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The latest BMW models: overview and photos

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The latest BMW models: overview and photos
The latest BMW models: overview and photos

BMW cars have recently changed both externally and internally. Thanks to the timely release of the latest BMW models, the company keeps up with its competitors. More than 10 new models have been released in the past two years, including the new version of the 8 series, which will be discussed below.

BMW 8 series

8 Series 2018 is the latest BMW model. The starting price in Germany will be at least 100 thousand euros (7,323,000 rubles), the version with a gasoline engine will cost about 125 thousand euros (9,154,000 rubles).

Viewed from the front, the 8 series looks very similar to the new M5 F90, but when viewed from the side, the appearance becomes similar to the Nissan GTR. Fits into the interior and rear spoiler with a curved roof. The new coupe is 485 centimeters long, 190 centimeters wide and 134 centimeters high.

The luxurious interior is fully upholstered in premium leather, and there are also built-in aluminum elements. The new display is flush with the center console. An additional option is a projector of indicationsdashboard on the windshield.

The new gearshift lever is now transparent, crystal-like in shape and angles. There is more space for landing, as well as luggage volume - almost 420 liters.

Standard features power seat adjustment, lane assist cruise control, automatic forward braking, Wi-Fi and a wireless charger for phones.

As for the latest BMW engine, two versions have been produced. These are the 4.4-liter version with 520 horsepower and the 3-liter version with 310 horsepower.

The photo of the latest BMW model is presented below in this material. The model is painted in blue-gray, standard for all trim levels.

BMW 8 series


One of BMW's latest models is the M2, which looks like a coupe version of BMW's first class. It is considered a budget car, which sounds strange in relation to the company's status.

The starting price for the basic package is 3,600,000 rubles ($53,000). For such a price and technical components, this model has no competitors on the market at all, except perhaps the C-class coupe.

The M-version was designed after the coupe version of the second version, although they have little in common, since almost all parts of the car have been changed or changed, including both interior parts and suspension, shock absorbers, brakes, gearbox and muchother.

The M version can be easily distinguished from the regular 2nd series thanks to new rims that are one inch larger than the regular model.

In the cabin there are elements with the use of expensive materials, such as Alcantara, leather, which is upholstered in chairs. Some parts around the center console are covered in carbon fiber.

The engine has a capacity of 360 horsepower and a displacement of 3000 cc3, which is quite a lot for such a compact car.


BMW M5 F90

The new "M-ka" is one of the latest BMW models of this year. F90 is made following the example of G30, although it has its own prefix F.

The highlight is that the new M5 is the first sedan version to feature all-wheel drive.

It is possible to disable the front axle, so that an all-wheel drive car turns into a rear-wheel drive car with one click. Using the display, you can switch the drive add-on, of which there are three: four-wheel drive, all-wheel drive "Sport" and rear-wheel drive.

Also, a new eight-speed automatic transmission has replaced the previous robotic transmission. Compared to the previous robotic gearbox, the new one shifts much faster and more clearly.

The base 4.4-liter engine has 600 horsepower.

BMW M5 F90

BMW 7 G11

The latest model of the BMW 7 Series is considered to be the G11 body, which has become more presentable and therefore more expensive.

MainThe features of this model are a wireless phone charging module, the ability to connect phones via Bluetooth, as well as many other functions.

Since the car is designed for high-ranking people, it is worth paying due attention to the back row. It is designed for two passengers. Each passenger seat has its own touch screen, located behind the front seat armrests. The monitors can be synchronized with the car's main display.

Between the two chairs there is a panel with which you can control the climate control, which is dual-zone here, as well as close and open the curtains of the rear side and rear windows.

The new key is worth a separate review, since its functionality is far from being like that of a regular key. It has a touch screen, as well as the ability to start the engine without access to the car.

BMW 7 series G11


The latest BMW models have shown that the company does not stand still, producing new cars that differ from their predecessors not only technically, but also externally, which indicates that BMW designers have ideas that in all cases will be crowned with success by motorists. A grand event will be the presentation of the new X5, which received a new design, the main element of which are huge radiator grilles.

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