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Kawasaki Z750R motorcycle: review, specifications and reviews
Kawasaki Z750R motorcycle: review, specifications and reviews

Kawasaki Z750 is a family of Japanese naked bike style motorcycles that were produced between 2004 and 2013. They are made in accordance with all modern requirements. And their style embodies current trends. Kawasaki Z750R, whose technical characteristics make it possible to consider it a prestigious model, is popular with motorcycle enthusiasts. And regardless of driving experience. It is preferred by both experienced motorcyclists and beginners. Models are easy to manage, maneuverable, despite the large weight. They are comfortable to move around the city and the highway. A comfortable seat will make you feel great during trips of any length.

Modifications of motorcycles "Kawasaki Z750"

The Kawasaki Z750 lineup is represented by three main modifications of motorcycles:

  • Kawasaki Z750, which is the base model.
  • Kawasaki Z750S received a redesign. There was a front fairing, an analog dashboard. The seat is lower. This model is a sports version.
  • Kawasaki Z750R is the most suitable street style. In addition to changes in appearance, the differences also affected the technical side.motorcycle. The main ones were four-piston radial calipers and adjustable suspension.

History of the development of the model

The entire history of Honda-Kawasaki motorcycles can be summarized in five main dates:

2004: Launch of the base model Kawasaki Z750, which replaced the Kawasaki ZR-7

kawasaki z750r
kawasaki z750r
  • 2005: the release of a new sports modification Z750S.
  • 2007: restyling of the basic version of the motorcycle. The appearance has changed. Plug installed upside down. The engine received new settings. In order to increase the torque, a fuel injection system is installed. Paddle type brake discs installed.
  • 2011: The introduction of the Kawasaki Z750R. The exterior is street style. Sports performance received suspension, aluminum swingarm.
  • 2012: decision was made to stop production of the model. The new bikes are branded Kawasaki Z800.

Z750R release on the market

In 2011, the Kawasaki lineup was replenished with a new model Kawasaki Z750R. It was developed on the basis of the magnificent Z1000 bike. But the version that has appeared is more suitable for lovers of open motorcycles with not so much power. Experts argue that the name should be different. In their opinion, the model does not match (or does not fully match) the R configuration. For this, the motorcycle lacks the necessary characteristics.

new motorcycles
new motorcycles

This modification has been produced for three years(2011-2013). The model was updated annually. Changed appearance and specifications.

Kawasaki Z750R 2011 Model Review

The 2011 version was produced with a four-stroke power unit. Engine with four cylinders arranged in a row and sixteen valves. It produces a power of one hundred and five horsepower. The volume is 748 cubic centimeters, like the basic version of the Kawasaki Z750. But the potential of the motor is not fully developed. While driving, it seems that a smaller engine is installed. There are analogues that, with the same volume, produce one and a half times more power (up to one hundred and fifty horsepower).

kawasaki z750r price
kawasaki z750r price

The manufacturer claims that the Kawasaki Z750R accelerates to two hundred and ten kilometers per hour. But not always a motorcyclist can reach this bar. The bike does not provide wind protection, which is a significant disadvantage of the model.

From its predecessor, the Kawasaki Z750R took a new fork (41 mm). The rear suspension is represented by a shock absorber. The two-wheel suspension has rebound and preload adjustment. The model also features radial calipers and a lightweight swingarm.

Braking and control systems have changed for the better. But the effect is spoiled by the increase in the weight of the motorcycle, which is 224 kilograms. A normal mid-displacement engine can't pull that much weight with confidence.

The front has two wheels (three hundred millimeters), radial calipers and four pistons. Systemrear wheel braking is different. In order to stop, a 250 mm disk and one piston on the caliper are installed.

The frame is made of steel pipes. The height of the motorcycle on the saddle is eight hundred and twenty millimeters.

Fuel consumption is five liters per hundred kilometers. The motorcycle accelerates to a hundred in twelve seconds.

