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Tuning "Volvo XC90": how to improve a car?

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Tuning "Volvo XC90": how to improve a car?
Tuning "Volvo XC90": how to improve a car?

The most significant tuning of the Volvo XC90, which has been produced since 2006, touched on the appearance of the car. This is due to the fact that the standard exterior of a Swedish car is rather monotonous and boring. In the updated version, the appearance turned out to be brighter, more aggressive and richer. The equipment used silver roof rails, as well as original inserts for rear-view mirrors. The front and rear optics also received a new configuration, the bumper was painted identical to the body, which made it possible to visually increase its dimensions. Consider the features of factory improvements and the possibility of modifying the car with your own hands.

tuning volvo xc90
tuning volvo xc90

Factory improvements

Tuning "Volvo XC90" is aimed at arousing consumer interest in a slightly forgotten car. Additional modernization was carried out in 2011. The radiator grille, the shape of the light elements have undergone a change, and light alloy wheels have been installed. A component that is resistant to various climatic influences and does not fade in the sun was added to the body color. A number of improvements to the dashboard and interior equipment have also been made.

The designers also tried to radically transform the interior of the car. There was a three-spoke steering wheel, panelInstruments received a different backlight color. The spacious interior is not crammed with frills, there are no unnecessary devices and parts, all equipment is mounted as competently and compactly as possible. Inside the car can accommodate 7 passengers, a third row of seats is provided, which can be removed by increasing the volume of the luggage compartment.


When tuning the Volvo XC90, the developers took the well-known modifications (V70, S60 and S80) as a basis. The dimensions of the new model turned out to be slightly increased and amounted to a length / width / height - 2.8/1.93/1.78 meters. The designers have tried to productively use every centimeter of the vehicle.

The machine can be equipped with a gasoline or diesel power unit. The first motor has a volume of 2.5 liters, the second engine - 2.4 liters. By the way, one of the options for improving the parameters of the power unit is the chip tuning of the Volvo XC90 diesel engine. We will talk about its features below. It is worth noting that the car with a gasoline engine in question has a higher fuel consumption than a diesel version (about 18 liters per 100 kilometers). Nevertheless, the maximum capabilities of the car are better manifested precisely with a gasoline counterpart. At the request of the buyer, the vehicle is equipped with a five-speed automatic or manual. The working life of the automatic transmission is about 250 thousand kilometers.

chip tuning volvo xc90
chip tuning volvo xc90

Improve the exterior

To further add uniqueness to your car to the envy of other road users, use an addition altuning "Volvo XC90". To do this, mount moldings, side steps, various linings, spoilers and bumpers. These elements play not only an aesthetic role, but also give improved aerodynamic qualities, protect the body from mechanical impacts, creating additional comfort and convenience when driving.

Aerodynamic body kit will add uniqueness to the car, resistant to temperature changes. The updated system includes the installation of front and rear bumpers, flared arches on the wings, side sills. The hinged step will increase the ergonomics of the car, partially increasing its cross-country ability. This element is installed on the sides under the door, reinforcing the external protection of the vehicle. In addition, the footrest is used as a step for getting on or off, serves as a support for loading things on the roof rack.

tuning volvo xc90 photo
tuning volvo xc90 photo


Tuning "Volvo XC90" (photo above) also implies the presence of inserts on the caps of the rear-view mirrors, panel, front facing, lower protective bar, as well as a similar backlit element. These innovations give a fairly presentable and luxurious look to the car. Wheel attachments on wheel disks give additional aggression in the exterior, improve driving dynamics and vehicle stability. In addition, this moment is especially emphasized by correctly selected tires and enlarged wheels.

Volvo CX90 engine chip tuning

The car in question for its technical and otherparameters are not inferior to other eminent brands. The machine is characterized by increased safety and reliability, and also behaves well on the road, providing driving comfort. As a chip tuning "Volvo XC90" use the following technique: install an additional control system such as Race Chip. It allows you to adjust the operation of the power unit in real time. Such a block has a positive effect on the speed of processing information that provides an increase in power characteristics while reducing fuel consumption.

