruisers and crosses. Therefore, the tourist enduro is a hybrid of several representatives of different classes at once. It's a rugged off-roader, a long-distance utilitarian, and a fun-to-drive bike that can be used on public roads.

At the same timethere are also divisions in the enduro segment for tourism itself. Almost every model forms a separate subspecies with a unique set of technical and operational qualities. But in any case, manufacturers are guided by the general user requirements that modern touring enduros should have. An overview of the models below will highlight the features in the performance approaches that are of interest to today's riders.

Kawasaki ZZR 400

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A sports touring device, which is a classic representative of this niche. The model first left the assembly line in 1990 and was further produced until 2007. During this period, the motorcycle has experienced many restylings and updates, covering an increasing audience of fans. The power filling of the model was taken from the older modification ZZR 600. True, the new tourist enduro, whose 400-cc engine led to a less aggressive driving style, lost its oil cooler and received a different exhaust system. Also, among the features of the ZZR 400, adjustable suspensions, an aluminum frame, a 6-speed “box”, as well as the presence of inertial boost are distinguished. The modest power plant is also economical. Kawasaki of this modification consumes an average of 7-8 liters per 100 km. By the way, this is an important point for expeditionary enduro. Such motorcycles do not aim to overcome difficult extreme obstacles, so high power is not so important for them. But overcoming many kilometers of distances is a common thing for such bikes.Accordingly, an economical rider should also think about the corresponding fuel consumption.

Yamaha WR250R

enduro 250cc

The small size of the engine does not at all contradict the ability of the bike to easily overcome rough terrain with difficult surfaces. It is the lightness of the design and the power base that allows motorcycles to cope with impassable terrain. This is confirmed by the small WR250R from the well-known motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha. Despite its modest dimensions, this is a rather tough enduro, 250 cubic meters of which does not weaken the power potential at all. Revolving 30 hp engine. With. allows you to confidently overcome long highway distances, and easily transfer problematic soil. In many ways, the sporting qualities of the model are also due to the unusual design. It is represented by an aluminum diagonal frame with cross suspensions, which make the bike universal (in terms of cross-country ability).


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The model has taken a strong position between the lightweight machines of the G-series with a displacement of 650 cm3 and a solid bike, which already has 1170 cm3. Again, the question may arise as to why the expedition vehicle needs such a high volume of 800 cm3? The fact is that it is precisely the balance in working qualities that makes it possible to consider such bikes as universal ones. The model should be both sporty, and off-road, and comfortable in cross-country traffic. The combination of these qualities is provided by the modification of the BMW F800GS, which, in addition totourist ambitions can show their best qualities in a large metropolis.

Honda Transalp XL700

touring enduro 400

This is already a representative of heavy enduros, which are also distinguished by high power. The Transalp family is quite diverse and in this case we are talking about the most advanced modification, which has been produced since 2008. As for the differences from less productive counterparts, the XL700 is provided with an injection engine, the presence of an ABS security system, as well as a reduced radius of the front wheel. On the other hand, the model is more suitable for the title of a rally motorcycle. This is also evidenced by the practice of operation - users note that the bike performs optimally in highway and cross-country conditions, but is not suitable for hard off-road. And here we can remember that tourist enduros are motorcycles for long-distance travel, and not for extreme sports. Therefore, this model can be used as a versatile motorcycle for travel in tolerable road conditions.

KTM Adventure 1190

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The Adventure family also presents several versions with different technical parameters. In this case, the motorcycle can be considered as a universal model in the touring enduro category. It should be noted right away that the development of the motorcycle was carried out by specialists in racing technology, who, however, did not forget about the lightness of the design. The bike organically combines high power potential and maneuverability.frame base. The designers used an ultra-light and at the same time rigid tubular frame made of chromium-molybdenum alloy. As for the power stuff, KTM provided the tourist enduro with a two-cylinder V-twin engine with 1200 cm 3, the power potential of which is 150 hp. With. Worthy of attention is the suspension with WP Suspension mechanisms, as well as the unique brake system from Brembo. The result is a well-balanced machine with high power and a lightweight, durable design.

How to choose the best touring enduro?

Even the general belonging to the segment of motorcycles designed for long-distance travel does not allow the same approach to the choice of a bike in all cases. Still, each model has its own peculiarities of application, abilities and capabilities. When evaluating the working qualities of a particular bike, it is worth starting from your requests first of all. For example, the KTM Adventure is more suitable for a relaxed journey with a pragmatic approach to equipment. On the other hand, for visiting European cities with their narrow streets, the Yamaha WR250R or the younger version of the Honda Transalp are more suitable. It is important not to forget that the best touring enduro bikes are also safe and reliable. In this regard, the leadership can be given to the German bike F800GS.


touring enduro bikes for long haul

It is generally accepted that motorcycles for riding outside the city are initially endowed with driving characteristics that do not combine well withcomfort for the rider. Such a motorcycle will certainly be provided with rigid frames, a strong suspension and a powerful engine, but only an experienced user will be able to feel the convenience of control. This is partly a fair statement, but there are also exceptions - for example, light modern enduros can be distinguished, 250 cubes of which have a positive effect on a friendly character. At the same time, it cannot be said that powerful devices with a working volume of more than 1000 cm33 and a power output of 150 liters. With. are difficult to manage. The developers bring elements to the design and suspension mechanisms that facilitate the interaction of the motorcycle and the rider, regardless of riding conditions.

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