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Moped "Delta": price, reviews and specifications

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Moped "Delta": price, reviews and specifications
Moped "Delta": price, reviews and specifications

Two-wheelers with a small engine are quite popular among the population. This is due to the fact that many models do not require a driver's license to drive. They are economical, unpretentious in maintenance and economical in terms of fuel consumption. For example, the famous Delta moped. The USSR became the first state to produce a model, also known as "Riga-24". Now under this brand there are Chinese-made mopics.

moped delta
moped delta

General information

Moped "Delta" from Chinese manufacturers is a modern technique designed for the needs of ordinary people who need reliable, inexpensive and practical transport. For some time, a model under the same name was produced in St. Petersburg. The first modifications of the moped were distinguished by a low price, which made them popular in the domestic market. Speaking briefly about the pros and cons of the unit in question, the following advantages can be noted:

  • Affordable price.
  • Large selection of spare parts.
  • Easy design.
  • Good handling.
  • Decentluggage capacity.

The disadvantages of transport are as follows:

  1. Relatively short shelf life without overhaul, compared to Japanese or European counterparts.
  2. Part of the parts are made of wear material.
  3. Low power.

Nevertheless, the original design, along with other advantages, made the Delta moped in demand in the domestic market.

Packaging and maintenance

Two-wheeled version with a low-volume engine is most popular in small towns and rural-type settlements. This is due to the fact that, with affordability, the technique provides decent maneuverability and maneuverability. The Delta moped can carry one passenger or cargo for 1-1.5 centners.

The convenient open design, compared to scooters, has provided the unit in question with popularity among both young people and the elderly. The power unit and other important parts of the moped are not barricaded with plastic. Therefore, questions about maintenance, replacement and repair do not arise even for beginners.

moped delta ussr
moped delta ussr


The budget version of the moped is equipped with an excellent four-stroke engine, which has a volume of 50 "cubes" and a power equal to five horses. Such indicators can be compared with the characteristics that the Karpaty and the Delta moped (USSR), which was produced in Riga at that time, had. With a mass of only 60 kg, the unit in question is capable of speeds up to 55-60 km / h. New modelsstart with both electric and kick starters.

The difference between these mopeds is that most of the nodes are in the public domain, facilitating maintenance and repair. The fuel tank is located in the middle, it has a volume of 4 liters. The top is equipped with a trunk for storing compact things or tools. The moped suspension has a simple but reliable design. It consists of a telescopic fork and a pair of standard shock absorbers. "Delta" is a moped, the price of which, although it has increased recently, is absolutely consistent with the quality characteristics. You can buy transport at specialized points or through an online store. The cost of this technique starts from 20 thousand rubles.

delta moped price
delta moped price

Specification table

The table below shows the main characteristics of the Delta moped.

Length/width/height (mm) 1 800/700/1 000

Weight (kg)

Max speed (km/h) 60
Fuel tank capacity (L) 4
Capacity (kg) 120
Powertrain Gasoline engine, four-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled
Fuel consumption (l/100 km) 1, 8
Engine size (cc) 50
Launcher Electric and kick starter
Propulsion power (hp) 5
Brakes Drum system
Pendant Telescopic fork with a pair of shock absorbers

All characteristics of the moped indicate that this technique is suitable for private use, trips on country roads, the initial study of driving two-wheeled units and much more.

moped delta boo
moped delta boo

Reviews from Delta owners

Reviews about the technique in question are quite diverse. The fact is that the Delta moped is now produced by Chinese manufacturers (it is only called Alpha), and under the Soviet Union its production was organized in Riga, then in St. Petersburg. Therefore, comparing reviews of outdated models and modern devices is somewhat strange.

Let's take as a basis the responses of the owners of modern models. In most cases, people note that "Delta", "Alpha" have similar characteristics. The moped of the former Riga production, however, wins in terms of cross-country ability, carrying capacity and reliability of the power unit. "Alpha" is somewhat inhibited in acceleration and not so stable off-road. Positive points noted by the owners of the device in question:

  • Affordable price.
  • Cool looking.
  • Economy.
  • Moped is picky to maintain.
  • Good combination of power and load capacity.

Moped "Delta" (bu) can be bought for 100-200 dollars, depending on the condition, which is important for those who want to have reliable equipment in their household, but are limited in financial resources.

Comparison with progenitors

In Soviet times, Delta (manufactured in Riga) were the first competitors of Karpat. Their characteristics were as follows:

  1. Dry weight - 57 kg.
  2. Capacity - 100 kg.
  3. The maximum speed is 50 km/h.
  4. The volume of the fuel tank is 8 liters.
  5. Length/width/height (mm) – 1850/750/1060.
  6. Engine size - 49.8 cu. see

Considering all the characteristics, it can be noted that modern mopeds of the brand in question are more perfect in design and have additional functionality. However, practical performance and carrying capacity remained approximately the same.

moped delta boo
moped delta boo


The closest competitors of the Delta moped are the new Chinese Alpha models. If we take the Soviet period, then the Riga modifications of that time were in direct competition with the Karpaty and Verkhovyna. They were similar in terms of technical characteristics, arrangement and traction qualities. However, it was the Delta that stood out for its unique design. Now the model under consideration, along with decent quality, has an affordable price and several modifications.

In modern mopeds, an internal trunk appeared under the seat,electric starter, a completely new design and the ability to replace original parts with analog parts. What is inherent in this device: practicality, ease of maintenance, powerful four-stroke engine. The Delta moped is one of the best options for cruising on country roads with a load of about one and a half centners or with an additional passenger.

delta alpha moped
delta alpha moped


Mopeds "Delta" have been known since the times of the USSR. They competed directly with the best options in their class. Despite certain shortcomings and low power, the combination of price and quality of these units caused great popularity and demand among the urban and rural population.

Moped "Delta" - a direct competitor to similar technology in today's market. Back in the days of the Union, this brand was a success within the country and in the border areas. It is not for nothing that this brand was chosen by Chinese manufacturers of two-wheeled motorcycles with a small volume. Affordable price, original design, decent driving performance, the optimal combination of load capacity and speed performance are the main components of the success of the Delta moped in the world market.

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