Uber taxi: reviews of drivers, passengers
Uber taxi: reviews of drivers, passengers

Currently, the Uber taxi system is gaining more and more popularity in the CIS countries. She came to us from America and has already fallen in love with many drivers and passengers. What is remarkable about the Uber taxi system? Feedback from drivers suggests that the innovation allowed them not to waste time and gasoline to pick up a client from the other side of the city. I like this system and those who are in a hurry about their business. Passenger reviews about Uber taxis can only be heard enthusiastic. After all, with such a system, you have to wait for a car for a very short time.

uber driver reviews
uber driver reviews

Customers of many Russian cities leave positive reviews about Uber taxis. St. Petersburg and Moscow were the first cities on the territory of our country in which this service was launched. Later, this system began to operate in Yekaterinburg, and today it can be used in Sochi and in Perm, Khabarovsk, Yaroslavl and a number of other settlements.

Service History

The new Uber taxi system has appeared in San Francisco. It is in this city, where in one decade the number of inhabitants has increased by three hundred thousand people, control roomsservices did not think about how to reduce the time for customer service. This was the prerequisite for the emergence of the idea of putting things in order in the field of transportation. Initially, Travis Kalanick took up the development of the new system, and then Garret Kampl began to help him, who created applications for commercial search of web pages. The first prototype of such a service appeared in March 2009 and was intended only for the iPhone.

Testing of the new system took place in January 2010. At first, Kalanick and Kampl used three cars that served passengers in New York. However, they soon began hiring new drivers.

Soon the application became very popular. And already in November 2010, a new version was developed for Android. In the first half of the following year, the service began operating in Boston, Seattle, and Chicago. At the same time, Uber began to catch on in Paris.

Initially, entrepreneurs counted on the work of business-class cars. However, in July 2012, UberX entered the passenger transportation market. Thanks to this service, customers could order a medium-class car.

California became the first US state where the system received legislative support. It happened in 2013 when the new company was valued at $3.7 billion.

uber taxi driver reviews
uber taxi driver reviews

And today Uber has arrived in many cities of the world. Feedback from drivers who still take orders by phone or put a “Free” sign under the glass is very negative in terms ofthis occasion. They protest against the new service, going to rallies and demanding a ban on innovation. A similar strike in Paris resulted in burnt cars, airport closures and brawls.

In Russia, many professional carriers are also unhappy with Uber. Feedback from drivers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities indicates the emergence of quite strong competitors that create difficulties for their business.

The essence of the service

What is the Uber taxi system? Reviews of the company's employees claim that this is a truly revolutionary service. It is a well-thought-out system through which communication is carried out between the client and the driver. The service is so convenient and safe that all owners of smartphones with the iOS or Android operating system download its applications.

uber driver reviews in moscow
uber driver reviews in moscow

At the same time, the client has the opportunity not only to order a car relevant to him, but also to track its approach. In addition, the system will send to the person only the car that is geographically closest. That is why it becomes profitable to work in Uber (taxi). Feedback from drivers suggests that such a service allows them to significantly save fuel.


How does a customer pay for an Uber taxi? Feedback from drivers and passengers confirms that here, too, the company meets all existing wishes.

Payment for a trip in a taxi of this service can be made both in cash and non-cash. Before the start of the trip, the usermust choose the method by which he will pay the driver. Money can be withdrawn from a bank card linked to the application, or given in cash.

The only negative is the inability to combine the calculation. That is, the passenger is not given the right to give part of the money in cash, paying the remaining amount for the trip with a card. There can be only one payment method, and it must be selected by clicking on a certain option.

What do passengers need to know?

In order to order and pay for a trip, a person must have a verified Uber account. It should be borne in mind that the choice of payment method depends entirely on the client. The driver has no right to insist on payment in cash.

Passengers report that they like the fact that they can calculate the preliminary cost of the trip. Options for this are available in the Uber app. Tipping the driver is not required.

Attractive rates

Do you know why Uber has so many positive reviews? The fact is that people are largely attracted by the low rates of this service. This is the main reason that allowed the innovation to lure most of the customers of the old taxi services.

uber rider reviews
uber rider reviews

What is the new Uber service? Feedback from drivers indicates that he actually replaced a whole taxi fleet. A revolutionary service that can connect customers and drivers, determine rates and make money transactions.

