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Dimensional dimensions of the GAZ-3302 "Gazelle"

Dimensional dimensions of the GAZ-3302 "Gazelle"
Dimensional dimensions of the GAZ-3302 "Gazelle"

Many people have a question when organizing cargo transportation: “Which truck is better to buy”? Having explored this market, many opt for the Gazelle. After all, it is not for nothing that it is considered a commercial vehicle!


GAZ-3302 is a kind of combination of a car and a truck. This type of transport is ideal for transporting small-sized cargo. And due to its small size, the Gazelle has high maneuverability and speed of movement. To drive such a truck, it is enough to have a category B license (passenger car). Among the people, the GAZ-3302 truck acquired the simple name "gazelle".

The modern transportation market needed a car with a carrying capacity of 1.5 tons. And the GAZ-3302 was ideal for these parameters.

The first models were produced in the mid-90s with the old engine from the 402nd Volga. And the gearbox and bridges were from Chaika. This combination of gearbox and engine was not ideal. When driving the Gazelle, there was not enough power, and the maximum speed barely reached the mark of 70 km / h. At the same time, the radiator did not provide the necessary cooling, and in the summer the engines on the Gazelle often boiled. The rear axle from Chaika could not withstand heavy loads, often broke down andburst, let alone the gearbox.

Overall dimensions of the Gazelle allowed to accommodate up to three people in the cabin (1 driver and 2 passenger seats). With a width of 2 meters, the Gazelle easily maneuvered in small spaces. This allowed to reduce the time for apartment transportation. The car was not afraid of complex entrances to residential buildings, parked cars and other obstacles.

Overall dimensions of a gazelle

The Gazelle has a high torque, which, combined with low revs in low gears, allows the truck to have good off-road capability. A high ground clearance makes it possible to move in various problematic conditions (delivery of goods to the country on country roads, etc.).

The light-duty car "Gazelle" has gained great popularity among carriers not only for maneuverability, but also for maintainability. Gazelles are significantly cheaper than their foreign counterparts, and spare parts for them are more affordable. And even after 10 years of operation, the machine will be fully operational.


Today, the GAZ-3302 is available in several trim levels. Below is the complete list of 3302 vehicles:

  • Gazelle with a tented body (overall dimensions up to 3.2 m.);
  • side body;
  • body-pyramid for the transportation of metal-plastic windows;
  • long wheelbase gazelle (overall dimensions of the cargo compartment are 4 meters or more);
  • Gazelle farmer;
  • Gazelle van;
  • all-metal refrigerated van for transporting products requiring temperature control;
  • Gazelle tractor;
  • Gazelle off-road.

In general, the overall dimensions of Gazelle vehicles are ideal for quick delivery of goods around the city and beyond. The cost of Gazelle trucks is much lower than, for example, the German Mercedes. And you can buy suitable spare parts for the Gazelle on every corner.

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