How to choose Mitsubishi engine oil
How to choose Mitsubishi engine oil

Materials for lubricating a car engine extend its life. Today, with a variety of assortment, the quality of the oils of the Japanese automaker Mitsubishi is of great importance. Scientists and engineers of the company are actively involved in the development of original lubricants for their cars. For these purposes, a division of Mitsubishi Oil was created. The company creates high-tech products for engine lubrication both for its own vehicles and for brands of other manufacturers. What is genuine Mitsubishi oil?

engine oils
engine oils

When creating new lines of oils and fluids, strict selection and numerous tests are carried out, which affects their quality. Therefore, each Mitsubishi oil is checked for quality compliance according to world standards. The Japanese firm creates three types of motor oils:

  • mineral;
  • synthetic;
  • semi-synthetic.

Mineral oils

They are obtained in the process of refining and distilling oil. During the production process, oil waste is thoroughly cleaned. itnatural, cheap product with a minimum of production costs. It contains a small percentage of various carbons and paraffin components that have a positive effect on the operation of engine parts.

Synthetic lubricants

mitsubishi engine oil
mitsubishi engine oil

These are materials that are synthesized by combining special chemicals. Due to this, the material acquires greater fluidity, which is necessary in different operating conditions of the car engine. Synthetics last longer on the surface of engine parts, which leads to minimization of friction and fuel consumption. In addition, the use of this oil ensures the reliability of the engine at low temperatures, the oil is not sensitive to overheating, does not undergo oxidation and paraffinization.

Mitsubishi semi-synthetic oils

Such materials contain recycled oil and a certain percentage of synthetics. The advantages of this product include an affordable price, low pour point, reliable composition of auto chemical components. Lubrication provides good protection and cleanliness of engine parts. Thanks to the technology of creating such oils, they are saved during operation.

Key Features of Japanese Grease

  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Dissolves deposits and deposits formed during engine operation.
  • It is a technical element that serves to protect systems, neutralize and control exhaust gases, that is, to prevent gas leakage
  • Lubricant with low toxicity.
  • Efficiency increases. The operating time of the engine increases, because the wear resistance of its parts increases.
  • Provides corrosion protection to motor components.
mitsubishi oil
mitsubishi oil

Selection by standards and viscosity

Due to the characteristics of different vehicles, it is recommended to use Mitsubishi special engine oils.

For engines using API / ACEA gasoline:

  • SM / A3;
  • SM / A5.

For engines using API / ACEA diesel fuel:

  • CF / B3;
  • CF / B4;
  • CF / B5.

SAE Viscosity for Gasoline Engines:

  • At any temperature OW-20, 30; 5W-30.
  • At t from -25 to +450С 5W-40 is used.

SAE viscosity for diesel engines:

  • At any temperature OW-30, 5W-30.
  • Not below minus 10 degrees 10W-40, 10W-30.

Guide for choosing oil when buying

First, check out the certificate. It is important which Mitsubishi oil you use. It is also necessary to fill in a new portion in time according to the instructions.

Do an oil change at Mitsubishi using a product from the same manufacturer. You should wait for a positive or negative effect. The reduction in the cost of repairing the motor is considered positive.

What oil to fill in Mitsubishi

mitsubishi oil change
mitsubishi oil change

Very often, novice drivers have a questionabout what kind of oil to fill in a car. Manufacturers' ads are rife with viscosity parameters, standards and other specifications.

But everything is very simple. Just use a few tips:

  1. First of all, look at the viscosity on the engine oil label. According to the SAE system, the first digit before W (0W or 5W) indicates the ambient temperature at which the engine starts. The second digit shows the viscosity at high temperature (8-60). It is recommended to use Mitsubishi engine oils, the so-called low viscosity, which have minimum values.
  2. Compare with corresponding classifiers approved by Mitsubishi. Use the public catalog, which contains a list of preferred brands, at all times. If the engine breaks down when using oil from the catalog, the manufacturer is obliged to compensate for the cost of repairs. That is why brands are selected in the catalog according to strict parameters.
  3. Oils from Mitsubishi or from another manufacturer do not differ in quality, only labels with logos are different. Today's car manufacturer hands over the work of producing lubricants for engines to intermediaries. Therefore, it makes no sense to focus on the original Mitsubishi. You just need to take into account the characteristics, check with the catalog and the possibilities of your budget.
  4. At the end of the warranty period of the engine, you should switch to viscous oils, as the gaps between the wall and the piston become larger. With the help of viscous oils, the size will increaseprotective oil film. As a result, the service life of the engine will increase.
  5. Change engine oil every 10,000 km. The Mitsubishi operating instructions indicate 15,000 km, but this figure is for Japanese roads. It’s better not to take risks on ours, because in the event of a failure, Mitsubishi refuses warranty repairs, citing a violation of the operating rules.

How not to buy fake motor oil

what kind of oil in mitsubishi
what kind of oil in mitsubishi

In order not to purchase a fake, you must carefully examine the packaging. Previously, Mitsubishi products were sold in tin containers, which were difficult to counterfeit, but in 2016 both the logo and range of oils and packaging changed. On the label of the original, the text with product information appears clearly. The appearance of the lid must match the container itself in terms of texture and color. The fake has a pungent odor and a dark brown color. Original Mitsubishi products cannot be bought cheaply. If the price is alarming, then it is better not to take risks.

Scammers try to fake any well-known manufacturer brand that is in demand by car enthusiasts. It is guaranteed that you can protect yourself from acquiring a fake only by purchasing a brand from official sellers who have certification of these products. Do not neglect this, as engine parts will quickly become unusable from low-quality oil.

Mitsubishi Goods Protection Decals

  • Presence of soldered foil with embossed logo under the toplid.
  • There is also a logo on the film above the lid.
  • Laser marking of batch number and production date.
  • Plastic texture is noticeably different over the entire surface of the container.
  • There is a hologram on the label: SK Lubricants.

In closing

what oil to fill in mitsubishi
what oil to fill in mitsubishi

In order for the engine not to fail for a long time and work clearly, it is necessary to use oils that are recommended by the automaker. Before traveling long distances and strictly after a certain driving time, you need to check the presence of oil in the engine. It should also be remembered that oil consumption depends on the intensity of loading the car, competent driving. Failure to follow the rules for operating the car negatively affects the parameters of the oil, which leads to its frequent replacement.

Properly using Mitsubishi engine oils, every driver can easily provide his car with good service, care and long engine life.