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Low bed trailers: application, advantages and device

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Low bed trailers: application, advantages and device
Low bed trailers: application, advantages and device

In order to transport large structures, such as containers from the docks or military equipment, a low bed trailer must be used. Such trailers can easily transport any cargo with non-standard dimensions over long distances. It is almost impossible to do this with ordinary trawls, because they do not have such a carrying capacity. For this, there are trawls with a special purpose.

Using a low loader trawl

To begin with, let's analyze where exactly and in what cases such a device is used. A low loader trawl trailer is a special vehicle that is used only for transporting heavy loads. Also, this category includes goods with non-standard dimensions. In addition to maximum load capacity, low bed trailers have a number of other impressive advantages. For example, a special design is made for such devices, thanks to which any equipment or other transported object will be securely fixed.on the platform.


Another of their advantages is the absence of a body part. Instead, a loading platform with a relatively low landing is attached to the trailer (to accommodate the object being transported).

Advantages of low bed trailers

When transporting cargo for a long time, such low-frame trawls have many advantages. One of the most important is the ability to transport any equipment that is used in agriculture or at an enterprise, as well as huge machines and various equipment with very impressive dimensions.

Trailer trawl low loader

Despite the fact that the trailer itself weighs little, it still helps to transport any cargo that can fit and securely fasten on its platform. Therefore, such devices are called cargo low loader trailers. Most trawls can carry about 40 tons of cargo and have their own length up to 13 meters. To carry out the transportation of oversized cargo, it is necessary to fulfill not only all safety conditions, but also to hire a driver with extensive experience in this field.

Main differences

For high-quality loading of transported equipment or transportation of other bulky cargo on a low-bed trailer, there are special ladders. Also, the main difference is the presence of a large number of axles on each wheel, which ensures more reliable delivery of cargo. Only thanks to these axles can the trawl withstand a load that is several times greater than itown weight and dimensions.

Cargo low loader trailers

In order to reduce the load on the platform and provide increased productivity, special axles are mounted on the low-bed trailer. This type of trailer has a low loading height. That is, to quickly install the required load, you need to raise it at least one meter. This provides increased accessibility in various tunnels or over gas pipes where there is a height restriction.


Low bed trailers are a complex technique. They use many different modifications. The most important parts are the brakes, clutch, suspension and frame. Tractors are used to move trawls from one place to another. On the front of the trailer is a saddle that helps connect the trailer to the tractor. Thanks to the support coupling system, some of the weight is transferred to the transport machine. When the stops are extended, the tractor moves slightly away from the trailer, and further movement in this position is strictly prohibited.

On the world market, you can easily find an acceptable model with suitable modifications of both foreign and domestic production. Because in our time a huge amount of cargo is made smaller, therefore, they require special low-bed trailers.

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