2012 models

The 2012 Kawasaki Z750R is considered by many to be a masterpiece in its class. The bike features a well-thought-out chassis, a modified braking system, and feedback from the driver.

kawasaki lineup
kawasaki lineup

The new motorcycles are much lighter than their predecessors. The fact is that the tubular square profile of the basic version, made of steel, was replaced by a swivel pendulum bracket made of aluminum. This change not only reduced the weight of the bike, but also gave it a more stylish look. The pendulum itself is similar to the corresponding elements of the Kawasaki Z1000 model. They have identical left halves. But the right ones are different. The installed elements improve the grip of the rear wheel with the road surface.

The power unit is four-stroke, liquid-cooled and two camshafts. The volume of the engine is the same 748 cubic centimeters. Fuel is supplied by the electronic control unit.

kawasaki z750r specifications
kawasaki z750r specifications

The instrument panel is compact and convenient, contains all the necessary information. Sensors can be divided into two types: classic and modern. The first part is represented by a tachometer,on a black dial. The second part is a liquid crystal display. On it you can view almost any information related to the operation of the motorcycle: speedometer, tachometer, fuel level in the tank, trip odometer, coolant temperature, clock and other options.

Motorcycle powertrain specifications

Motorcycles "Kawasaki Z750R" of all modifications had similar technical characteristics. Their carburetors are four-stroke with four cylinders arranged in a row. Each cylinder with a diameter of 68.4 millimeters is equipped with four valves. The piston stroke is 50.9 millimeters. Liquid cooling.

kawasaki z750r review
kawasaki z750r review

Multi-plate clutch. The ignition is switched on by means of a digital system. Starting the engine is electric. Six speed constant mesh gearbox. Chain drive.

Frame Features

The frame is made of high strength steel. The front fork is telescopic with a diameter of forty-one millimeters. Its stroke is one hundred and twenty millimeters, which is not bad in itself.

Rear suspension is a single shock absorber with 130mm of travel and 24.5 degrees of rake.

The brake system on the front wheel is made in the form of a double petal disc with a diameter of three hundred millimeters. In addition, radial calipers have four pistons. The rear wheel has only one disc with a diameter of twenty-two millimeters.

Rubber on the rear and front wheels is different. But its diameter is the same (according toseventeen inches).

Dimensions of motorcycles

The Kawasaki Z750R is 2.1 meters long, 0.79 meters wide and 1.1 meters high. If the height is measured by the seat, then the value will be 0.83 meters. The wheelbase is 1440 millimeters. The smallest ground clearance is 165 millimeters. The volume of the fuel tank is eighteen and a half liters. With these dimensions, the motorcycle weighs 224 kilograms.

Kawasaki Z750R: price and reviews

Owners who have already bought and successfully ride a motorcycle of this model leave only positive feedback. Of course, no one talks about the complete absence of shortcomings. But they are not critical and you can safely close your eyes to them.

Maneuverable, nimble, reliable - the Kawasaki Z750R deserves such characteristics.

The price of fifteen thousand dollars stops few people. The motorcycle feels great when driving on city streets. Even in a traffic jam between cars it is easy to drive. A lot of weight in this case is offset by a small wheelbase.

kawasaki z750r 2012
kawasaki z750r 2012

But driving on the highway is not always convenient. The bike holds speeds up to one hundred and twenty kilometers per hour remarkably. Further acceleration is difficult due to the strong "windage". Wind protection is still lacking. Handles well on corners. Even at high speed. Sitting comfortably and comfortably.

Consumption in the city is about seven liters per hundred kilometers. On the highway - about five and a half. But the engine almost does not take oil. You don't need to top it up often.

There are some nuances in the operation of the gearbox. She isworks well, but it takes some getting used to. And at first, it may be difficult to switch gears.

Another small minus is the vibration of the dashboard. But it's easy to ignore it.

The Kawasaki Z750R motorcycle is a good option for getting around the city and beyond.

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