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Tires Cordiant Off Road 205 70 R15: design, features, drivers' opinions

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Tires Cordiant Off Road 205 70 R15: design, features, drivers' opinions
Tires Cordiant Off Road 205 70 R15: design, features, drivers' opinions

There are many tire manufacturers. Some companies are known all over the world, others are represented only in some regions of the planet. The last statement is fully applicable to tires of the Russian brand Cordiant. Tires of this manufacturer are in high demand in the CIS countries. The fact is that rubber is perfect for local conditions. Cordiant Off Road 205 70 R15 won a special love of drivers.

Scope of applicability

All wheel drive car
All wheel drive car

As you can see from the name of these tires, they are designed for off-road driving. Tires were designed for pickups, crossovers, SUVs. Moreover, they are bought by those motorists who are often forced to move over rough terrain. Develop decent speeds on the track will not work. For example, Cordiant Off Road 205 70 R15 96Q allows you to maintain stability only up to a speed of 160 km / h. With higher acceleration, vibration increases, which significantly reduces traffic safety. Increased risk of vehicle drifting to the side.

Season of use

Cordiant Off Road 205 70 R15 tires are positioned by the brand itself as all-season tires. The uniqueness of the compound lies in the fact that it is able to withstand even a slight cold snap. But these tires will not be able to endure severe frosts. The fact is that already at -7 degrees Celsius, these tires harden very, very strongly. As a result, the quality of adhesion to the roadway decreases. All year round tires Cordiant Off Road 205 70 R15 can only be used in regions with a mild climate. In other cases, in late autumn it is better to change your shoes.

Tread design

The model was equipped with a classic design for this type of tire. The protector is non-directional and symmetrical. It consists of four stiffening ribs, two of which are shoulder areas.

Tread Cordiant Off Road 205 70 R15
Tread Cordiant Off Road 205 70 R15

The center section of the Cordiant Off Road 205 70 R15 is represented by two rows of polygonal blocks. They are massive and tough. This allows you to increase the patency of the tire at times. The increased number of cutting edges improves the quality of adhesion with any type of coating. Rubber is able to take the car out of any off-road. She is not afraid even of maneuvering in mountainous terrain.

Shoulder zones consist of sparse massive blocks. Moreover, manufacturers extended them even to the sidewall of the tire. This feature improves the ride on the track, allows you to maintain the desired maneuverability and stability. The presented tire model is also differentshort braking distance. The stop is reliable and confident at any speed. Yuzu excluded.

Riding off-road

The model is ideal for mud. Drainage grooves have increased dimensions. This allows the tire to quickly remove adhering dirt clods. The ground simply slides off the tread under its own weight.

Large tread blocks perfectly push through the ground, providing the desired grip quality. As a result, the car can easily overcome any off-road conditions.

Riding in the rain

The biggest problems in summer come from driving through puddles. A water barrier is created between the tire and the asph alt, reducing the contact reliability. To combat hydroplaning, the Cordiant Off Road R15 205 70 model was endowed with a number of specific features.

hydroplaning effect
hydroplaning effect

Drainage elements are very deep and wide. This geometry allows them to remove more water per unit time. Naturally, this has a positive effect on the reliability of movement.

Silic acid, introduced into the composition of the compound, significantly increases the stability of the adhesion of the tire to the roadway. The presented tire model literally sticks to the asph alt. Demolitions to the side are excluded in principle.


In reviews of the Cordiant Off Road 205 70 R15, drivers claim that the manufacturer has also managed to work out the issues of tire mileage. Rubber retains the declared performance characteristics up to 60 thousand kilometers.

To reduce the rate of abrasive wear in the compoundintroduced carbon black. The tread wears out more slowly.

The structure of carbon black
The structure of carbon black

The design itself is distinguished by the stability of the contact patch. Its geometry remains constant in all vectors and driving modes. This helps to prevent accelerated wear of the center or shoulder areas of the tire. Naturally, this is only possible under one assumption. The fact is that the driver must carefully monitor the level of tire pressure. Flat tires wear out the shoulder areas earlier. The pumped ones have the central part.

The model also received a reinforced frame. Metal threads are connected with nylon. The polymer compound redistributes the impact energy better, preventing the deformation of the steel cord. Tires Cordiant Off Road 205 70 R15 are also distinguished by reinforced sidewalls. This rubber is not afraid of side impacts and cuts.

A couple of words about comfort

Here, the advantages of these tires are visible to the naked eye. The rubber is soft. The tires themselves are excellent at damping and dissipating excess impact energy, reducing shaking in the cabin. The impact on the vehicle's suspension elements is also reduced.

The tread blocks are arranged variably. This allows the sound wave to resonate. The rumble in the cabin is excluded.

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