This upgrade does not adversely affect the motor, since the protection program does not change, and the power unit is subjected to moderate loads. As a result, the performance of the “engine” increases up to three times, this is especially noticeable on diesel modifications. In horsepower, the indicator rises from 185 to 283 units. The speed, depending on the model, increases from 40 to 120 N.

chip tuning volvo xc90 diesel
chip tuning volvo xc90 diesel


Chip tuning "Volvo XC90" is best done at specialized stands at official dealers. This option is not only faster than self-checking, but also more reliable. Operators will not only do all the necessary work, but also give a guarantee for the quality of the operations performed. In order to make sure that the parameters of the car have been improved, conduct an additional test drive, which is also available at the official service representative of the company.

Chip tuning diesel 2 4 "Volvo XC90" do-it-yourself

The work is done in the nextsequences:

  1. Before starting work, they find the vehicle powertrain control unit. It is located above the air filter element. The presence of an additional cooling radiator allows you to quickly detect this element. Then the unit is connected to the laptop using a K-Line type adapter. One end connects to the car unit, the other end connects directly to the computer.
  2. Requires the use of an adapter to connect to the Race Chip system.
  3. Then you need to start the car and wait until the control lights on the standard ECU turn on.
  4. A programmer is connected to the laptop, which will allow you to read and install the updated firmware.
  5. The next step is to flash the laptop. This manipulation is performed without turning off the car ignition. When the utility is installed, open the folder with information about the regular control node (the designation “H” should be displayed on the computer). Then the updated utility is allocated, copied to the appropriate section of the ECU.
  6. After starting the Race Chip, options for changing the parameters of the vehicle will appear. Next, there are two options. In the first case, the slider of the transmission unit is dragged to the 75% mark, which will allow the motor to gain about 25% more power.
  7. The second option is to set the slider to 100%. In this case, the transmission will run much softer, and the motor will add about 15% more power.
chip tuning volvo xc90 diesel 2 4
chip tuning volvo xc90 diesel 2 4

Final stage

Further tuning "Volvo XC90 2017", the photo of which is presented above, is to change other parameters at your discretion. The main thing is not to move the sliders more than 80% of the baseline. At the final stage of chipping, the system with the programmer starts the installation of the updated utility. When a new program is activated, the car will stall and start uncontrollably. There is nothing wrong with this, it does not indicate a breakdown of the engine or its components. The green color on the indicator will indicate that the test is over. Next, we evaluate the operation of the power unit and read the information of the updated characteristics.

volvo xc90 tuning photo 2017
volvo xc90 tuning photo 2017

Suspension upgrade

The car in question is equipped with a fairly stiff suspension. It is possible to increase the elasticity of the undercarriage by applying some variations that will not affect the quality of the factory assembly.

The easiest way to improve is to use hard rubber pads up to 10mm thick. It is best to use a vacuum polymer for these purposes. Additionally, the efficiency of the design is increased by replacing the standard racks with a model from another manufacturer. This element is selected depending on the type, age and model of the part. Suspension arches are increased by 14 mm in the working holes, after which rubber or polymer tubes are attached to the screws, which will prevent contact between the metal case and the fixing screw.

To get rid of unnecessary squeaks oncorners, rubber washers are installed, which, a couple of days after trips, are checked for fastening strength and tightness. The nuts are tightened with the required force, avoiding overloads.


Another moment of tuning "Volvo CX90" is the replacement of struts with the selection of new rear shock absorbers from a similar manufacturer. In the case of installation of original analogues, the vehicle will begin to bounce and wriggle on bumpy roads.

When upgrading the chassis of the car in question, you should pay attention to the following suspension elements:

  1. Silentblocks.
  2. Side type bearings.
  3. Ball elements.
  4. Gibs and stabilizer bars.
volvo xc90 engine chip tuning
volvo xc90 engine chip tuning

Despite the fact that the car in question in the standard version has very good characteristics, it can be further improved in various ways, from chip tuning the Volvo XC90 engine to upgrading the interior and lighting elements.

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