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Honda XR650l motorcycle: photo, review, specifications and owner reviews

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Honda XR650l motorcycle: photo, review, specifications and owner reviews
Honda XR650l motorcycle: photo, review, specifications and owner reviews

Honda XR650L is a unique motorcycle, a favorite of those who prefer off-road trips, because the model is not afraid of dirt, rough roads, providing complete freedom of movement on various roads.

honda xr650l tuning


The Honda XR650L motorcycle belongs to the enduro class and is equipped with a four-stroke single-cylinder engine with an air-oil cooling system. The stroke of the 100 mm piston is 82 millimeters, the displacement of the engine is 644 cubic centimeters. The engine is started using an electric starter. The stock version of the motorcycle is equipped with a 10.6-liter fuel tank with a reserve of 2.3 liters. The engine is paired with a five-speed manual transmission. The brake system is hydraulic, represented by disc mechanisms and is highly efficient. The suspension of the motorcycle is adjustable in terms of stiffness and allows you to overcome the unevenness of the track, the rear suspension is equipped with a monoshock with 279 mm of travel. Enduro wheelbase is 1455millimeters, ground clearance - 330 millimeters, which allows you to overcome the unevenness of the track. The curb weight of the motorcycle is 157 kilograms.

Honda XR650L features allow it to operate in harsh conditions without overheating the engine and failure of the power system.

motorcycle honda xr650l specifications


Honda XR650L has a primitive yet elegant design without any decorative body kit. The efficiency of motorcycle optics is very controversial, so it is desirable to improve lighting technology, especially before long trips. Minor shortcomings of the motorcycle are easily eliminated by the owner if there is a budget, since a wide range of components allows you to make appropriate changes.


Honda XR650L is equipped with a stiffer suspension that absorbs bumps in the road when driving at high speed and provides excellent handling. Both the front and rear suspensions are adjustable over a wide range of settings. In terms of reliability, the suspension is not inferior to the engine: in order to break through it, you need to make a lot of effort.

honda xr650l photo


The transmission fitted to the Honda XR650L far outperforms its major competitors in terms of performance, delivering smooth shifting performance. The only nuance of the gearbox is the difficult search for the neutral position of the lever, which is eliminated by filling in high-quality gear oil. special rubber,mounted on a motorcycle, it allows you to ride on sandy ground, however, the high position of the seat can make it difficult to control the XR650L model when driving at low speed. The high clearance does not allow you to put the enduro on your belly in mud or sand.


Large-scale changes to the design of the motorcycle will not work, however, it can also be tuned. The Honda XR650L is often equipped with an FMF titanium exhaust system, a low resistance filter and a Dynojet carburetor kit to increase engine power. The dynamics of the bike after installing an enlarged rear sprocket increases so much that it can be reared up from the third gear. The regular fuel tank can be replaced with an analogue increased to 16 liters, which is very practical and timely, since the engine with increased power begins to consume more fuel - about 7 liters in the urban cycle.

honda xr650l reviews

Test drive

Honda XR650L owners in the reviews note the optimal seat height, which allows pilots of small stature to comfortably fit on a motorcycle. The handlebars are tall and wide, and the seat sits as close to the handlebars as possible to mimic the riding position of a motocross bike.

The main advantage of the Honda XR650L is its engine. The carbureted single-cylinder unit with a working volume of 650 cubic centimeters provides excellent dynamism, although it reacts somewhat belatedly to the turn of the throttle. At low and high speeds, the thrust drops somewhat, which,however, it is more than compensated in the middle range.

Suspension work

The Honda XR650L suspension easily hides all the bumps in the track and absorbs jumps from small jumps, but it is contraindicated for off-road driving at high speeds - the bike almost immediately loses control due to soft wheel settings. This is corrected by increasing the pressure in the feathers, clamping the monoshock absorber and tightening the hydraulics. Of course, such settings will not raise the handling of the enduro to the level of a motobike, but it will make it much easier. In terms of agility, the Honda XR650L fully lives up to expectations, striking a balance between directional stability and agility.

honda xr650l specifications

Transmission and chassis

The technical characteristics of the Honda XR650L motorcycle, despite all their reasonableness, require the owner to have a certain skill associated with finding a neutral gear. The transmission works almost perfectly: in first gear you can force muddy areas and climb steep slopes, in second it is somewhat long. When trying to climb a 45-degree incline in second gear, the engine makes itself felt with a mournful knock, which, however, is quite natural, since the enduro is by no means designed for such feats.

The full potential of the Honda XR650L off-road can not be realized with compromise tires, while providing a chance to evaluate the crash resistance of a motorcycle. Enduro contacts open ground without much harm to itself. Falling in a turn can turn arounddamage to the plastic petals of the handlebars and clutch release. However, such a breakdown does not affect the transmission: gear shifting can be carried out by resetting and gaining speed. A similar feature is a real salvation, allowing you to get to civilization and a repair shop in case of a fall in deserted places. Of course, the presence of programmed break points or full protection of the handles would help to avoid such troubles, but such nuances are not provided for by the design.

honda xr650l specs

Management within the city

The compact dimensions of the Honda XR650L allow you to quickly and easily take root in the dense traffic of city streets, and the engine power and thrust are enough to provide good dynamics and excellent maneuverability. At around 120 km / h, acceleration begins to weaken, while the peak speed for enduro is quite good and is 150 km / h. At the start, the XR650L model is able to beat any, even the most powerful and modern car, thanks to its excellent acceleration dynamics. In the first three gears, a sharp throttle opening makes it easy to lift the motorcycle's front wheel off the ground.

Brake system

Because of the Honda XR650L's enduro class, the motorcycle is equipped with an efficient and reliable brake system with excellent feedback, thanks to which the rider accurately determines the place to stop and can easily control the motorcycle during braking on a dirt road. The brake discs and calipers fitted to the Honda are identical to the mechanismsSuzuki motorcycles.

The 650cc air engine stays cool for days on end, and the cooling system does a great job dissipating excess heat with ease.

honda xr650l


Many years of experience of Japanese engineers in the field of motorcycle construction, coupled with the work of designers and constructors, is embodied in the Honda XR650L enduro motorcycle. The model is by no means intended for high-speed rally racing on open roads, but it can bring a lot of pleasure to its owner during long trips along difficult tracks. Motorcycle maintenance is minimal and comes down to regular replacement of engine and transmission oil, valve adjustment and rear wheel chain drive. Among other things, the owner is responsible for replacing the sprockets, chain and air filter as they wear out.

Compared to other motorcycles in the same class, the Japanese enduro is strikingly different, and not only in the photo. The Honda XR650L allows you to play extreme speed games, but this does not mean that the bike is designed for this. The model is ideal for thoughtful trips on almost any road surface, regardless of the quality of its surface. The minimum additional equipment of the motorcycle allows you to raise its carrying capacity up to 145 kilograms, with which it calmly overcomes considerable distances. Fitting a top case, side bags, seating frame with fuel tank bag, rucksack and bag over the front fender allows you to load your essentials andaccessories and calmly go on a long journey. The good autonomy of Honda, coupled with a large fuel tank, only contributes to such trips over long distances.

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