Such a simplified scheme of work (according tocompared to other carriers) allows Uber to keep prices as low as possible. At the same time, ordinary taxis remain out of work. Cars of the new service come to customers faster and carry for a small fee.

Unable to cut prices

Of course, taxi drivers from all over the world where the Uber service began to work can be understood. Today, a serious competitor prevents them from working. The rates that Uber has are significantly lower than the high prices offered by professional carriers. Yes, for a simple driver, taxi service is an expensive business. For example, in London, a driver who sits behind the wheel of a famous cab must complete a three-year course of study, at the end of which it is necessary to answer questions by passing five exams. You can pass them only if you have a good knowledge of the city. Literally by heart, such a driver must know about three hundred routes, twenty thousand different sights and organizations, and also confidently find the location of twenty-five thousand streets. In addition, you will need a license to work. And this is the amount of two hundred and fifty pounds. In France, such a license is even more expensive - 100,000 euros. At the same time, the state assumes strict regulation of tariffs and regulates the working conditions of the carrier. This provides French drivers with high incomes.

uber driver reviews
uber driver reviews

All of the above leads to the fact that professionals do not like Uber (taxi). Feedback from drivers of official services is usually negative. After all, the new service “takes away” passengers directly fromroadsides and delivers to the right place for mere pennies.

Which cars work at Uber?

This service offers its customers various segments of cars. These are all models from premium class to fixed-route taxis that can accommodate a large number of passengers. It does not matter which car will be given to you. The price for the trip will be formed only from:

- fixed amount for car delivery;

- payment for time and mileage.


Becoming an employee of the new progressive service is quite simple. To do this, you will need to register on the company's website as a driver. It is important to meet the following criteria:

- have at least three years of driving experience in a passenger car;

- have the citizenship of the country in which passengers will be transported;

- be over 21.

What other requirements does Uber have for its employees? Feedback about drivers from passengers should only be positive. And for this, it is important for a person sitting behind the wheel to communicate politely and culturally not only with their customers, but also with other people. In addition, the company employs only neat people. All Uber drivers must wear a neutral color shirt and trousers.

uber reviews spb
uber reviews spb

Work is carried out on your own car. The car can also be rented. A prerequisite is an insurance policy for the vehicle.

Attractive for many is work in Uber. Reviewsdrivers who have already become employees of the company say that such employment is official. And for this, you will need to provide the employer with a certain package of documents, take training courses and install the Uber application on your gadget.

Reviews from drivers confirm that after passing all the above procedures, a newly hired employee of the company appears online, and orders begin to arrive in his name.

What else makes Uber so attractive? Feedback from drivers in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities suggests that you can earn money in this service at any convenient time. The company is hiring not only full-time, but also part-time.

What car do you need?

According to the feedback of Uber taxi drivers, the employee of the new service is not only interested in the desire to work. Much depends on his car. There are certain criteria when choosing a vehicle:

- age no more than 3-4 years;

- neat appearance without scratches or dents;

- technical serviceability.

Also, regardless of weather conditions, the car must be clean inside and out.

Pay for work

Of course, the main goal pursued by a person, getting a job in an Uber taxi, is to receive a decent income. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that some factors will influence the size of a specific amount, namely:

- city of transportation;

- size of bonus coefficients.

uber staff reviews
uber staff reviews

OnThe driver's account receives eighty percent of the cost of the trip. The companies get the remaining 20%. However, sometimes the bonus coefficients completely cover the withdrawn commission. In such cases, the driver can receive the full amount from the transportation of passengers to his account.

Pros and cons of the service

Before you get a job at Uber, you need to consider all the positive and negative aspects of such a decision. So, the arguments "for":

- official employment;

- receiving orders using a convenient application;

- finding customers in close proximity to the machine;

- the ability to accept or refuse an order;

- high wages.

What are the disadvantages of work:

- short, not always profitable trips;

- receiving ratings from passengers that affect further cooperation with the company;

- the need to maintain the car.

Having considered all the arguments for and against, everyone must make his own choice. But, of course, if a person has a desire to work behind the wheel and there are no more profitable prospects, this option will be good enough.