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Shell 0W30 engine oil: specifications, reviews

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Shell 0W30 engine oil: specifications, reviews
Shell 0W30 engine oil: specifications, reviews

How efficiently and for a long time the internal combustion engine will function in any vehicle depends on the correct selection and quality characteristics of engine oil. One such product is Shell Helix Ultra 0W30. Numerous positive reviews about this lubricant raise its demand to a high level.

Motor oil contributes to extending the life of any type of modern engine by protecting it with its reliable performance. Shell Helix oil allows the engine to operate at maximum power for the entire regulated time, until the next lubrication change.

Oil Producer

Shell Helix Ultra 0W30 is a high quality product of Royal Dutch Shell. This manufacturer has in its luggage a huge store of experience in this industry. The direct activity of the company in the oil market was started in 1907, when two firms - "RoyalDutch" and "Shell Transport" teamed up for a competitive confrontation in the global market.

fuel truck Shell

In subsequent years, the concern absorbed several small companies, and in 2016 acquired the British BG Group, gaining access to its reserves of natural liquefied gas. Shell has expanded its oil and gas operations to almost every continent on the globe. She is the owner or co-owner of many oil refineries, has developed her own network of gas stations. The concern's engineers are conducting research at chemical enterprises and are working to find and manufacture alternative power sources.

Royal Dutch Shell actively promotes its products on the Russian and Ukrainian markets, expands its network of filling stations and takes part in various oil and gas development projects.

Performance Features

Shell 0W30 is formulated with unique detergent additive technologies to prevent the formation of negative deposits in modern engines. The product has excellent protection against corrosion processes and wear. At the same time, the life resource of the power unit is increased by protecting the metal surfaces of parts and assemblies from wear, and harmful acid formations resulting from the combustion of fuel are neutralized.

Low viscosity and minimal friction result in fuel savings of up to 2.6%. Few similar brands of lubricating fluids can boast suchunrivaled sludge protection that keeps the internal engine environment as clean as factory.

Shell 0W30 grease manufacturer guarantees stable performance of the product during the entire service interval until the next change.

container 4 liters

Distinctive features of butter

Shell lubricant has the lowest volatility. This directly affects oil consumption, saving on frequent topping up of lubricant in the engine.

The exceptional temperature range of oil application ensures trouble-free starting of the engine in the cold season. Maximum fluidity and permeability of the fluid will provide instant protection to the engine from premature wear and help to quickly warm up the car's power plant to operating temperature.

Shell 0W30 has good fuel compatibility. The lubricating product easily functions in the engines of passenger vehicles using gasoline, gas or diesel fuel as fuel. It is also allowed to use oil in engines that run on biodiesel fuel or mixed fuels from gasoline and ethanol.

It is worth recalling that this product is 100% synthetic, which initially has very high protective properties under any power load on the engine and in a variety of operating conditions, including extreme ones.

Pure Plus technology

Lubricant data sheet

OilShell Helix 0W30 is a full ash refining product and fully meets the requirements of SAE regulations. The grease has the following technical data, confirmed by numerous tests:

  • kinematic viscosity at 100 °C is 11.97 mm²/s, which is the norm for this brand of oil;
  • same viscosity but at 40 °C will be within 65.27 mm²/s;
  • high base number - 10.86 - gives the product high detergent and neutralizing properties;
  • full-ash indicator is characterized by acid number - 2.27;
  • very decent freezing point - minus 52 °C;
  • ignition temperature of 232 °C indicates good thermal stability of Shell 0W30;
  • low presence of sulfur (0.228) in the structure of the lubricating fluid gives a modern package of additive additives and a basic pure base;
  • reducing the coefficient of friction is provided by the presence of a modifier - organic molybdenum.
  • shell helix liter packs

Tolerances, specifications and containers

Shell Helix 0W30 has been designed to meet all global regulations and requirements for this product class. Based on independent research and tests, approvals have been obtained from the following auto giants: Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Renault, BMW, Chrysler and Porsche.

ACEA gave quality marks of A3/B3 and A3/B4. According to the specifications of the American Petroleum Institute API, the product meets the SL / CF indicators.Diesel engines have the highest quality tolerance.

Lubricant is available in 1 and 4 liter plastic cans, as well as in a 209 liter metal barrel.

metal container

Product Benefits

Shell Ultra 0W30 oil has a number of undoubted advantages, which are confirmed by tests and professional reviews. Benefits include:

  • unique self-developed technology to keep the internal environment of the engine absolutely clean;
  • presence of additives that protect the power unit from premature wear;
  • compliance with international quality standards;
  • permits for operation from eminent automakers;
  • fuel savings;
  • Protection against aging of the lubricant, which implies an increase in the interval between technical oil changes;
  • low volatility;
  • very wide operating temperature range;
  • soft start "cold" engine;
  • Admission to power plants with any type of fuel;
  • purity of base oil from gas;
  • compatibility with semi-synthetic analogues.
  • product presentation


Shell 0W30 is a highly popular product among motorists, both professional and amateur. Owners of different car brands, not only those with approved specifications, are happy to use the product. According to some comments, oilpoured into both Honda and KIA, not to mention domestic models. In all cases, the oil showed its best side, protecting the motor as much as possible.

However, experienced drivers do not recommend pouring this lubricant into old engines with high mileage. Due to active detergent additives, oil leakage may occur or carbon deposits will form on the inner walls of the cylinder block.

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